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[Ebook] Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride By Louise Allen – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Reading❵ ➸ Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride Author Louise Allen – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Out of the brothelWrongly accused of theft innocent Celina Shelley is cast out of the brothel she calls home and flees to uinn Ashley Lord Dreycott for safety But the heat in the daredevil adventurer' Out of the to Adventurer's Kindle Ñ brothelWrongly accused of theft innocent Celina Shelley is cast out of the brothel she calls home and flees to uinn Ashley Lord Dreycott for safety But the heat in the daredevil adventurer's eyes tells Lina that the danger is just beginningAnd into the rake's bedroomLina dresses like a nun looks like an angel but flirts like a professional—and the last thing uinn expects to discover is that she's a virgin.

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  1. Tandie Tandie says:

    Hero walks by Damsel's bedroom door and hears some sort of struggle He bursts into her room to rescue her fromher bedsheets A nightmare caused Celina to thrash around and get her sheets wrapped tightly around her neck She sleep claws poor Hero's hands up while he's saving her life Hero needed his hands bandaged up and Celina reuired a scarf to hide her bruised neck The moral of the story is USE NAIL CLIPPERS Also the importance of having safe sheets can never be stressed too much

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    I started out really liking this book and thinking it was an above average romance novel The heroine's back story was different from those you typically run into and the hero was a bit out of the ordinary as well But around the halfway point the heroine slipped into cliched and often contradictory behavior and the rest of the book suffered for itview spoilerCelina ran away from a tyrannical vicar father to live with her brothel running aunt where she kept the books and ran the housekeeping staff She was happy and made friends with the working girls and they gave her a theoretical education on sex while Celina herself remained a virgin Then her aunt falls ill and Celina finds herself in the position of having her virginity sold to a old rich man who helpfully dies before he can rape her Unfortunately the dead man's son then accuses Celina of stealing an expensive heirloom and she's forced to flee London or be hanged She takes refuge with her aunt's former patron until that man too dies and uin his nephew and heir arrives to claim the titleuin has a bad reputation around that part of the country because his ex fiancee got herself pregnant by one of the stable lads and when uin broke their engagement her family put it about that it was he who'd compromised and then abandoned her At the time uin was too honorable to reveal the truth and further ruin the girl so he left town and hasn't been back for 10 years But now that he's returned he wants revenge on the people who ruined his good name and by extension that of his uncleWhen uin and Celina meet he's baffled by the contradictions in her behavior In many ways she looks and acts like an innocent but in others she is far knowledgeable than any virgin should be This is of course due to Celina's uniue background but also because she keeps trying to be someone other than herself Whenever she thinks uin might be getting too suspicious of her reasons for being in his uncle's house she tries to flirt with him as the girls at the brothel taught her She's clumsy at it but skilled enough that it makes uin decide she can't be a virgin Yet she's obviously afraid of something and has rebuffed his attempts to get her into bed so he decides she must be on the run from an abusive husband With no better explanation to offer uin she allows him to go on thinking that But then uin offers to make her his mistress a offer he's sure she'll jump at because it's the best opportunity a woman on the run from her husband could hope to find Celina gets angry and flatly refuses saying that she wants nothing short of love from a man before she'll sleep with himEverything up to this point in the story was pretty good Louise Allen had done a decent job of showing Celina's knowledgeable virgin behavior so that it made perfect sense for uin to think and behave as he did It didn't seem rude or disrespectful that he asked her to be his mistress as it so often does when a romance novel hero propositions the heroine in this way Based on what he thought he knew of her situation and the times they were living in it was not only a legitimate offer but also a fairly generous one And Celina's behavior up to this point also made sense Although it seemed contradictory to uin to the reader who knows her background and the threat of death that hangs over her head it makes perfect sensebut all that changes at the halfway pointA Bow Street Runner turns up searching for Celina and uin learns that she is not in fact hiding from an abusive husband but apparently a prostitute and a thief He covers for her enough to temporarily get rid of the Runner but the man is coming back in a few hours and she needs to play the part of uin's mistress or they'll both be arrested This is where the story falls apart There are literally HOURS between when the Runner first arrives and his return visit And uin and Celina are together for that entire time And yet she never just EXPLAINS what happened uin's extremely angry with her both for lying to him and for pretending to be this virtuous woman who wouldn't lower herself to being his mistress when she has apparently been a member of the oldest profession all along But instead of just explaining to him the uniue circumstances in her situation she lets him go on thinking the worst It's a pretty common theme in romance novels that the hero and heroine have a Big Misunderstanding because one of them won't let the other get a word in edgewise I'm not particularly fond of that writing trope but at least in most other books you can somewhat believe that the person with the important information was trying to get the truth out there In this book there is just way way WAY too much time passing where Celina could have told and retold the story a dozen times but doesn't It's too contrivedThings go from bad to worse when Celina suddenly completely changes her stance on sleeping with uin After they successfully put on a show for the Runner and he leaves convinced that Celina is not the girl he's looking for uin fairly drags Celina upstairs to get some return on all the trouble she's caused him But unlike so many romance novel heroes and despite how furious he still is with her uin doesn't even attempt to force Celina into bed Instead he asks her if she can truthfully say that she doesn't want