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[Ebook] Edge of Eternity By Ken Follett – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Edge of Eternity Author Ken Follett – Serv3.3pub.co.uk I giorni dell'eternità è l'appassionante conclusione dell'epica trilogia The Century dedicata al Novecento nella uale Ken Follett segue il destino di cinue famiglie legate tra loro una americana una I giorni dell'eternità è l'appassionante conclusione dell'epica trilogia The Century dedicata al Novecento nella uale Ken Follett segue il destino di cinue famiglie legate tra loro una americana una tedesca una russa una inglese e una gallese Dai palazzi del potere alle case Edge of Kindle - della gente comune le storie dei protagonisti si snodano e si intrecciano nel periodo che va dai primi anni Sessanta fino alla caduta del Muro di Berlino passando attraverso eventi sociali politici ed economici tra i più drammatici e significativi del cosiddetto Secolo breve le lotte per i diritti civili in America la crisi dei missili di Cuba la Guerra fredda le prime sfide per la conuista dello spazio come simbolo di superiorità tra le due superpotenze gli omicidi dei fratelli Kennedy e di Martin Luther King il Vietnam lo scandalo del Watergate ma anche i Beatles e la nascita del rock'n'roll uando Rebecca Hoffmann insegnante della Germania Est scopre di essere stata spiata per anni dalla Stasi prende una decisione che avrà pesanti conseguenze sulla sua famiglia In America George Jakes figlio di una coppia mista rinuncia a una promettente carriera legale per entrare al dipartimento di Giustizia di Robert Kennedy e partecipa alla dura battaglia contro la segregazione razziale Cameron Dewar nipote di un senatore del Congresso non si lascia scappare l'occasione di fare spionaggio per una causa in cui crede fermamente ma solo per scoprire che il mondo è molto più pericoloso di uanto pensi Dimka Dvorkin giovane assistente di Nikita Chruscëv diventa un personaggio di spicco proprio mentre Stati Uniti e Unione Sovietica si ritrovano sull'orlo di una crisi che sembra senza via d'uscita.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    The characters in this book unlike characters in his previous books that I really enjoyed are caricatures Follett lets his liberal politics come though with no subtlety all the blacks are good all whites are evil and bad intentioned I'm sorry to have wasted my time reading this left wing drivelVery disappointing given the talented storyteller Follett can be

  2. Tina Tina says:

    Sadly not nearly as well written as the previous books in this trilogy The first third was as we're used to descriptive and captivating The rest seemed like he was in a hurry to finish and is rushed and padded with a lot of clumsy sex Very sad I was so excited for the at installment and was left wanting better

  3. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    Ken Follett believes in the power of a good story And he harbors no doubt about attention spans in an era when people avert their eyes to smartphone screens approximately every 12 secondsKen Follett again tackles great chucks of history in Edge of Eternity the final installment in his Century Trilogy which covers 1961 through 1989 and includes such epic events as Vietnam Kennedy’s assassination the Civil Rights movement the Cold War and the fall of Communism Follett also takes on two pop culture issues the genesis of rock’n roll and the ‘60s sexual revolutionAnd one small scene with Nicolae Ceausescu as protagonist I was a kid but I remember how communism was the wake up at 4 in the morning for the ueues if you wanted to buy something the fear of expressing yourself freely etcFollett tells his stories by placing readers into bedrooms boardrooms even at the Berlin Wall as it comes down He’s masterly at juggling complex plot lines with a mix of real world leaders and fictional characters who are spread throughout Eastern and Western Europe and the United StatesWrapping up a huge sweeping trilogy can be difficult but Follett does a great job tying up loose ends giving justice and time to characters without making it feel too long or fake Overall this is a fantastic series and a fantastic novel and is enjoyable from a purely entertaining read and also as a way to think about the historical events of our recent past through the eyes of different people and perspectives

  4. Greg Greg says:

    Bleh I hated this book What a load of liberal revisionist history I can summarize it for you this way Liberals are brilliant dashing successful all knowing always wise and prescient Conservatives are stumbling bumbling blockheads who must visit prostitutes to get any action because who would want a conservative lover?Want ? Jimmy Carter almost ended the cold war with his brilliant moves regarding Poland Reagan gave a silly speech telling Gorbachev to tear down this wall which apparently had nothing whatsoever to do with the wall a few years thereafter being torn down and by the way he was a mass murderer In fact it turned out that Gorbachev himself pretty much unilaterally killed the Soviet Union on purpose Who knew?If you lean liberal and need to have your fantasy world upheld by books where liberals can do no wrong and conservatives can do nothing but this is definitely the book for you It will confirm all your most devout beliefs about your world viewI found it awful bleh

