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Download ☆ Highly Illogical Behavior By John Corey Whaley – ➶ [Reading] ➸ Highly Illogical Behavior By John Corey Whaley ➫ – Sixteen year old Solomon is agoraphobic He hasn’t left the house in three years which is fine by himAmbitious Lisa desperately wants to get into the second best psychology program for college she’ Sixteen year old Solomon is agoraphobic He hasn’t left the house in three years which is fine by himAmbitious Lisa desperately wants to get into the second best psychology program for college she’s being realistic But is ambition alone enough to get her inEnter LisaDetermined to “fix” Highly Illogical PDF/EPUB or Sol Lisa steps into his world along with her charming boyfriend Clark and soon the three form an unexpected bond But as Lisa learns about Sol and he and Clark grow closer and closer the walls they’ve built around themselves start to collapse and their friendships threaten to do the same.

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  1. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    I really liked where this story ended up but I had issues along the way It was nice to see how each of the characters had grown throughout the story They're all pretty flawed but they all grew a little in their own ways My main issue lied with the climax of the story To me it just kind of felt a little over the top and unnecessary

  2. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    To say I was super nervous to read this is like an understatement I WAS SUPER SUPER NERVOUS TO READ THIS Why? Because A anxiety is a very complex topic to get right and B the blurb says that one of the characters is attempt to fix the other which nope nope nope and C I read Noggin by this author and was not impressedoh and D I read another book about agoraphobia which was horrendous and mocking and it just kind of scared me I suppose here is where I also say that I too have a social anxiety disorder But you know what? THIS BOOK WAS VERY VERY GOOD I'm so pleased with it It was so fun to read and I seriously could not put it down It has complex characters it's hilarious and IT DOES NOT END WITH A CURE FOR ALL Bless this book Bless it's cover Bless the ink it was printed with Bless the trees that died to give it life Bless the author for representing social anxiety panic attacks and agoraphobia so so well L I K E S • Solomon is a precious cinnamon roll The story is actually dual narrated between him and Lisa who's #1 goal in life is to fix Solomon from his anxiety so she can write an epic essay about it and get into an epic college And while I enjoyed Lisa's chapters I loved Solomon's 10000 x • See Solomon is A funny B very aware of his limitations C relatable and D adorable and E intelligent I love this guy omg• It had such accurate representation of panic attacks Panic attacks are interesting because they definitely differ from person to person STILL I thought they were well written and accurate and I really felt for Solomon and omg I just wanted to tell him I GET YOU DUDE IT'S A PITY YOU AREN'T REAL BECAUSE YOU'RE RELATABLE So that's fun• It is so SO nerdy Like think of all the nerdiness you can think ofand multiple it by SIX That is this book Solomon is obsessed with Star Trek bless him and he's a complete adorkable geek• Also the book focuses on friendship There is romance here but mostly between Lisa and her boyfriend Clark Solomon is gay and things do get tangled when he has a crush on Clark but I didn't feel like the story dissolved into angst It did get angsty But it didn't overwhelm things and that pleases me greatly I like that the characters and emotions and friendshiprelationship dynamics were complex• CLARK WAS OF COURSE AMAZING I thought he'd be the Jock boyfriend of Lisa but noooo he's a complete adorkable nerd too And the way he and Solomon just become best friends is GLORIOUS• Solomon has the BEST parents They're just as funny nerdy and dorky as him Like I'm talking 1010 parent rating here omg Plus Solomon genuinely likes spending time with him Which is adorable and ahem parents are kind of awesome to hang out with okay????? NOT EVEN ASHAMED I totally play board games with my parents too #winning• Board game appreciation This is so cool okay? Chess Skip Bo CanastaLIKE THIS IS THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE• The writing is a brilliant mix of uirk and seriousness Which is super hard to pull off At times I got worried it was delving into I am a uirky basket of rainbow lolz which is the style of writing I detest BUT NO It managed to keep the fun tone plus add in serious and poignant moments• Despite what the blurb indicates IT IS NOT A CURE STORY It actually treats it very very carefully Solomon does make huge improvements with managing his anxiety when he gets friends No his friends don't cure him But you know what does help with anxiety? Support People loving you for who you are Does everything work out perfectly? No Because #realistic• I couldn't put it down And that's saying something because lately I've been struggling to finish books This one just stoooole my heart It was SO GLORIOUS D I S L I K E S• I mean Lisa was a jerk Which the book acknowledges But she she truly was This made me feel very unsympathetic for her the whole time unfortunately• It doesn't get TOO angsty at the endbut it still goes that direction Just like all the luuuurve uestions with Lisa getting her knickers in a twist and then the boys going radio silent and ARGH It was frustrating• The pacing was rather fast Not off? Just very fast Lisa and Solomon's first meeting was way less awkward than I thought it should've been for a kid who hasn't socialised in 3 years BUT ANYWAY Just my opinionALL IN ALL I solidly like and recommend this book It's really short and it packs a punch and just the fact that it's SASSY and is a tribute to STAR TREK is enough to make my little heart beat faster I sooooo love that it doesn't end with rainbows And I sooooo love the emphasis on friendship Plus it was addictive and involved copious amounts of nerdom and pizza I mean WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE HERE UOTES OF AWESOME Take away the things that make you panic and you won't panic And then he spent three years wondering why everyone found that so hard to understand All he was doing was living instead of dying Some people get cancer Some people get crazy Nobody tries to take chemo awayThis is how it always started Everything would be fine and then a sudden sinking feeling would come over him like his chest was going to cave in He could feel his heart bumping up against his rib cage wanting out uickening with every beat and then radiating down his arms and up to his temples It vibrated him making everything he saw bounce around like the world was just photographs being flipped in front of him And with everything around him muffled but still noisy all he could do was focus on breathing and close his eyes and countIt had been a long time since Solomon had talked to someone this young and he wasn't really sure what he was doing He felt compelled to say things like cool and chill and brb and was very relieved that she was barely letting him speakOf course Clark can come over without youI know but I had to make sure What if you secretly hate him and you've just been hanging out with him for me or something?Is that the impression you get?Yesterday you guys spent two hours writing a theme song for a board game I think you're probably the best friend he's ever had Lisa and Clark came along and made things better though Way better But that didn't help any with the guilt In fact every time they left his house he'd get a shooting pain deep in hi stomach remembering that this is all he could be for them And he was scared too He was afraid they'd always be waiting for him to change even than he already had