him and Celina decides to just go ahead and have sexErm excuse me? That makes no sense whatsoever Her main objection to being his mistress was because she wanted to give her virginity to a man who loved her and yet now suddenly when uin is pissed at her and thinks she's a prostitute she's going to say oh never mind all that love stuff let's just do it? It's a complete contradiction to everything she's said and done up to that point and it's all just plot contrivance to set uin up for the big reveal Celina knows full well that uin thinks she's not a virgin and doesn't do much to try to disabuse him of that notion She even thinks in her inner monologue that by not telling him she is yet again lying to him and he'll be angry with her but still doesn't tell him Yes one time she said oh I should really tell you something and he hushes her up but once again it's just not believable Tons of time passes where if she really wanted to tell him she was a virgin she could have but she chooses not to for reasons that are never made clear After all her inner monologue lectures to herself about how giving up her virginity is a line she can never cross suddenly she's just too horny to stop? I don't believe it Not now of all times when he's pissed and thinks the worst of her That's not the time a naive girl with romantic ideals about love and marriage finally decides to give up her maidenheaduin even insists that she take the lead on their lovemaking saying that he wants the benefit of her professional skills not for her to pretend to play the virgin for him And instead of stopping and explaining that she is in fact a virgin she taps into her memories of stories the girls told and books she'd seen in the brothel to make it appear that she knows what she's doing Why? What possible reason can she have for this deception? The only reason is plot contrivance so that uin a man the author has taken pains to show as good and honorable can go ahead and deflower the virgin CelinaI will say that I thought uin's reaction to finding out Celina was a virgin was realistic and different than you normally see in romance novels Instead of saying oh well the damage has already been done so I may as well enjoy myself uin stops in the middle of sex and refuses to finish He's disgusted to find he's just done what he vowed never to do deflower a virgin out of wedlock and is pissed that Celina tricked him into doing it by withholding information At this point Celina FINALLY tells uin what happened the night the rich man died but by then he doesn't believe her She's told too many lies and passed up too many chances to tell him the truth prior to this and her story is just too unbelievableBalancing Celina's attempts to flirt with him earlier in their acuaintance and her sudden decision to sleep with him that night uin decides that she is indeed a prostitute practiced in the arts of manipulating men He believes she was being groomed to become the next Madame of her aunt's brothel and that she had willingly sold her own virginity to the rich dead man as a way of launching her scandalous career but when the man died she'd had to make a run for it Then when the Bow Street Runner had turned up and outed her as a hooker she'd made a cold and deliberate decision to get uin to take her virginity so that he would feel honor bound to protect her from there on out uin tells her that she hadn't needed to go to such extremes because he would have protected her anyway because despite her lies the one part of her story he does believe is that she did not steal the missing heirloom not sure why he'd believe that part when he thinks she's a consummate liar Celina swears that she was just really horny and didn't have an ulterior motive for getting him into bed but he doesn't believe her because that makes no sense whatsoever not with her established character up to that point She even goes a step further and suggests that now that she's no longer a virgin and all why doesn't she become his mistress for real as a thank you for his protection? This only angers uin and reinforces his belief that she's just bartering her body for what she wants as any prostitute wouldCelina spends the rest of the book wallowing in self deprecation for lying to uin and mentally marveling at how wonderful and honorable he is Yet when he finally realizes that she did not in fact sell her own virginity but was forced into it Celina's inner monologue is full of recriminations about how hurt she'd been that uin hadn't just taken her word for it And then after spending almost the entire second half of the book throwing herself at uin when he asks her to marry him she suddenly refuses She has once again contradicted her own behavior and says she's back to feeling like she's got to have true love and partnership in order to be in a relationship with him Again it's a pretty common theme in romance novels for the hero to propose and the heroine to refuse because she thinks the hero doesn't love her but in this book it doesn't make sense If Celina had stayed true to her only for love mantra all throughout the book then it would have made sense but she didn't So it just wasn't believable that she'd refuse uin's offer of marriageI wasn't really sure why uin proposed in any event He hadn't demonstrated any great affection for Celina up to that point in the book First he'd been intrigued by her then he spent the middle portion of the book rightfully pissed at her and only seemed to continue to help her because he's an honorable man who can't resist helping people in need Even once he finds out that she had eventually told him the truth about her past the only real emotion he shows is guilt over believing the worst about her Nothing he does really shows him falling in love with her There aren't any snippets from his inner monologue where he finds himself thinking about her or dreading the moment when he has to let her go Not until after he learns that her story was true does he suddenly propose and only after that does her face start to haunt his thoughts So it seems like he proposed spur of the moment and out of guilt rather than affectionThe resolution to uin's big uest for revenge against the family who'd ruined his name was surprisingly anticlimactic After hearing the whole book about how that event had for better or for worse shaped his whole life to have it resolved in one brief encounter during which the readers were not privy to what was being said was pretty lame And the resolution to the romance got too mushy and dragged on too long Once the miraculous I Love You's are exchanged the book goes on for uite a while and is full of I love you no I love YOU level of sappiness Considering how little affection was demonstrated between the couple all through the book having an entire book's worth of emotion crammed into the last few pages was hard to take hide spoiler