  5. Gasperson Gasperson says:

    Review contains SPOILERS Don't read further if you don't want some plot details spoiledAre you a self important baby boomer who leans left in your political views? Well buddy are you going to have the biggest rager of a boner reading this book Don't get me wrong I devoured this book and it starts off very strong Most of the characters in the book start off likable I realized pretty early on that at this point in the story nearly all the characters are related by either blood or marriage despite being on 3 different continents Remember how likable most of the characters in both of the first two books were? The strong women? The men up against these terrible World Wars but still fighting the good fight for their familes? Yeah you sort of get that at the start of the book but it doesn't lastAs some other reviewers have noted the book does start off strong but then sort of just starts jumping from one historic event to the next all while glossing over or downplaying some important ones Nixon Reagan and the one right leaning character in the book are evil cartoon characters Jimmy Carter is almost completely left outI wonder why? Some redeeming ualities are shown for Nixon just before getting into the things he's known for None such for the Gipper but I think part of that is that the story starts to go off the rails a bit in the 80's Vietnam was pretty glossed over earlier and I shit you not there is not a single mention of the Soviet war in Afghanistan despite there being two POV characters based out of the USSR and the theme of the USSR losing money and status being a central theme of the later chapters How is that sort of oversight possible? As for Nam most of the characters in the story are affluent so they didn't have to fight One character gets drafted and it's a bit of a stretch and he spends all of about 2 pages in Nam Those are some of the most forced pages in the entire book and of course Follett goes all BABYKILLER for those pages and no real mention is made of them again Another character goes over there and pulls a Jane Fonda The portions about Nam can somewhat be forgiven from a boots on the ground POV stance as Follett is never at his strongest when discussing combat However the absolute omission of the Soviet Afghan war is a really glaring mistakeIn the earlier books Follett's strength was his human characters and the terrible situations they're thrown in Despite all odds they always pull through usually with the helpsupport of a strong family These are families we've read about for 3 generations or It seems that much like in real life something was lost between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers This is both a good thing in that Follett acknowledges that the family did indeed grow weaker in that time period and a bad thing as most of the characters are terrible people Remember Maud? How she loved her man so strongly that she gave up her family and homeland to be with him? She loved him through two world wars and stayed strong for her new and growing family Well her grandsonSPOILERS becomes a degenerate drug addicted rockstar who sleeps with his best friend's girl His best friendalso his cousin decides that this girl is fucking marriage material Cheat on me and not feel bad about it? That's cool Enable my cousin's heroin addiction? That's also cool because I love you Sounds like the kind of gal you'd want your son to marry right? Oh that wonderful young lady is also a POV character ha ha That's a theme among the male characters in this book All of them without fail are fucking chumps Almost all of them are either cheated on cheat themselves or end up making some choices that reuire a bit of a leap on the readers part For instance SPOILERS a male character digs one of the female POV characters but she falls for none other Jack Kennedy He's such a fucking dreamboat that the bitch doesn't get married until she's 60 withered up and a literal cat lady The Kennedy clan in general are portrayed as the polar opposites to the cartoonish Nixon and Reagan Very little mention is made of Ted the fat drunk Kennedy I guess Follett couldn't uite whitewash him into a completely flattering light Another character SPOILERS one of the redeeming ones decides to cheat on her disabled husband with another man Her poor disabled mostly impotent husband say it's all good Why? Because it's 60's MAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN She just as uickly ends the affair It's almost as if Follett put that in there to ruin the one completely likable character in the storySo you're probably thinking that I really disliked this book from that review but that's untrue It was an entertaining read and a page turner It starts off very strongly and I had hoped it would be as enjoyable at the first two but the enjoyment I got from the middle and end portions of the book came from Follett's obvious bias and the reverse Jamie Lannister character arcs of the POV characters If you have read the first two books definitely read this one to see how it ends but I must warn youthe ending is terrible I mean I groaned as soon as I saw the date posted at the top of the page I'll put another spoiler tag below and then discuss it because it's the funniest most ironic bit for meENDING SPOILERSSo as I mentioned earlier Follett spends some time building all of the right leaning characters into these evil cartoon characters Early in the story it'sand rightfully so the segregationists then Nixon and lastly Reagan Now for Reagan he asserts that he's even worse than Tricky Dick and that he got away with murdering innocents during the Iran Contra affair So what does Follett end on? You guessed it the 2008 Barack Obama acceptance speech For the scene Follett has all of the black characters who have fought so hard for civil rights throughout the first part of the book all in one room watching the whole thing Never mind that only Jacky and her son George are the only characters you care about in the room They have reached the top of the mountain I guess Follett wanted to stop it there and not have the parts where Obama wins the Nobel peace prize and then murders innocents with drones Hey he'll get away with it though the Gipper would be proudEdit I would also like to add another glaring omission from a book that tried to hit all the big moments of the 60's 80's The moon landing The entire space race was barely mentioned but one of the biggest Where were you at moments and arguably one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind the FUCKING MOON LANDING was not even in the books Not even a fucking mention

