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Download ☆ Jakarta Inside Out By Daniel Ziv – ❮Reading❯ ➳ Jakarta Inside Out ➬ Author Daniel Ziv – A teeming metropolis of ten million Jakarta remains one of the least understood cities in Asia Here for the first time the veil and sometimes the sarong is lifted exposing the city's idiosyncrasies wi A teeming metropolis of ten million Jakarta remains one of the least understood cities in Asia Here for the first time the veil and sometimes the sarong is lifted exposing the city's idiosyncrasies with irreverent prose and striking photography From love hotels to Jakarta Inside Epub / ladyboys sweatshops to soap opera celebrities pigeon racing to piracy Jakarta Inside Out leads readers on an illuminating pop culture exploration of Indonesia's frenzied capital This book is an essential tool for residents visitors or anyone wishing to understand what makes Jakarta tick.

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  1. Marina Marina says:

    Books 154 2015 This books to accomplish New Author Reading Challenge 201542 of 5 stars Jakarta is not what you'd call a beautiful place It's a chaotic maze of low lying slums gleaming skycrapers and imposing toll roads enveloped in a gigantic cloud of pollution and trapped in hopeless gridlock It often seems a miracle the place keeps ticking at all But it ticks Like Crazy If it's sometimes a city in crisis it's also one of great opportunity If it's a city of despair it is at turns one of hope A constant assault on the senses it oozes wacky characterMore than anything else the book tries to tell the truth about Jakarta It celebrates its uirky vibe but confronts the poverty corruption sleaze and injustice that are tightly woven into the city's tapestry The overlaps and differences between so called 'Jakarta things' and 'Indonesia things' are actually uite revealing Oftentimes jakarta seems a microcosm of the archipelago as a whole a fusion of immigrant ethnic groups traditions and tongue from all over the country At others this melting pot with its peculiarities and knack for reinvention resembles no other place on earth Daniel Ziv Jakarta September 2002 I can't say anything this books already revealing what is Jakarta about Jakarta in totally naked I agree with some point in this books since everyday my office in Jakarta and in the same time it makes me embarrased about another points you can check out my status updates ErrThis books is also unputtable since every single pages contains of illustrations or photos I also surprise when i found some Jakartans Caricature by Benny Mice in this books

  2. Roos Roos says:

    Keren Banget kita jadi tahu pandangan orang asing terhadap Jakarta dan Daniel Ziv memang hebat beberapa tahun tinggal di Jakarta sudah sangat mengenal seluk beluk Jakarta dari A Z mungkin kalo dia nyalonin jadi Abang Jakarta menang kali ya bahkan sampai karikaturnya benar benar menggambarkan berbagai macam orang yang tinggal di Jakarta Dan yang paling keren adalah Dia bisa dapat Foto 1 orang pendemo dengan baju expresi dan gigi yang sama pada 3 macam DEMO dengan tema yang berbeda Hebat dan Unik

  3. Andri Wicaksono Andri Wicaksono says:

    Mr Ziv told the story about life in Jakarta vividly and in objective manners As a result a funny book and a rough 'guide' to the capital of the largest archipelago in the world was available in my bookself When I decided to buy this book I was hesitated but then after I took it it has become one of my favorite My fave part about the book one of the is about 'Nongkrong' So funny I couldn't help myself laughing out loud

  4. Alison Alison says:

    Fantastic book for anyone thinking of spending any time in Jakarta Lots of excellent pictures It's a take no prisoners ex pat view of Jakarta un encumbered by political correctness A bunch of my colleagues have met the author over the last year It was published in 2002 and it's amazing to see how much has changed just in the last 6 years

  5. Ross Ross says:

    great uick look at some of a great mad metro's uniuer features if you are going to Jkt and plan on getting out of your car read this book great pics too

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