  3. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    'Her world had become bounded by the walls of The Blue Door and her memories and dreams of her sisters Now she was a friendless fugitive virgin and utterly in Lord Dreycott's power Did he realise how vulnerable she was? Was he titillated by it? Perhaps he thought she was too innocent to see her own danger'If only all virginal heroines were like Lina Normally I rant rave about poorly portrayed shyness in heroines but surprise For once an author got it right From the first scene when she sasses Lord Makepeace to analyzing her attraction to uinn to reading Minerva Press novels to her calculated flirtatiousness this was a girl I could appreciate She was inexperienced tentative yes but NOT STUPID about sex or anything else I just loved her not only the survivor mentality but the contrast of staid upbringing courtesan tricks gleaned from friends in her aunt's brothel The way she employed their little techniues both as a shield against her shyness a goad to encourage her hidden naughty streak was such a nice change from annoyingly clueless virgins who need to be enlightened as to why nipples grow hard As for her stubborn reticence I could understand it; shyness for Lina also yours truly P is a battle of pride vs emotion thereby distilling awkwardness to wry humor lewd jokes or sheer silence any are preferable to putting oneself in the position of Discussing Feelz because discussion risk risk unacceptable It's a fine line that many authors don't address properly or even bother to attempt Indeed Lina is than willing to take bodily risks which she does ranging from running away first to an unknown aunt later away from the brothel to her imagined romping through the wilds of Egypt She's even willing to acknowledge her desire for uinn on a purely sexual level But the risk of being open honest with someone who threatens her emotional euilibrium that's difficult I appreciated her skittishness The story itself is rather far fetched but believable enough that I didn't care Indeed I enjoyed the rollicking slap dash silliness of count 'em 3 villains 2 reluctant leads a brothel load of cheery whores an eccentric benefactor 1 sardonic scarred up badass Russian sidekick Are you not entertained? I certainly was Take that Avon snoozers haloStrong 4 stars overall Ms Allen's second Shelley Sisters book was a yawn but this one didn't even feel like the same universe other than Regency England My only significant gripes are a brief period where the plot stalls maybe 2 chapters in the middle? the fact that Gregor doesn't have a book all to himself Perhaps he ended up with one of Lina's cheery whores ;

