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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  04 Author Mike A. Lancaster – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ★ 04 Author Mike A. Lancaster – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Kyle Straker volunteered to be hypnotized at the annual community talent show expecting the same old lame amateur acts But when he wakes up his world will never be the same Televisions and computers n Kyle Straker volunteered to be hypnotized at the annual community talent show expecting the same old lame amateur acts But when he wakes up his world will never be the same Televisions and computers no longer work but a strange language streams across their screens Everyone's behaving oddly It's as if Kyle doesn't exit Is this nightmare a result of the hypnosis Will Kyle wake up with a snap of fingers to roars of laughter Or is this something much sinisterNarrated on a set of found cassette tapes at an unspecified point in the future Human is an absolutely chilling look at technology gone too far.

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  1. Amy Sturgis Amy Sturgis says:

    Where to begin? This is one of the best books I've read this year and one of the best young adult dystopianscience fiction novels I've read period It's so very well done The moment I can pre order the seuel I will I intend to foist this one on as many people as possible as well It's uite difficult to review this book or even explain its premise without spoiling the well paced surprises it offers I'll simply say that the text is framed as an edited book of which the main part is a written transcript of discovered audio recordings The young man on the tapes describes how one day his world and everyone in it save for three others in his village utterly changed around him Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers the protagonist makes this connection himself in fact Not only are the characters and their plight vividly and believably drawn but also the science fiction premise is uite brilliant The haunted hunted tone of psychological horror means this is perfect reading for the Halloween season as wellI was especially enchanted by the knowledgeable science fiction references Fringe Doctor Who Spider Man and the extremely clever annotations in the transcript which tell the reader much about its fictional futuristic audience and ably satirize certain forms of the scholarly writing of our day Further this is a novel about ideas individualism self determination responsibility and progress among othersI can't recommend this highly enough It's sophisticated thought provoking and almost impossible to put down Well done indeed

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    Well weird That's the best word to describe this book But hell am I glad I read it It reminded me a lot of Genesis in some ways but with a much better story and a range of characters to go with it It's like my ultimate bookgasm did I just invent a word? Me thinks yes Sci fi Dystopia Philosophy stay in all day until finishedAnd it delivered in a very interesting and uniue way I found myself actually liking the 'Note' sections they were uite an amusing idea as to how an alien species might view the way we live in the world today it's always odd to think how strange our typical habits behaviours and phrases must seem to someone who hasn't grown up with themAt first I wasn't sure I liked the tape recording format but I eventually came to understand its relevance and even like the element of mystery when it would cut off at the end of each tape leaving the reader as clueless as those studying and commenting on the tapesThis is one of those ridiculously hard to write reviews because every part of the book is uestionable and part of the mystery so you can leak spoilers with nearly anything you say But I will comment on the way in which the author has decided to almost write himself into the story as one of those looking back on this distant society and making it seem like he's addressing a very real group of people It could have been too much too cheesy but it wasn't It worked very well indeed I should also note that this is one of those rare books where it's essential that you read both the foreword and afterword they are a key part of the novel itselfOne thing I didn't like was that I found it an incredibly rushed conclusion for the characters to assume an alien invasion I mean seriously in real life if everyone in your village started acting weird would your immediate logical reaction be to believe that aliens were invading? Of course not And when weird symbols turn up on a computer screen would you think Oh I know the aliens are invading digitally Nope It didn't flow and made that section of the novel very messy

  3. Emily WilowRaven Emily WilowRaven says:

    It's been really hard to write this review because every time I try to collect my thoughts all that comes to mind is OMG THIS BOOK WAS FREAKEN AWESOME AND EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD READ ITI could just leave it at that but I expect you all want a little For me Human4 was like an ultimate 'what if' sci fi adventure view spoiler What if humans are only important and useful as massive electronic data processers? What if our brains function at a capacity not set by biology or evolution but by design? Someone else's design What if we could and have all been upgraded countless times and what if some people just don't make the cut forever lost and forgotten as obsolete hardware? hide spoiler