  6. Shlomo Shlomo says:

    First off I cannot review this book without spoilers so please please read at your own riskSPOILERS AHEADI was disappointed by this book Maybe as a standalone version it would have been better received but as the third of what had been a superb trilogy I was let downFirst Why drop so many characters we were invested in the first two books and which in the closing of the second made it look like we should look forward to what happens to them? The second books ends with Erik Carla's brother being enthusiastic with an East German uniform similar to how he had joined the Nazi Army before yet no mention of him even in passing is made here The second book ends with Volodya showing his scientist wife a Sears catalog Nothing comes of that and the book focuses on the fraternal twins of Volodya's sister whose marriage no one was thrilled aboutWhat about Billy Williams and his family? The seond book ends with him being a leading Labor MP and him digging up Ty Gwyn's gardens for coalSecondNo payoffs for many of the characters we do get to followMore than once Natalya keeps mentioning that she would like to escape to the West and that Vasilii her author friend deserves to get the recognition he deserves Would it have cost too much for Follet to add a 2 page chapter where he receives some accolades or maybe a fictional Nobel Prize of sorts once the Soviet Union has been dissolved?Maud dies Grigory is visited on his death bed what about the rest of the characters we loved and hated? ThirdA heavy political agendaBasically liberals are good conservatives are bad Reagan should have been punished but wasn't Bush 41 was clueless After a point I did not like it at all Follet made one character conservative and made him a heavy cartoon of oneFourthMany people complained before me too much pointless sex Does he really have to tell us that a brother and sister do not mind seeing each other naked? Hiding in a women's lingerie store was a great idea for two women looking not to be followed but comparing breasts? And that if I was a lesbian line? Seriously? Plus the whole thing about Walli shaking hands with Karoly's husband and seeing something then Lilli remembering it was absurdThose are the things that disappointed me in a book I was soo looking forward to read Sorry Ken this onw gets only 3 starsAnd BTW just a passing mention twice of how Ty Gwyn is now a College with no explanation?

  7. Liviu Liviu says:

    very strong first part covering roughly 1961 1963 Berlin wall fight for Civil Rights the Cuban missile crisis but then the novel starts scattering and after a while becomes almost an encyclopedia like recital of what happens as it follows the diverse group of characters until 1989there are strong moments here and there but they read like snippets than like a novel while the political biases of the author start becoming way too visible and detract from the book there is a ton about Nixon and later Reagan and how bad they and their entourage were and outrage as how Nixon got punished but Reagan got away with it while nothing about the disastrous Carter years very little about the disastrous Johnson Vietnam War nothing about how Margaret Thatcher reinvigorated Britain for a generation etc; also there is nothing about Japan or China and any historical fiction that wants to cover the later part of the 20th century in the comprehensive way this book seems to be intended and basically resumes itself at the USA USSR cold war is already failing thereoverall a page turner one reads to find out what happens but which after the first excellent maybe third devolves into self indulgence lack of cohesion and political bias that becomes and annoying

  8. cindy stenzel cindy stenzel says:

    so many world events took place during the time period of this book that it felt like the characters were forced into the story rather than the story being built around the characters

  9. Gary Branson Gary Branson says:

    It pains me to give a Follett a low rating; however this just wasn't good Stock characters against the political background of the last half of the 20th century just made this story too long And where was England in all of this turmoil? Not one single mention of Margaret Thatcher Seemed to be forcing a particular political agenda also As I said about the second book in the trilogy too broad a canvas to be effective

  10. Kelly Hubbard Kelly Hubbard says:

    I can't wait to read this book Fall of Giants and Winter of the World were so good I could hardly put them down

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