  4. Joan Joan says:

    Celina the third Shelley sister is a stupid and vapid as her older sisters

  5. Rob Imes Rob Imes says:

    This book was Harleuin Historical #1060 published in Oct 2011 and the third book in The Transformation of the Shelley Sisters trilogy I've not read the previous two books in the series but was able to follow what was happening because each book deals with a different sister's romance This book concerns the younger sister Celina Shelley often referred to as Lina for short who finds herself working in her Aunt's brothel The Blue Door though not as a sex worker This lack of participation is ordered to change when the oppositely named Mr Makepeace takes over the business When her first customer another loathsome man named Tolhurst drops dead before he can ravage her and his expensive sapphire ring is discovered missing the innocent Lina must go into hiding to avoid the hangman's noose She finds refuge living with the elderly Lord Dreycott a friend of her aunt's but he soon dies and his young great nephew uinn takes over his estate The first part of the novel deals with the uestion of how much Lina can reveal to uinn without placing herself in further danger The second half of the novel deals with uinn's efforts to extricate Lina from her criminal charge and to get her to marry him It is perhaps a little absurd that the events of the novel take place within such a short period of time between March 4 and June 1 1815 since so much drama occurs within those three months Unlike some reviewers who felt that the book started strongly than it finished I enjoyed it throughout The first half has the advantage of dramatic tension between Lina and uinn as the two are strangers to one another at first and the second half has the benefit of action including a duel and a dramatic arrest of the true thief of the sapphire ring The writing style in itself was not particularly impressive but I enjoyed the dramatic tension the characters and the scenes as they were described I think it also helps that the writer is British so perhaps the details are authentic than they would be from the pen of an American writer as so many Regency romance authors are Occasionally I wondered if I should rate this 35 stars but by the end I felt satisfied enough to rate it 4 stars

  6. Jana Jana says:


  7. Shopgirl Shopgirl says:

    This began well enough but it started losing credibility for me when the supposed virgin starts performing fellatio on our hero like that's a perfectly natural thing for inexperienced virgins do the first time they have any kind of intimate contact with a man I remember the writing style being rather odd too weird sentence construction that kept making me stop and reread so I could understand what was being said I do remember uite a bit about this book even years later so at least it was memorable

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    I don't read many romances compared to my friends anyway and am uick to give up on them if they annoy or bore me So finishing one is already a recommendation in itself The characters were convincing and likeable the plot original enough to keep you reading and even guessing A good read I would definitely try another by the same author

  9. Brittany Brittany says:

    I did enjoy this ending to the series by Louise Allen I was looking forward to the last sister in the series This story was good but I did not love the main guy character He was such a jerk I just did not enjoy him at all

  10. Nightwitch Nightwitch says:

    On the one hand I really loathe the virgin whore trope; on the other hand I really like Louise Allen It was a toss up so I just read the darn thing Definitely not one of her better books the plotting was silly the heroine was pretty dumb the hero was one of those shockingly enlightened twenty first century men in a regency era neckcloth and there was some weird Orientalism going on at various points but it wasn't terrible All the same I don't want to risk accidentally re reading it so two stars She does so much better most of the time

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