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Download ☆ Ikes Mystery Man By Peter Shinkle – ➽ [Download] ✤ Ikes Mystery Man By Peter Shinkle ➲ – This exhilarating Cold War narrative takes listeners from top secret Cabinet Room meetings to exclusive social clubs and into the pages of a powerful man's intimate diary Ike's Mystery Man brings a ne This exhilarating Cold War narrative takes listeners from top secret Cabinet Room meetings to exclusive social clubs and into the pages of a powerful man's intimate diary Ike's Mystery Man brings a new dimension to our understanding of the inner workings of the Eisenhower White House It also shines a bright light on the indispensable contributions and sacrifices made by patriotic gay Americans in an era when Executive Order banned anyone suspected of sexual perversion ie homosexuality Ikes Mystery Epub / from any government job and gays in the government were persecuted by the likes of Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn in the Senate and J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson at the FBI Ike's Mystery Man shows that Eisenhower's National Security Advisor Robert Bobby Cutler working alongside Ike and also the Dulles brothers at the CIA and State Department shaped US Cold War strategy in far conseuential ways than has been previously understood Bobby also left behind a six volume diary which reveals that he was in love with a man half his age NSC staffer Skip Koons Their friend Steve Benedict who also is gay became Ike's White House Security Officer In addition to Bobby's diary Ike's Mystery Man relies on thousands of personal letters interviews and previously classified archives to tell a gripping story that has never before been told.

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  1. Lianne Burwell Lianne Burwell says:

    Ike's Mystery Man by Peter Shinkle is a very interesting combination of biography and history On the whole it is a biography of Robert Cutler who was the first National Security AdvisorHe was also a gay man working in the government during the McCarthy era when not only communists but 'sexual perverts' were being hunted as security risks It doesn't appear that he went to great lengths to hide his sexuality but he was never exposed In fact some powerful people seem to have deliberately shielded himSo while we learn a lot about the man's life through school and war and finally government work as well as his infatuations with younger men we also get a view of the changing view of government For example the book looks at the primary era of the CIA trying to change governments around the world in the US's favour even though the hindsight of now says that those regime changes rarely worked out well in the long run We also get a first hand view of how dangerous it was to be a gay man in government although I get the feeling that he rarely was a lover of his paramours as much as a mentor But while he never faced exposure a number of the younger men in his circle of influence ended having to resign instead of being exposedThe author is a relative of Robert Cutler and had access to among other things a series of diaries that he gave to the young man who was the great love of his life although the man in uestion had several regular lovers Later in life Cutler seemed to vacillate between great joy whenever they were together to intense depression when he didn't get the reassurances he wanted that he was the focus of the life a man less than half his ageAll in all it was a fabulous read about a part of recent history I knew little about After all few people think twice about gays in government any but even in Canada there was a long period of time when public servants could find themselves under investigation because someone made an accusation In Canada they were hooked up to a device called I kid you not the Fruit Machine in an attempt to determine homosexuality Thankfully the world for the most part has moved past that stage

  2. Chris Carson Chris Carson says:

    A terrific read If you’re interested in IKE’s presidency the Cold War or what it was like to live as a gay man in the 50’s closet this is a terrific story Well worth the read

  3. Paul Paul says:

    Oh my gosh parts of this book Cutler's letters and journals are so sweet and so sad Interesting mix of public politics and personal thoughts

  4. willowdog willowdog says:

    The life of Robert Cutler a confidant of President Eisenhower who compartmentalized his gay life for 40 years is wonderfully told If one is looking for a gay life during the 1930's through 1960's one will be disappointed After an experience in his youth he seems to have buried these feelings only to have them awaken in his later life However in this very complete biography one gets the life of a man who is intimately involved in some of the most fascinating issues of these days The revelations of the work of the Ike administration the background issues involved the individuals in the administration and Cutler's many friends surprised me Here was a gay man who many felt was gay yet was able to walk the tightrope in this very repressive eraThanks to Net Galley and the publisher for providing this Kindle edition

