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[PDF] House of Night By Kent Dalian – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Download❯ ➽ House of Night ➸ Author Kent Dalian – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Until recently Zoey Redbird was an average high school student worrying about grades boys and breakouts But priorities have a way of changing when you are Marked as a vampyre enroll in the vampyre aca Until recently Zoey Redbird was an average high school student worrying about grades boys and breakouts But priorities have a way of changing when you are Marked as a vampyre enroll House of PDF/EPUB or in the vampyre academy House of Night and have to figure out a whole new social hierarchy affinities for elemental magic and physiological changes that make you crave blood The magical world of New York Times best selling authors P C Cast and Kristin Cast comes to comics Over million copies sold to fans in the US with legions of loyal fans worldwide.

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  1. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    This is a review of the 6 page preview provided by the publisherWell ummm uh that is to sayOh my This book took my breath away Literally And not in the good way I thought it would be funny in the same way you may laugh at a dog chasing it's tail But this was just disturbing I didn't like the artwork at all It was creepy and the dialog didn't help The heads of the characters looked a little too big for their bodies too The preview showed a scene of Zoey and Aphrodite arguing about what else? A boy He was mine first No you broke up with him Well he's mine and you're a hag from hell Rinse lather repeat Me reading this previewHow did this series make it to a graphic novel? More reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

  2. Anzu The Great Destroyer Anzu The Great Destroyer says:

    House of Night The Graphic Novel First uestion why the hell would anyone waste their time effort and money on a House of Night graphic novel? Milking the cow much? No TOTAL FAILHowever even the awesome graphic work can't fix the absolutely terrible story crappy dialogues and horrible characters that belong to PC Cast Oh I’m sorry I just noticed that I mentioned the word “story” in the same phrase as PC Cast My bad PC Cast doesn’t write stories she writes down unimportant sounds that teenagers make when they want extra attention because they realized that they have crazy hormones controlling their bodiesThe next part is taken from PC Cast’s intro of House of Night #1 WOW The making of a Graphic Novel is a complex crazy creative and absolutely satisfying experience Seeing Zoey Stevie Rae Damien Aphrodite and the twins come to life along with the school and even the secondary players Nala Dragon Lankford Persephone had Kent and me tearing up with emotion especially as we saw the different and exuisite artistic interpretations of the Goddess of Night herself Nyx IT'S JUST SO DAMN COOL ARC courtesy of Dark Horse Comics via NetGalley

  3. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Some of the artwork the cutaways in between scenes was beautiful the rest was pretty basic and nothing to write home aboutThe storyeh It's HoN That should say it all Either you love the books hate the books or are like me and happen to still be reading them because you have issues and refuse to uit after being so far into the series even though you pick up each new book with a grumble of frustrationI only read the graphic because it was free Unfortunately I skimmed a good portion of it because I was stuck having to view the thing on my computer since it wouldn't transfer to my reader This was not the 6 page preview It was the full length version You'd probably skim too if you were meI'd recommend only to major diehard fans of the series who can't get enough Otherwise I'd say to give it a pass

  4. archdandy archdandy says:

    This was my first introduction to PC Cast and I wasn't all that impressed I realize that this is a graphic novel adaption of her books and that could have contributed to my bored state while reading this I would be willing to read the actual first novel in her House of Night series to get a better feel for her as an author because I feel like this graphic novel had good plot potential I liked the flashbacks in the story and that was about all I liked The rest of the story didn't seem to have much meat on it There was some immature suabbling between teenage girls 'lessons' to be learned by the main character and a shit ton of cliches Words cannot express how much I hated Zoey's gay friend The art seemed really lazy and there were a couple of times where I was confused because a lot of the females seemed to look a lot like the main character The maturity level seemed to be all over the place on this one A couple of times I scratched my head wondering if some of the content was too adult for the YA genre An example was the rape of the two sisters in one of the flashbacks That was some serious shit Anyways like I said I would be willing to try out PC Cast's actual novels based on the plot of this one but I would be going into it with very low expectations I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley

  5. Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner says:

    This was weird Really weird There was a rape sceneCleopatra and Mark Anthony sex scene in a tubstabbingNyx saying she can't parallel parkWTF did she say that anyway? and some good old fashion chick fight What a mess

  6. Julie Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog Julie Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog says:

    As you can tell by the look of the blog I’m a creature ruled by visuals So it comes to no surprise that I enjoy a good graphic novel here and there – especially if it’s paranormal in nature Such is the case with House of Night Legacy – a graphic novel inspired by the YA book series Here are the first three titlesThe premise really hooked me in and the amazing graphic art did not disappoint House of Night Legacy tells the story of Zoe Redbird a 16 year old chosen by the goddess Nyx to lead the Dark Daughters – a group of vampires Deposing the former leader Aphrodite Zoe must learn five lessons before she can take command With the help of her faithful friends she undertakes the task of mastering the elements of Fire Earth Air Water and Spirit House of Night Legacy is not only action packed it features several stories with historical figures but with a vampire twist It is the perfect blend of action tragedy and comedy and now I can’t wait to dive into the books that inspired this graphic novel I definitely recommend House of Night Legacy to readers of the book series as it gives them an invaluable visual into the amazing and imaginative world PC Cast and Kristin Cast have created For those who are new to the series like me it provides that ‘hook’ which will make them run to the books and read about this series I can’t wait to start What I really enjoyed the most about this series is how the vampires are ‘created’ Humans are genetically predisposed with the vampiric gene and when they reach a certain age they go through the change Some don’t survive the change but those who do become full vampiresTo ensure their survival the vampires in transition known as fledglings congregate in Houses of Night – boarding schools set up for them to learn how to master their new powers Here is an excerpt from the book showcasing Freya with a vampire twist and the how vital the element of Earth can be Enjoy Rating 4 out 5 Kisseshttpreadourlipsblogblogspotcom2copy provided by publisher via Net Galley