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Everyone seems to love this bookexcept for me Did I miss something?The town is holding a talent show and four people two teenagers and two older people volunteer to be hypnotized But during the act suddenly the audience and the entire town start acting very strangely The four struggle to find out if it's hypnosis gone wrong or something elseIt's a decent idea but I felt that it was poorly done First of all the story is supposedly being listened toreadtranscribed from audio tapes left by Kyle except that the story reads nothing like a transcribed audio tape would Secondly there are dozens of interjections by somethingsomeone that is not uite human; once in a while they offered a interesting tidbit but mostly I just found them extremely distracting from the original story Third all the characters fell very flat for me There is no humanity or emotion or love in these characters and there is barely any reaction from them in response to big eventsOn the other hand there are little clues as to what is going on scattered throughout the text which can give the reader a lot to think about and thought provoking books are always a plus

  5. Ruth Turner Ruth Turner says:

    This is a really clever book and a solid 5 star read for meThere’s not much I can say about it I think you really need to read it for yourself I’d recommend doing so without reading any reviews first and If you can read it in one sitting even betterIt’s well written fast paced with excellent character development And very well toldIt reminded me just a little of some of Stephen King’s short stories

  6. Rusty& Rusty& says:

    Reviews and httpsedwardsghostenginewordpressThis is one of those books that grabs you by the throat from the first page and won’t let go even once you’ve finished reading It wasn’t exactly an action filled book but there was plenty of suspense and the writing is the kind that just sucked me right in leaving me with many new ideas for my own imaginary storiesI’ve read this book twice and both times I listed it as a favourite as it is one of those books that introduces new yet effortless speculation on our world and even evolution I can’t say a great lot about the plot as it will give it all away and the best way to experience this book is to go into it blind But what I can say is the author really managed to make everything so believable from the characters and what was happening to them to the shocking conclusion I don’t think I need to say that the writing was perfection for this type of story as it was fast paced exciting and the kind that makes you want to always find out what happens next which always gave new surprisesKyle and his friends were very well portrayed and likeable throughout and I felt like I was going through everything with them The descriptions were so vivid as well as Kyle’s narration which as I said makes one feel like you’re with him I don’t understand why this book isn’t well known as like I said in the end there were some wonderful ideas here What if all our world and ourselves was just a big computer program? A bit like the Matrix but at the same time putting a different spin to things making the whole thing totally original in its own waysThis was uite a uick read that even though there wasn’t so much bare knuckle action it was still exciting in its own way with suspenseful writing and good characterisations It’s a book I feel everyone of all ages could read and enjoy and not just because of the writing but because of the speculation the author introduces it certainly made me think and inspired many different theories for my own characters I sometimes think about I’m dying to say but don’t want to spoil this gem of a book that I’m surprised isn’t well recognised 😛 I also will add here that I wish the author would write because I can certainly see his talent even if not many others doWho I’d recommend this forEveryone No kidding when I first read this I thought it was one of the best books in the Sci Fi genre but read this if you like big speculations exciting mysteries and an engaging plot you won’t be sorry

  7. sandee ★ the elven lady reads ★ sandee ★ the elven lady reads ★ says:

    I think that's what we all want in the end To know that we left footprints when we passed by however briefly We want to be remembered So remember us Please Remember usHuman4 is a very addicting read I couldn’t stop until I reached the last page It’s the type of book you’ll want and off There was no putting this book down It was AWESOME It was FREAKIN’ FANTASTICWhat pushed me to read this book? It was the fact that there were cassette tapes involved Why? Well one of my favorite books involved cassette tapes too 13 Reasons Why This book just became another favorite not just because the medium used on this book was a cassette tape but because the story itself and the way it was delivered to the readers was packaged in a uniue kind of way Kyle Straker and three other people volunteered to be hypnotized by one of his friends at a local talent show in their community It seemed harmless enough at first but when they woke up things were differentI don’t want to give out anything because I don’t want to ruin anything about this book It’s the type of book that would keep you guessing as to what will happen next and that was the good part of this book It keeps you guessing It keeps your mind active all throughout the book It was a great experience reading this book It was smart and witty and imaginative I highly recommend this book for everyone who loves reading science fictionI give it 475 stars

  8. Karina Halle Karina Halle says:

    Terrific concept muddled by poor executionMike Lancaster has provided a uick entertaining read hereunfortunately the overtly gimmicky premise is brought down by flat characters If you can't relate or invest in the main character Kyle Straker or any of the supporting ones then you lose what's at stake And if you lose what's at stake the drama and conflict never rise to where they should be If Lancaster had infused some realistic and fully fleshed out characters spent some time building their backstories and lives stopped indulging in the novelty concept of the novel and the rushed feeling in the pages the sci fi scenario would have been 100 x terrifying It IS a great concept and the novel was still interesting enough to flip through in a couple of hours but at the same time I feel so much could have been done with it and because of that it left me feeling disappointed and meh Worth a gander if you're a sci fi buff and you pick it up at the bargain bin like I did but don't expect too much

