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[Epub] Jesus Loves Me By Scholastic Inc. – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰EPUB❯ ✵ Jesus Loves Me Author Scholastic Inc. – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Let the Bible bb's share the love of Jesus in this adorable storybook adaptation of the favorite Sunday School song Jesus Loves MeThe Bible bb's share the Good News about Jesus using the beloved child Let the Bible bb's share the love of Jesus in this adorable storybook adaptation of the favorite Sunday School song Jesus Loves MeThe Bible bb's share Jesus Loves PDF \ the Good News about Jesus using the beloved children's song Jesus Loves Me With adorably fun yet reverent artwork depicting key moments in Jesus's ministry featured on each spread introduce your child to the heart of the Gospel with this sing along storybookBible bb's Timeless Bible stories for a whole new generation.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Loves Me

  1. Becky Becky says:

    First sentence Jesus loves me This I know for the Bible tells me so Little ones to Him belong; They are weak but He is strongPremiseplot This picture book for young readers is an adaptation of the Christian hymn Jesus Loves Me It does not include all of the verses It includes the first verse which most people learned by heart at an early age and the third verse It does not include the second or fourth verses It includes the refrain twiceThe book is part of a new book series from the Bible bb's brand I reviewed the first book in the series Away in a Manger a few days agoThe illustrations select a few scenes from Jesus' life to highlight including the calling of the disciples the feeding of the five thousand the last supper the burial the women discovering an empty tomb etcMy thoughts I'll be completely honest I miss the second and fourth verses of this one I wish they'd been included tooJesus loves me This I knowAs He loved so long agoTaking children on His kneeSaying Let them come to MeandJesus loves me He will stayClose beside me all the way;Thou hast bled and died for meI will henceforth live for TheeFor better or worse Jesus is NOT depicted on the cross or in the garden of Gethsemane I have mixed feelings about this On the one hand since I tend to find the illustrations disrespectful and silly it could be a blessing The Jesus depicted in these illustrations is ridiculously cutesy cutesy As in I'm surprised the illustrator restrained himselfherself from adding unicorns into the mix On the other hand his death is without a doubt absolutely central to the Christian faith I would have to look over other children's bible story books that I've had to see how the cross is handled Perhaps this is standard treatmentThe illustrations are obviously supposed to appeal to a young audience

  2. zapkode zapkode says:

    My thoughts – This is the second book in this series that I've been able to review The first one being Away in the Manger In this book they have a cute lovable adaptation of a hymn called Jesus Loves Me Most children learn this song early in life and in Sunday School It's a really nice song It tells the story of Jesus and how much He loves every one of His children I really enjoyed sharing this book with my daughter The illustrations are cute and likable The words written on the pages help to show little ones the story of Jesus I think it is very important to introduce children to Jesus My daughter enjoyed looking at all the nice illustrations within the pages of the book as I was reading it to her I really enjoy these special moments with all of my children The one thing I enjoyed most about this book is that it didn't show all the horrible bad points that Jesus had went through I am grateful that the author left out the part where Jesus had died on the cross I don't think I'd be able to sufficiently explain that to my young child I am sure that other reviewers may disagree but I am glad somethings have been left out I recommend this book for any parent that is wanting to teach their children about Jesus It is a really nicely made book that has the potential to help them fall in love with Jesus After all as caregivers we want our children to love Jesus as much as we do

  3. Bethany Bethany says:

    JESUS LOVES ME is based off of the song in Christian religion It teaches that Jesus loves all of his children and that he died for our sins The pictures are very bright and colorful The images are well defined by a black outlineThis books is perfect for younger children The only thing is I wish this book contained versus from the whole song instead of just part of it This would be a great Easter gift and I love that the bible verse John 316 is in the backThis is a new series from Scholastic called Bible bb's I love that they're doing this and can't wait to see what they come out with next My little girl enjoyed this one and I love that she's also learning about religionFinal Verdict I would recommend this to those in the ChristianCatholic religion

  4. Yvonne O& Yvonne O& says:

    Mirrors the song lyrics What is with the crazy eyes on some of the people? Why are the fish who are about to be eaten so happy? Why is there a brown Bear here? Bunnies at the last supper Hilarious

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