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[Ebook] Hungry For It By Fiona Zedde – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Download❯ ➻ Hungry For It Author Fiona Zedde – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Seduce MeRémi Bouchard has enjoyed than her share of delicious trysts amidst the seductive sounds and glittering lights of South Beach With good looks limitless sex appeal and the wealth and populari Seduce MeRémi Bouchard has enjoyed than her share of delicious trysts amidst the seductive sounds and glittering lights of South Beach With good looks limitless sex appeal and the wealth and popularity that comes from owning the city's hottest jazz bar and restaurant Rémi can seduce just about anyone she wants But lately the allure of wild one Hungry For ePUB ✓ night stands and no strings flings is starting to wear thin Rémi craves something and what Rémi wants Rémi getsAt her best friend's wedding Rémi looks across the crowd and finds exactly what she's been searching for an intense soul searing connection Now on a journey of sensual exploration that will take her from decadent after hours clubs to South Beach's most elegant nightspots Rémi engages in a tantalizing dance of seduction But passion this deep has its dangers especially when it means falling in love with the one person who should be off limits.

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  1. Joc Joc says:

    I wasn't sure I was going to like this and I've put off reading it for months now but in the end I liked it than the first one Remi has had a crush on her best friend's mother since she was a teenager With her friend on honeymoon and the rising feelings that she wants to experience the love her friend has found she starts flirting with Claudia To her surprise Claudia flirts backRemi is a wonderful character She has the same wild sexual history as Dez her friend but I preferred her to Dez She seems mature less hedonistic and grounded She's built up an incredibly successful jazz club which is sabotaged and she needs find out why in spite of a lack of support from her parents Claudia is a cancer survivor lecturer and graceful woman She's under no illusions about Remi's sexual exploits including knowing that many experiences were shared with her daughterThis is an erotic read with lots of sex I love that Zedde gives her characters power over their desires and appetites They aren't wrapped up in or bound by the norms women are expected to live up to She gives them the freedom to express their sexuality without judgment And there is a beautiful love story that complements the eroticism

  2. Dee Dee says:

    25 starsI love a book that touches on the taboo falling for your best friends mother Count me in Unfortunately the copious amounts of sex and not between the two love interests killed this story for As a self confessed smut lover that's saying something If you enjoy books heavy on pornographic scenes rather than erotic romance this could be just the ticket If you're unsure of the difference pick this book up and you'll understand Contains multiple partners a threesome or was it a foursome? Fisting fat vaginas moist vaginas and limbs with minds of their own The hand moved higher upThe hand left her pocket

  3. Val Val says:

    I had some difficulty deciding if this should be a 3 or a 4 I really liked the love story between the two women and how they deal with revealing their love to friends and family there's a fairly large age difference that complicates their relationship So for those parts I give it a 4 I would place this book suarely in the erotica genre which is typically not an issue for me But there was one scene that I found to be bothersome because I just felt like it went a bit too far Yes that is completely my OPINION and hey if everyone is a consenting adult by all means do as you like For me it was just something I didn't particularly enjoy reading about The other 95% of the book was uite good

  4. Rachel Kramer Bussel Rachel Kramer Bussel says:

    This is a very hot erotic romance about Rémi a butch nightclub owner and sometime model who's spent most of her life pursuing no strings sex with women but who's had a crush on her best friend's mom Claudia since her late teens When Claudia finally seems tentatively open to her advances although she's never slept with a woman the two start to get to know each other in a new way Rémi is a very intriguing character riding a motorcycle being a boss in and out of the bedroom She's incredibly tough when she needs to be to fight off business rivals and stand her ground in a subplot involving a potential takedown of her club and in bed with some of her lovers but with Claudia a new side of her emerges one where she lets herself be a bit less guarded and doesn't have to always be in charge The sex scenes here with Claudia and occasional others are all expertly done scorching off the page my favorite was the two of them hiding in a hall closet during a party and managing to get very creative There was a tenderness running through this story that I didn't expect at the start as Rémi resolves family drama from her past and Claudia tries to figure out how much of a role she wants Rémi to play in her life Highly recommend this

  5. T T says:

    This book started off uestionable for me I was initially put off by the 20ish year age difference of the potential couple and the total debauchery of most of the characters from the startSomewhere around 20 30% into the book I realized that I was wrong to assume this was going to be plotless smut I also uickly realized that I very much liked the writing style of this author She puts passion and feeling into every sentence or fragmented sentence; making it prose like I loved it I was also eventually convinced that the relationship in uestion was believable and real The author convinced me of the very sincere hunger love that Remi had for the older woman Aside from that there was a well defined story here You get to see friendships and relationships as they get created and destroyed and renewed Several families with old wounds confront issues of the past and present And there is the mystery throughout the book of 'who is after Remi and wants to do her harm?'Again I loved the writing The characters were all well defined both physically and psychologically And the editing was nearly flawless Also note that there is lots and lots of sexual activity going on between the pages of this book and plenty of it is pretty graphic Take that how you will ; But don't be put off by the first couple chapters like i was at first this is a great story One of the things i would have changed is to see of cousin Wynn She was an intriguing character that didn't get as much spotlight as she deserved

  6. Dannica Zulestin Dannica Zulestin says:

    Man this book is so raw sometimes Like it just has a lot of feelingsAlso Bronwynne from Nightshade showed up I love BronwynneJust in general Zedde is so good wowAnyways it's really late at night I don't have anything complicated to say Maybe that this is one of the realistic ish age difference books I've read? Hm Anyways it's good stuff

  7. Cece S Cece S says:


  8. Neeko Ferguson Neeko Ferguson says:

    Omg This book left me speechless It was as if I watched a movie When Dez came outside where Remi was my heart dropped I’m about to start the next book to see what they’ve been up to

  9. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Keep your lovher closeIt was time to revisit Remi and Claudia I just bought the electronic copy It is another well written story by Ms Zedde I would definitely recommend this book

  10. Lilian Lilian says:

    Black beautiful and sexyBlack beautiful and sexy I always love stumbling across these unfortunately rare gems there should be I'm certainly looking forward for the next and will continue to read and support the author's work

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