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Highly Illogical Behavior is a sweet coming of age story that dives into topics of agoraphobia anxiety disorders and accepting who we are John Corey Whaley does so blending humor with heart while being sure to write with a touch of empathy that readers will also experienceThe book is written in third person and told in alternating perspectives between Solomon and LisaSolomon is a sixteen year old boy with agoraphobia He hasn’t left the house in three years Not since the fountain panic attack incident He has an anxiety disorder He’s homeschooled and smart Sol loves books movies and Star TrekLisa is determined to get into her college of choice She wants to get accepted into this prestigious psychology program and will do whatever it takes to get there Even befriend Solomon that kid who disappeared after that fountain thing and “fix” him She may view this as ambitious I’d say manipulativeLetting Sol into her life and bringing her boyfriend Clark into the mix was only to help her earn Sol’s trust As Solomon opens up Lisa begins uestioning her own relationship and plan What begins as a project turns into a friendship but it might all come crashing down as secrets get revealedThis is a story of learning to accept yourself and come to terms with who you are It depicts agoraphobia and anxiety in a respectful way but also a very real and raw way The characters though some unlikable were also relatable I appreciate how realistic they are John Corey Whaley has the ability to write a novel that’s charming funny and moving That’s a gift in itself He also manages to leave a lasting impression with deeper virtues sinking in Compassion and empathy are beautiful lessons to be learned And so so importantThere are a bunch of references to “nerdy” things like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek so rejoice I think those who love Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon will really enjoy this

