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[PDF] Honor Bound By Raffaele Sollecito – serv3.3pub.co.uk [KINDLE] ❀ Honor Bound By Raffaele Sollecito – Serv3.3pub.co.uk They were accused of one of the most infamous murders of our time Targeted by the media sentenced by the courts and wrongfully imprisoned for four excruciating years for a crime neither could fathom l They were accused of one of the most infamous murders of our time Targeted by the media sentenced by the courts and wrongfully imprisoned for four excruciating years for a crime neither could fathom let alone perpetrate Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were the victims in a trial so bizarre it defied all reason Now for the first time since his acuittal Raffaele reveals what really happened between him and his then girlfriend before during and after Amanda’s roommate Meredith Kercher’s brutal murderFilled with family drama wild reversals of fortune and a blow by blow account of the legal catastrophe as it unfolded this harrowing firsthand account sheds fascinating new light on one of the world’s most controversial murder cases With startling candor Raffaele shares intimate details about his changing relationship with Amanda—one that veered in a matter of days from giddy romance to grueling police interrogations Over the next four years Raffaele was the only solid alibi Amanda had for the night of the murder He came under unrelenting pressure—from his own family and lawyers as much as the police and prosecution—to change his testimony and stop vouching for her But he wouldn’t do it He refused to testify against her to save his own skin because he knew she would be lost forever Raffaele sifts through the wild accusations depicting him as a druggie a porn addict and reckless thrill seeker and shows how these stories were gross distortions of trivial episodes in his young life With unflinching honesty he takes readers behind the scenes of the trial of the century—and inside the day to day hell of prison life Finally and poignantly Raffaele talks about his first face to face reunion with Amanda following their release Emotional disturbing and ultimately galvanizing this memoir is than a true crime story—it is a riveting account of an egregious miscarriage of justice of public condemnation and personal survival Honor Bound is also at its heart a tragic love story about a young man who trusted his feelings refused to give up hope and ultimately triumphed.

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  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Any American contemplating spending significant time abroad should read this book We are protected in this country by a legal system that for all its faults really does provide due process rights to its citizens that are almost unparalled elsewhere The unbelievable way the Italian legal system failed Raffaele and Amanda is shocking The simple solution to the crime was right in front of them and instead the prosecuting attorney and judge concocted a fantastical story and then tried to shoe horn the practically non existent evidence into their fable All because they didn't like Amanda she acted oddly at times and somehow that lead to suspicion of her being a criminal Poor Raffaele was shuffled to the background as far as the media was concerned and felt like he was Mr Nobody He was trying to finish his university degree while in prison as his arrest interrupted his studies before he could take his final exams In the meantime his family was being torn apart and his sister fired from her job with the caribineri simply because she was his sister A happy ending to this story as we all know but at such great cost to these young people and their families

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Sollecito delivers a first hand account of the murder investigation and trials that have been so highly sensationalized in the media The writing is nothing special understandable as English isn’t his first language but he occasionally offers some elouence when recounting his experiences From his days as a student with boyish innocence falling hard for a pretty American girl to an accused criminal isolated behind bars for four years he becomes a changed man upon his eventual freedom He details every bad decision made Amanda Knox’s uestionable behavior the police mishandling the evidence and crime scene and prosecutor Mignini’s outrageous abuse of power He admits to his own mistakes and how he learned to navigate the frustrating logistics of the Italian judicial systemI have been anticipating hearing this story from Sollecito’s perspective and I thought he did a great job with his narrative He discusses becoming a non entity in Amanda’s shadow his time in prison his relationship with his family and his sympathy for the Kercher family He presents the outcome of his ordeal with relief and regret knowing he will never be the same again He acknowledges that though he and Amada will always be linked by their nightmare and will maintain respect and support for one another they will move on with their lives separately This is a fascinating book for anyone who’s read the headlines and followed the story and I hope Sollecito has success and finds some modicum of peace

  3. Christine Christine says:

    If you should happen to mention the name Amanda Knox most people would know to whom you were referring Mention the name Raffaele Sollecito and if anyone anyone not doggedly following the court case that is knew who he was they would probably say something to the effect of “oh wasn’t that Amanda Knox’ boyfriend?” Despite the fact that he was convicted eually in the murder of British student Meredith Kerchner and received only one year less jail time than Amanda herself Mr Sollecito’s name has not become a household word He was depicted as a uiet introverted dare I say “nerdy” young man who was beguiled and corrupted by the “evil wiles” of a young brash uninhibited American student studying abroad This book is his side of the story told in his own words Frankly the book does not go far towards dispelling the “uiet introverted dare I say nerdy” impression but it does show that Mr Sollecito has some moral fibre when it comes to what is right or wrong Despite the fact that he did not allow himself to get bullied into turning on Amanda to save himself kudos where kudos are due he still seems a little like a lamb being led around on a leash He wrote this book himself with a little help from Mr Gumble obviously yet still comes across as a little bland He accuses the media of pushing him to the side and deferring to Amanda but often throughout the book he did the sameFor anyone who has avidly followed the trial this book would definitely be an interesting add on Mr Sollecito does reveal some behind the scenes secrets of the trial and most definitely much insight as to how he was feeling while it was all going on Any reader not deeply familiar with the case would do better to pick up something else first may I recommend Murder in Italy by Candace DempseyMs Knox is reported to have signed a huge multi million dollar book deal to publish her own version of the happenings in Perugia Knowing that I came to this book with the pre conceived idea that it was a case of “get my book out there before Amanda publishes what is sure to be a block buster” After finishing this book I have not changed my mind about that

