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[PDF] Izzy Oscar By Allison Estes – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Izzy Oscar By Allison Estes ➤ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Octopuses make the best pets Discover why in this charming picture book from an acclaimed authorillustrator teamPretend pirate captain Izzy is looking for a pet when an adventurous little octopus suig Octopuses make the best pets Discover why in this charming picture book from an acclaimed authorillustrator teamPretend pirate captain Izzy is looking for a pet when an adventurous little octopus suiggles into town Oscar isn't exactly warm and fuzzy but Izzy decides to take him home anywayYoung readers will be tickled by Izzy's attempts to teach Oscar to behave like a dog a parrot a pony and gratified by Izzy's realization that in the end we love others for who they are not who we want them to be Besides there's one thing octopuses are really good atoctohugs.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    Playing pirate with her friends at the beach one day Izzy happens upon an octopus who has washed ashore and wanting a pet decides to take him home Oscar isn't your usual animal companion and Izzy soon discovers that he isn't cuddle able can't be walked and suirts ink at inconvenient times On the other hand he's a genius at camouflage and when Izzy falls into a pool trying to rescue another child his swimming skills prove very useful in effecting a rescue In the end Oscar finds his calling as the local lifeguard and the two friends manage to stay togetherA fanciful take on the common childhood theme of learning to accept one's pets for what they are rather than trying to make them into something else Vikki VanSickle's If I Had a Gryphon would be another example of this Izzy Oscar offers an engaging tale from authors Allison Estes and Dan Stark and cute illustrations from artist Tracy Dockray I've noticed an uptick in recent picture books about octopodes as per the afterword here there are actually three ways to indicate the plural of octopus and I've decided to adopt 'octopode' which is all to the good as far as I'm concerned as I find these intelligent sea creatures really uite fascinating Recommended to young octopus lovers and to anyone looking for children's stories about getting a pet however unusual

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    Recently there seems to be a trend in children's books to feature odd pets such as sloths or tigers In this humorous picture book Izzy loves playing pirate but is afraid to get into the water since she doesn't know how to swim When she finds an octopus she takes care of it and tries to make it her pet But it grows up and must find its own way Young readers will be surprised to see what the octopus ends up doing once it finds just the right job and how it helps Izzy conuer her own fears The colorful illustrations go uite well with the story and might help young readers be a little less fearful of the things that make them nervous

  3. Katie Ark Katie Ark says:

    I really should have multiple finish dates for this because we've had to read it every night since it came home from the library last week Fortunately this cute funny and touching story holds up to repeat readings on the grown up end My daughter is so enad with octopi now that our fridge is covered with octopus pictures

  4. Olivia Olivia says:

    Continuing my family's new favorite theme of anything related to the octopus Allison Estes and Dan Stark's Izzy Oscar appeared to be a smart choice but ended up being favored for the illustrations rather than the scatter brain plot Yes this is the story told through the eyes of an imaginative child and she should ALWAYS remain as creative as possible But most kids who are exploring picture books about anything even a swashbuckling captain and her heroic mascot need a little focus and I feel that there were times when that focus was not there I am still glad I read this book and found Izzy the girl I would have wanted to be friends with when I was her ageand even now in my 20s I hope people find favor with the entire book and can say the same for of Estes and Stark's work

  5. The Brothers The Brothers says:

    I seem to have come across a lot of octopus as pets stories lately so this may influence my review a dad Izzy finds an octopus and tries to make it her pet and teach it normal pet things Adventures ensue though the whole imaginative we are pirates game she is playing with her friends seems to distract from the main octopus as pet theme than enhance itIllustrations are fun

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    Kind of silly but humorous fictional story about a girl who can’t swim but is the “captain” of her mates In the end she finally learns how to swim with the help of her “pet” octopus I like the 12 “octofacts” at the end of the book that explain very interesting facts about octopuses Would be good paired with Sy Montgomery‘s non fiction octopus picture book

  7. Amy Lafleur Meyers Amy Lafleur Meyers says:

    Isabel Izzy imagines herself as a pirate fancies herself a pirate but she needs a mascotpet Enter Oscar the octopus Join them as she learns how to successfully have an octopus pet and learns that while he might struggle with going for walks he is perfect for giving octohugs

  8. JoyAnn JoyAnn says:

    I really liked the concept and it was a cute story but it's just not a standout to me I just am torn between 3 and 4 stars on this one

  9. Donna Mork Donna Mork says:

    Izzy gets a non traditional pet Oscar is an octopus She tries to teach him to be a good pet but it takes a lot of work He ends up down at the pool saving lives Best lifeguard ever

  10. Adams& Adams& says:

    Precious storyalso a child can learn a lot about an octopus I have always heard that female octopuses are very good mothersenjoyed the facts at the end of the book

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