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Download ☆ Hoopla By Leanne Prain – [BOOKS] ⚦ Hoopla Author Leanne Prain – A Library Journal Best Book of the Year Hoopla by the co author of 2009's bestselling Yarn Bombing The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti showcases those who take the craft of embroidery where it's neve A Library Journal Best Book of the Year Hoopla by the co author of 's bestselling Yarn Bombing The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti showcases those who take the craft of embroidery where it's never gone before in an astonishing full color display of embroidered art Hoopla rebels against the uaint and familiar embroidery motifs of flowers and swashes and focuses instead on innovative stitch artists who specialize in unusual guerrilla style patterns such as a mythical jackalope and needlepoint nipple doilies; it demonstrates that modern embroidery artists are as sharp as the needles with which they work Hoopla includes twenty eight innovative embroidery patterns and profiles of contemporary embroidery artists including Jenny Hart author of Sublime Stitching; Rosa Martyn of the UK based Craftivism Collective; Ray Materson an ex con who learned to stitch in prison; Sherry Lynn Wood of the Tattooed Baby Doll Project which collaborated with female tattoo artists across the United States; Penny Nickels and Johnny Murder the self proclaimed Bonnie and Clyde of embroidery; and Alexandra Walters a military wife who replicates military portraits and weapons in her stitchingFull color throughout and bursting with history techniue and sass Hoopla will teach readers how to stitch a ransom note pillow mean and dainty knuckle tattoo church gloves; and create their own innovative embroidery projects If you like anarchistic DIY craft and the idea of deviating from the rules Hoopla will inspire you to wield a needle with flairWith a foreword by Betsy Greer.

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  1. Arielle Walker Arielle Walker says:

    There's some pretty great ideas in this book I may have to see if I can nab it from the library a while longerOne of Sherri Lynn Wood's embroidery tattooed baby dollsHome Invasion by Sarah Terry

  2. Kerfe Kerfe says:

    This is by far the best of the recently published stitch books I've seen A combination of showcase instruction and projects and including a wide range of artists techniues and general inspiration this would be a good gift for anyone who stitches or loves stitchingI was familiar with some of the work but I don't feel anyone here is overexposed or just riding a trend And of course some appeal to me than others I was particularly taken with Sherri Lynn Wood's dolls and banners and the maps of Liz Kueneke Annie Coggan Crawford and Krista Muir Ray Masterson's tiny masterpieces and story Aubrey Long Ley Cook's animalanimation the colors of Takashi Iwasaki the faces of Cate Anerski and Alexandra Waters Lynn Kearns' tatto gloves and the virus doilies of Laura Splan also deserve mention And I enjoyed the words attitude and work of Richard Saja and Penny Nickels as an apt conclusion to the bookPlenty of references websites books and magazines museums enough to keep you busy on the computer for days if not weeks One complaint can we officially retire the word subversive? Is there anything left in the inter and over connected art world to subvert? Just make and enjoy what speaks to and for you

  3. Lucy Lucy says:

    Like Yarn Bombing her previous book this one covers a wide variety of modern art embroidery designers most with a very edgy feel to their designs There are only a few that I really liked; some I was indifferent to; others I disliked As with Yarn Bombing there are some projects included few of which I'd want to have much less spend time executing There's some About Embroidery and How tos but they're scattered through the book Instead of being together at the beginning or the end you have to depend on the Table of Contents to find them if you're actually looking for themIt is a good way to encourage you to look outside traditional embroidery styles and think of it as self expression no matter what your personal style may beI like the interviews with the designers many using the same uestions but getting sometimes wildly varying answersI'm glad I checked this out from the library and didn't buy it For me would have been a waste of money and shelf space

  4. Tuck Tuck says:

    beautiful surprising and artful coffee table type book about modern cutting edge embroidery you won't really learn HOW TO do this but you will be inspired to WANT TO amazing and creative ideas i think author won best book for this from nyt's? and also won for her first book yarn bombing for best book of year so stunning and inspirational as to blow people away with mundane fabric works that transcend granma's utilitarian doilies and scarves Yarn Bombing The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti

  5. Robyn Robyn says:

    Hoopla contains thirty artist profiles interviews instructions for nearly thirty projects embroidery basics a brief history and a few resources Within these 400 pages there is bound to be something for everyoneThe projects are uite uniue Personally I found many of them odd and not to my liking — but taste is personal Overall I was glad that I discovered this hefty book in the public library and had not purchased itFeatured artists whose work I found most interesting include Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching Krista Muir working with Shane Watt on fictional map piece “Moderato Ray Materson who taught himself to stitch while incarcerated Sasha Webb and her series of Goddess Women Kirsten Chursinoff layered nature studies Aubrey Longley Cook animation of running dog and series “Zombie Zoology” Cate Anevski colorful faces illustration work Laura Splan doilies and lace inspired stitching Penny Nickels embroidery based in printmakingI also appreciated this short list of films where embroidery has a cameo La Bohéme 1926 The Heiress 1949 Les Brodeuses Seuins A Common Thread 2004 The Curse of the Golden Flower Man cheng jin day huang jin jia 2006 and Bright Star 2009 A number of books magazines and blogs are also listed as resources

  6. Jo Jo says:

    This book is thick packed full of stitchy goodness Loved the volume and variety of embroidery The author does a fantastic job of presenting a wide range of artisans from around the globe each with diverse creations and points of view There is an instructive element to the book with several projects but the real strength of this book is as a compendium of what's happening in the embroidery world at this moment in time There are many many artisan profiles and features and while it's not new to have multiple contributors to a themed craft book many of these books have an in crowd or cliuey feel; this collection of artisans is so balanced in it's diversity there is something for everyone and the overall vibe is very inclusive While there is a nice balance of embroiderers worldwide I was so excited to see so many Canadians featured as Canucks are so under represented in crafty books Recommended for anyone interested in hand stitching arts

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    Read this cover to cover in two days The artistcrafter interviews are great and the images I'm a sucker for books about needle art in general but this one took pains to display uniue art from all over the world sampling a great variety of styles and pieces as well as providing some good history about needle crafting

  8. Stephanie Harvey Stephanie Harvey says:

    Interesting book I could have personally done without the tutorials on how to get started and the patterns although really cool also didn't really seem useful to someone who would be wanting to read this book It seemed all kind of mashed together overall though interesting read It's cool to hear how other embroidery artist gets started

  9. Patt Patt says:

    I really enjoyed this book I have been sewing and doing handcrafts since I was 11 years old I have always searched for new ideas and different ways of seeing traditional objects this book did that for me It gave me ideas and stimulated my desire to create something new

  10. Annette Bowman Annette Bowman says:

    I love the spirit of this embroidery book It gives embroidery an update The projects are cool

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