  4. Liz Chiodo Liz Chiodo says:

    Encapsulating from the very first Honor Bound will have you flipping pages almost before you're done reading them Raffaele Sollecito tells the riveting true story of his experience in the Amanda Knox murder case in Italy which began in October 2007 Sollecito explains his side of the story in detail which will hit home and have you siding with either himself he and Knox or the Italian police if you can make up your mind Offering very real and intimate details about the murder interrogations trial and prison life Sollecito captures the raw emotion which he felt throughout those years He recalls restless nights relentless worrying constant doubt and repeatedly dashed hopes as he struggled to simply be heard throughout his and Knox's trial let alone prove himself innocent Sometimes it's hard to remember the story is a true one but it is easy enough to recall the endless news stories when it was current A book you will not regret buying and taking the time to read I highly recommend Honor Bound to any fan of mystery crime drama biography and media influence

  5. Tapasya Tapasya says:

    I'm so intrigued by this case I have already read many articles books and news about this case I don't know what's the reality but hearing his side of story was good I get so angry by the legal system And it's just not the Italian it's everywhere I got tears in my eyes at the last page where Mr Raffaele had tears in his eyes while drinking pure water and not toilet drinking water Nice Book

  6. Jen Jen says:

    Amanda Knox's memoir was relatable for me but Sollecito's is just as interesting and easy to read Reading them back to back I appreciated hearing his voice He filled in a few gaps and offered another highly sympathetic perspective He is clearly an intelligent honorable driven thoughtful sensitive and studious man Initially his professions against any further drug use marijuana come across a little oddly almost forced but I think he writes from a genuine place and I believe he and Knox are innocentThe insights he provides of the Italian culture are helpful in shedding light on this strange and awful case The repercussions beyond his and Knox's lives namely his family's also provides perspective All the best to the defendants in their final trialI am confused by Andrew Gumbel's role as a writer Is he the translator? Editor? Did he fill in gaps? He didn't write a forward which is what i expected and he is never introduced in the text at all which is written completely in the first person aside from uotes I'm at a loss as to what he contributed It must have been significant but I can't find anything attached to his name between the covers of this book

  7. Jill Robbertze Jill Robbertze says:

    A very absorbing and detailed account of the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito murder trial I had vaguely remembered the case and I too had been somewhat brainwashed by the media having been left with a very negative impression of Amanda After reading this book I was shocked and appalled at how badly they had been treated by the Italian legal system The investigation was completely botched and even manipulated by the prosecution Amanda a foreign student in Italy at the time was only 20 years of age and she did exhibit some poor behaviour and made some uestionable choices at that time but certainly did not deserve to be put through this nightmare A very intresting book

  8. Maryann Fennell Maryann Fennell says:

    I don't know how Raffaele survived the four years of anguish he was faced with and I am definitely interested to read Amanda's book when it is published

  9. Christine Christine says:

    In 2007 Raffaele Sollecito was co accused with Amanda Knox of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher with Rudy Guede This case became huge with constant media coverage that mostly demonized Amanda and ignored Raffaele her boyfriend of one week Amanda became stereotyped as a loose drug taking liar Both were said to have murdered Meredith however it was a very weird complicated and baffling case There was so much information released and leaked to the press that I am surprised that anyone actually knew what was going on Nothing made sense In the UK we were particularly presented with constant negative coverage of the case mostly because Meredith was a British citizenThis book gives Raffaele a voice and a chance to say what actually happened It also gives insight into how both Amanda and Raffaele were treated in police stations and in court Their initial police interviews were not taped and they had no solicitors present They were grilled by multiple police officers and refused basic human rights like toilet breaks and pressurized when tired and stressed Any thing that both of them admitted to under any decent honest legal system would be inadmissible The prosecutors as well as others involved in this case seem to have made up their mind that Amanda and Raffaele were to blame even when the evidence did not support that viewpointThis book is easy to read and make sense of Behind it we see how terrible it must be to be charged with a crime in Italy Italy does not have a fair justice system and anyone charged with a crime there has my sympathies It does not even treat its own citizens well and once they have a version of events it becomes fixed as the truth There is no innocent until proven guilty thereThere was no cultural understanding given to Amanda Knox Her differences were just treated as evidence that she was a killer Raffaele is also considered guilty by association with his cannabis taking evidenced as his corruption He is just a young man rather serious and geeky He stands by Amanda when it would be easy for him to completely distance himself to get his freedom He is even pressurized by his family to cease contact with Amanda It is moving to see that they both have a strong friendship nowAnyone who is interested in the case should read this book There is always a sense with a high profile case that we can be fed the wrong story and that stereotypes and media portrayals become fixed as the truth I think it is important to decide for ourselves After reading both Amanda's and now Raffaeles's accounts I have moved from thinking they were possibly implicated in Meredith's death to feeling that they were innocent I feel desperately sorry for Meredith Kercher's family Read the books and see what you think

  10. Sportyrod Sportyrod says:

    I first knew about this case when I read the book Descending Darkness which was released after Amanda Knox Rafaele Sollecito were found guilty The book explained in great detail how they were guilty yet I could not visualize how it could possibly have happened that way The motive bothered me hugely the forensic evidence left too many uestions unanswered and the whole thing just felt wrong I thought they must be innocent I was so happy to hear that they were released and read this book to find out about the injustice of the crime The prosecution's case was so stupid it amazed me that it took this long for the truth to come out The book provides all the insight you need into the madness of it all Naturally the book focuses on Raffaele's perspective and not so much about the crime scene or other gruesome details that you normally read in true crime books I would recommend this book to anyone who has followed this case or is interested in following cases involving wrongful imprisonment

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