  4. Adam Silvera Adam Silvera says:

    GENIUS Duh

  5. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    35 starsThat was so very gripping The first time I attempted to read this novel I couldn’t get past the annoying narration style which makes us feel rather distanced from the charactersBut I decided I would give it a second chance because the premise of this book is pretty original and curious I’m happy I did It does take time to get used to the peculiar narration style but once you do that is after a couple of chapters the reading part becomes easier and you definitely start enjoying this entertaining novelIt has its sad moments but it’s mostly a light book uite centered on friendship Solomon Lisa and Clark are a fun trio It was a pleasure to read about their numerous interactions Solomon really deserved a friend and would you look at that he was presented with two great onesWell that’s debatable since Solomon is indeed Lisa’s experiment She needs him as much as he needs her most likely But it’s a win win isn’t? But what if he finds out? They’re making so much progress What if something bad happens?And then there’s also the fact that Solomon is gay and Clark is so very handsome and seems to enjoy everything he does Could they have in common even than he thinks?So that’s HIGHLY ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR for you Terrible narration style in my opinion as it makes it hard to connect with the characters but an extremely interesting story Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  6. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    35 starsThis was pretty enjoyable I think this is the second book I've read by John Corey Whaley and I can't help but thinking that his books don't live up to the hype for me I didn't enjoy Where Things Come Back very much and this one just missed the target for me a bit too I was super interested to read a book about a gay main character with anxiety and I knew that JCW would write this realistically because he has personal experience with both of these life phenomenons I just was super irritated by the premise of this book A girl studying to be a psychologist saying she's gonna try and fix this guy's anxiety sounded like a great social commentary but it was literally just a story about this manic and manipulative girl trying to cure him I did not like her at all not even in an anti hero sort of way which she was meant to be portrayed I loved Solomon and Clark and this book just took several turns that were uestionable and it never fully resolved The end was SO rushed and didn't end off with a clear resolution or a clear message about anxietyAlthough this was cute at points and I liked the nerdiness aspects of it it was just not the best It's hard to describe

  7. Jennifer Masterson Jennifer Masterson says:

    45 Completely Adorable Stars for Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley Young Adult is not my genre of choice so 45 says a lot about this bookHighly Illogical Behavior is about Solomon Reed a 16 year old who hasn't left his house in three years Solomon has agoraphobia due to anxiety and panic disorder He has no friends until one day an old classmate of Sol's Lisa comes into his life Sol's mother is Lisa's new dentist Lisa has a boyfriend Clark who seems to enjoy spending time with Sol than with Lisa Is Lisa truly Sol's real friend or does she have other motives? Does Lisa's boyfriend truly love her? You will have to read this book to find out because I'm not giving any spoilersI never would have thought to read this book if it wasn't for my friend Larry Hoffer I cannot do the novel justice Please click on the link and check out his review listened to the audio version of this book The narration is wonderful Julia Whelan is fantastic Highly recommended

  8. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    I related to this book so so much and really loved it but it didn't blow me away or anything and I'm trying not to give out five stars willy nilly ya know?

  9. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    The main character of this book is gay and has agoraphobia a type of anxiety disorder that causes the person to never or rarely leave their home and the author is writing from experience with bothThis was a nice look at how anxiety can affect socialization It also shows common misconceptions the world has about mental illness through the character of Lisa who wants to fix Solomon There isn't a super hard hitting message here but there doesn't have to be It's just a look into a life I enjoyed the friendships and getting to know these charactersAlthough I don't have agoraphobia I do have anxiety that sometimes prevents me from going to new places As a teenager I knew someone who never left their house and had many of the same interests as Solomon I also have a Psychology degree so to some extent I can understand Lisa's drive to help him So this book rang true in many ways for me personally and I really enjoyed it

  10. ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate says:

    45 starsVideo Review enjoyed this book Flew through it and even though the book was extremely short I still felt satisfied with everything I was sent this book by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review all opinion are my own

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