  5. Brian Brian says:

    Ike’s Mystery Man follows the life of Robert Cutler who founded the National Security Council and helped to shepherd in much of the modern national security structure under Eisenhower His legislation would help define the International Atomic Energy Agency and attempted to move away from the Mutually Assured Destruction although that viewpoint would win out in the end He was by and large considered an honest broker of ideas to the president and was one of Eisenhower’s friends throughout his wife He was notorious for not talking to the press and leading a down home existence that concealed his secret life Robert Cutler was gay at a time when the government was ferreting out “sexual deviants” under McCarthy and J Edgar Hoover The book switches back and forth between Cutler’s personal life and the national security policy of the time The only complaint I have is that I am still not sure what the main drive of the book was The author is the great nephew of Cutler and other then telling about his uncle and talking about national security the two never uite seemed to jive together and it felt like reading two separate books Granted it was reading two very good and well put together books but did not connect at the end of the day Overall though a good read and one worth the time if you have an interest in the 1950’s foreign policy and national security structure or curious about the social history of gay men in the 1950’s

  6. Ron Willoughby Ron Willoughby says:

    I read political biographies to gain insight into an era or obscure yet significant events I don’t read them to find out who slept with whom straight gay or bi General Cutler’s nephew seems so intrigued w his uncle’s love life and what young man he has fallen for that he skips right past significant events General Cutler was forming policy and philosophy for national security for 8 significant years during the Cold War He crossed swords with the Dulles brothers He wrote papers that challenged thinking on nuclear deterrents tactical nuclear weapons Turkey NATO etc Some of these things barely get a mention while the author guesses who his uncle may or may not have slept with or who was or was not gay Yes we do gain significant insight into the persecution of homosexuals during the McCarthy era That is one of the redeeming ualities But guessing at who General Cutler lusted after and how he felt on such and such week about ‘Skip’ does a disservice to this man’s life imho 2 parts political biography to 1 part publishing of the General’s most private of thoughts made me feel like a voyeur in the worst possible way Forgive me if this makes me prudish I’m just disappointed This book had such great potential

  7. Charles Houser Charles Houser says:

    Although written by a relative of the book’s subject Robert Cutler author Shinkle’s account is well researched and respectfully critical The book is not entirely about what it was like to be a closeted gay man working in government during the Cold War Shinkle also goes into depth about what those in power thought about the arms race and planning for possible confrontation with the USSR Eisenhower comes across as a true leader sage political strategist and sincere friend to his aide Cutler His “cleaning house” during the Laverder Scare comes across as a cold but necessary political maneuver to offset counter moves from McCarthy and his ilk and seems not to have been motivated by any visceral anti gay bias on Ike’s part making Ike seem pathetic than mean Shinkle’s account of Cutler’s unreuited love for various younger men is delicately handled It is drawn mostly from Cutler’s own diaries and letters It is sad but uite moving This book gives lots for readers to think about

  8. William William says:

    Peter Shinkle's Ik's Mystery Man is a particularly important book It should be read by everyone and I do mean everyone We learn about Robert Cutler a person most of us know little to nothing about He played a pivotal role in running the first practical manifestation of the National Security Council and he was gay Our country is fortunate that he was not found out and forced to resign; America would have been denied the exceptional public service of Robert Cutler In my opinion based on this book Robert Cutler ran the NSC and Principles Committee meeting the way the National Security Act of 1947 intended The book is extremely well written and very accessible Peter Shinkle provides the reader with the history and information to make sense of the technical details of Robert Cutler's jobs and at the same time he makes clear Robert Cutler's precarious situation

  9. Bill Baar Bill Baar says:

    Shinkle doesn't comment or speculate on what Soviet Intelligence knew about Cutler Some research on what Russians knew or a little outreach to historians of the KGB on Cutler would have made this a better book

  10. Art Art says:

    At it's core this book is a story of unreuited lovean older man desperately in love with a younger onea forbidden love during the McCarthy era involving one of Ike's closest and most important personal advisers who headed up the NSC as well as many other key national strategic initiatives during the Eisenhower administration The fact that Bobby Cutler was never exposed is testament to both his value to the administration as well as his discretion There is excellent historical perspective in this book and one tends to sometimes forget the scope of major international events that took place during Eisenhower's presidencya highly recommended read for the history alone The love story grows old fairly uickly as one sided affairs do in reality Toward the end Bobby Cutler's obsession and inability to move on bordered on patheticin many ways this book diminishes the accomplishments of the man by scripting everything in the context of his love obsession with Skip

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