  7. Kelley Kelley says:

    Apparently I won this in a giveaway because it randomly showed up in my mailbox one day So of course I read it It’s a bonus story about Zoey when she first gets Marked and moves into the House of Night and this story told a bit about her and a background story about one of their ancient vampyres Freya It was cute and short The art style was a bit strange making everyone seem smug and stuck up even Nyx which bothered me But the coloring was lovely I do think that anyone who hasn’t read the books at least the first one would have a hard time understanding what’s going on in this though

  8. Diayll Diayll says:

    Originally Reviewed AtMotherGamerWriterRating 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source NetGalleyReviewer MeHouse of Night Legacy House of Night The Graphic Novel #1 contains five issue Earth Air Water Fire and Spirit Based on the bestselling series by author PC Cast House of Night issue #1 of this graphic novel series follows the life of Zoey Redbird a sixteen year old vampyre fledgling as she finds strength and determination to become the leader of the Dark Daughters Zoey is apprehensive about her new assignment because it means she will have to be a leader a position she never wanted and believes she doesn’t deserve In order to understand why the Goddess Nyx marked her and to see if she truly has what it takes to lead the Daughters Nyx gives Zoe five tasks to complete Moreover if she successfully learns her five lessons she will be deemed ready to lead the Dark Daughters In each of the five stories we’re given a glimpse into the House of Night history by following the lives of famous vampyres who were each associated with one of the five elements The purpose of each is to essentially teach Zoey some important life lesson about humility sympathy asking for help among others There is never a dull moment in this graphic novel and I must say I thoroughly the enjoyed story Never having read the House of Night Series I didn’t know what to expect with this graphic novel Nevertheless I am pleasantly surprised at how interesting and rich issue #1 was giving depth to a story for those of us who might not have found out about this series otherwise The author goes into tremendous detail as each vampyre’s life is retold over several pages You can also see growth and character development with our main character Zoey which is sometimes hard to accomplish in this type of setting ie a novel vs a graphic novelcomic I also enjoyed the entire cast of side characters who each had different personalities and I can see them appealing to a wide variety of teenagers Overall House of Night Legacy is another surprise hit for me I think it is perfect for anyone who is a fan of all things paranormal and not just for those people who have read the books The art work also flows cohesively with the story With each element you can see the colors transition to fit the overall tone of that section of narrative It’s a fun read with a wealth of detail and I highly recommend it

  9. Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) says:

    For somebody that has just recently gotten into picking up graphic novels I have to say that I have become very particular about the ones I readI recently read the Wicked Lovely graphic novel and wanted color and vibrancy to the look and pages of it but it's a good and fun read I also recently read the Vampire Academy Graphic Novel and felt there was not enough dialogue to go with the pictures a lot of the character and world building was missing and for a short book way to much drama and emotion thrown in But the artwork was amazing and I loved the full colored glossy pagesNow onto the reason your here The House of Night graphic novel This was a perfect match between artwork color schemes and story line I highly enjoyed this oneI have come to the reasoning that when I buy a graphic novel it costs just as much or as the original novel itself So I tend to lean towards the graphic novels that represent the most of the novel as possible as thoroughly as possible if that makes senseIn House of Night the visual of of the tattoos and the attitudes of the characters comes through on the pages through the artwork The graphics alone tell the majority of the story just through the facial expressions and the details in the buildings and clothing It's not just about shading and frowns the actual coloring of the shadows and the smaller details that I have come to appreciateThis graphic novel did a perfect job of combining the story of the novel along with the visuals There was an amazing balance of dialogue and story to go along with the visuals And again the artwork is very detailed and I loved the color choices they complimented the mood to the novelIf you enjoyed the House of Night series or are interested in the novels you should check this one out If you have not at least been introduced into the story this graphic novel may have a bit of spoilers in it But if you are curious about the series and would like an introduction to it and the Fledgling handbook aka you don't mind a little spoilers I highly encourage you to pick it up it's a great price

  10. Rose Rose says:

    There are some series that actually can benefit from the transition to graphic reinterpretation while others simply cannot no matter how good the artwork I don't think House of Night counts as one of the better adaptations The story covered in issue 1 takes place between events in the second novel of the House of Night series Betrayed so it assumes that the reader has already read the novels and that's kind of an odd measure since it's a comic series intended to introduceexpand the franchise If you're entirely new to the House of Night series you're not really getting a full story here so jumping into it might not only be confusing but also a bit sparse on the details of Zoey Redbird's role and introducing the collective cast of characters I didn't like the adaptation at all from the story angle The characters seem bland there's little to no introduction or context put into any of them and it probably would've benefited a little if the comic were longer than it was as in a full graphic novel rather than just a short The artwork is decent in spurts which is probably the only reason I'm giving this than a star I loved the cover images and also the insert image of Zoey but the panels themselves don't really measure up to some of the better graphiccomic art that are in peer seriesUnfortunately I can't recommend this

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