  9. Liviania Liviania says:

    I thought HUMAN4 was dystopian lit when I began I think I had it confused with I AM NUMBER FOUR I may have also been misled by the current dystopian fad I'll cop to not being the biggest fan of dystopias What is HUMAN4? I suspect you'll hear many different answers I'd call it a classic SFhorror story in the vein of The Twilight Zone At times I got a distinct The Monsters are Due on Maple Street vibe YouTube video for those unfamiliar with the classic episode Mike A Lancaster does make some interesting framing decisions that help make HUMAN4 uniueHUMAN4 is told by Kyle Straker who is recording himself on a set of cassette tapes three months after the events of the story The events are transcribed by the future humans who find the tapes The transcription is filled with notes about academic analysis of the tapes what do certain terms mean? What do Kyle's pauses mean? I found the notes about the pauses and about the changes in Kyle's narrative direction to be interesting They both shaped the way I viewed the story and gave good insight into how people think in the future of HUMAN4 The notes about terms were sometimes clever but often distractingI thought the cassette tape format reinforced the themes of the novel both overtly and subtly Kyle is unfamiliar with recording on cassettes so the last words of each part are forgotten The action occurs in our present I'm only 22 but Kyle is enough younger than me that a technology I grew up with is obsolete for him I'm not pretending I was born before CDs; just before CD Rs My sister and I would go about the house using our cheap red and white plastic tape recorder to tape songs we improvised My most popular tune was one involving the lines You better snapthat weight off Unsurprising I have not grown up to be a lyricist In HUMAN4 Kyle and three of his neighbors become obsolete through an ill timed hypnosis act But our everyday lives will become obsolete without help from any outlandish occurances It's that grounding in reality that really sells the horrific bits of HUMAN4There's a small romance in the novel It shouldn't put any male readers off but it's nicely nuanced and unobtrusive I rather liked Lisa who seemed like a good girl The other two 04 don't have much to do but they're amiable enough characters Mr Peterson gets one amazing scene HUMAN4 covers a short amount of time less than a day so there is not much focus on character development But there is enough character to carry the story You want Kyle Lisa Mrs O'Donnell and Mr Peterson to survive After all you're only guaranteed that Kyle survives for three monthsI read HUMAN4 in about an hour I intended to start it during the commercials of ABC's comedy block I finished it before the second episode of The Middle finished Admittedly the second episode was a re run but the book would've held my attention without that push In less than 250 pages Lancaster reminded me how much I love a suspenseful story with a SF twist You'll notice I haven't said much about the plot That's because I'm afraid to give anything away I enjoy experiencing books cold and I worry about spoiling an experience this funI don't have a seal of approval but let's ignore that so that I can say this HUMAN4 gets the In Bed With Books Seal of Approval Complimentary gift basket not included

  10. Bella Bella says:

    Wow This was such a good book I devoured it and read it all in one sitting I couldn't stop From the very first page I was hooked By the second chapter or so there was no way I was putting it down soon I didn't expect to read it all though What did I love so much about it? I'm not really sure It's probably one of the only sci fi books I've read so that for me was appealing because it's something new something that isn't a paranormal romance Don't get me wrong I will always love and will always read paranormal romance but sometimes I like to read something new and exciting And 04 is just that Kyle Straker narrates the story in the form of an old audio tape recording The editor Mike Lancaster adds notes throughout the book which enlighten the reader to the ways of the world which is our world now but the book is set as someone reading it from the future who wouldn't know about certain things So he explains golf Coldplay and lots and these notes are very funny Also because it's supposed to be Kyle telling the story through three recorded audio tapes there are gaps in the story where the tape is turning or a new tape is being played I liked these gaps because it made you imagine what would have been said when the tape was turning though you never find out I liked Kyle He was straight thinking brave and a strong main character He tried to make sense of the strange things that had happened to him even if the only conclusion he could come to was completely outrageous and probably not true His voice was very readable and I really felt as though I was experiencing the events along with him Overall 04 was a very good read I saw it on a Waiting on Wednesday post last year and I immediately added it to my TBR pile and then forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I saw that it had come out I had to buy it and I'm so glad I did It was awesome and you must read it

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