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[PDF] Journey By Danielle Steel – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➷ Journey Author Danielle Steel – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Everyone knows Madeleine and Jack Hunter Maddy is an award winning TV anchorwoman Jack is the head of her network To the world theirs is a storybook marriage But behind the doors of their lush Georget Everyone knows Madeleine and Jack Hunter Maddy is an award winning TV anchorwoman Jack is the head of her network To the world theirs is a storybook marriage But behind the doors of their lush Georgetown home a different story emergesMaddy has always tried to deny Jack's subtle put downs control and jealousy She has no bruises only the daggers of fear humiliation and isolation as powerful as the gun or the fist the wounds as deep It seems impossible that a woman the nation idolizes lives in degradation and fear Maddy's secrets are well kept even from herselfMaddy's healing begins when she joins the First Lady's Commission on Violence Against Women There she hears eerily familiar stories from terrified wives and girlfriends And there she comes to know Bill Alexander a distinguished diplomat Bill suspects that something is terribly wrong in Maddy's marriage and begs her to open her eyesAs she takes the first steps toward freedom a remarkable series of events unfolds a stranger from Maddy's past reappears White House headlines bring the nation to a standstill and a devastating tragedy forces Maddy to realize how much has been taken from her Faced with the most difficult choice of her life Maddy finds a strength she never knew she had and a gift that will change her life foreverWith wisdom and compassion bestselling novelist Danielle Steel reminds us that no one is exempt from the effects of abuse in its subtlest forms But at its core Journey is a book about hope about change and about daring to be free.

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  1. AnnaG AnnaG says:

    I've never read a Danielle Steele before and think I will give them a miss in the future This is a terrible story with two caricatures as lead characters The narrative keeps bludgeoning the reader over the head with the violence against women theme and it rapidly becomes boring I gave up after about 30 pages of abortion suicides and wife beating

  2. Stasha Stasha says:

    'Journey' tells the story of a thirty something tv news reporter who on the surface appears to have it all the loving husband the successful career and the best of everything in between But it's only seven years into her marriage and things begin to slowly but surely fall apart Little by little Maddie Hunter begins to see but conseuently denythat her marriage and her husband are not what she always thought them to be Her marriage is one in which her husband controls everything with an iron fist and it doesn't help the situation any that her husband owns the television station that she is employed with so technically he runs the show but unfortunately it does not stop at work He carries that attiutude into their marriage At first the abuse started out seemingly innocent such as making fun of Maddie's humble beginnings But then it becomes unpretentious as her husband Jack repeatedly puts her down and becomes threatening and aggressive towards his wife when she dares to challenge himEventually Maddie gets the strength to find her voice with the support of a new close friend whom is aware of the situationfrom a therapist whom she begins consulting with as well as from a support group for battered women What surprised me about this book is that I did not get the type of abuse story that I was expecting which was physical But the story goes to show that verbal abuse is just as severe as physical abuseAdditionally the various series of events surrounding the main plot of the story was very unexpected but also interestingI was glad that Maddie was able to leave although not without conseuence but nevertheless she did so anyway I was also happy that she and her close friend were considering taking their relationship to the next level at the end of the story

  3. Joshua Joshua says:

    It's summer which means I get to read as much trash as I want That means LOTS of Danielle Steel I been on a pretty bad Danielle Steel binge as of lateJourney hmmm Well lets just say it was a real Journey hehe Sorry I had toThat aside I really appreciated Steel trying raise awareness on domestic abuse and especially on Emotional abuse which isn't as recognized as much other forms of domestic violence She definitely did her research and I really love that she's raising awareness by writing on a subject that just isn't talked about enough

  4. Holly Holly says:

    Oh my God my mother in law AND father in law are insisting I read this simply because I mentioned that one of my employees is in an abusive relationship I think they even got a little teary eyed when describing itIt's been sitting face down on my to read pile for a month now Somehow I can't uite bring myself to pick it up though I should be able to finish it in an hour and therefore be uit of it foreverGod help me

  5. Tracy Smith Tracy Smith says:

    I have read many Danielle Steel books over the years and this one did not disappoint me This story follows the life journey of Maddy Beaumont as she faces every kind of imaginable abuse that can be dished out but ends up finding herself and the greatest loves of her life It is an in depth story that is well paced to keep you turning pages which I really enjoy If you enjoy great characters and in depth feelings this story is for you Enjoy and Happy Reading

  6. Strawberrytin14 Strawberrytin14 says:

    Why Can't there be negative stars for rating?? seriously this was the most predictable boring and any awful adjective for a book you can think of I've ever read And yes I finished the book thinking the plot would be interesting in the middle But it didn't changed at all as it gets deeper and deeper it becomes and predictable This was the 1st and last book I read from Danielle Steel I was thinking of reading other of her works But I'm too scared it would be just the same

  7. Aneesha Aneesha says:

    Painful and beautifully described but a little unrealistic in terms of the experiences

  8. Catherine Weed Catherine Weed says:

    A good story but kinda depressing

  9. Sanja Sanja says:

    Working out a difficult topic in the classic Danielle Steel way If you are meeting this writer for the first time through this book I would like to clarify her writing style It's very simple approachable I would say feminine given that Steel pays a lot of attention to the environment colors from clothes to furniture details like food wine etc It gives the readers a whole atmosphere both external and inside the characters so you get the impression that you are inside the novel watching live events between the characters feelings they have even the time outside ;After specifying Danielle Steel's writing style let's move on to this novel that doesn't seem like it's her own It's not the classic love novel her readers are used to I was primarily intrigued by the description it was not a classic love story I was hoping for some intrigue After reading the first few pages I immediately fell in love with Maddie who despite her difficult life managed to make her name a brand Just when life gives you lemons make lemonadeMadeline Beaumont was a young girl from Tennessee married to abuser Bobby Jo since she was 18 years old When he didn't physically attack her with punches he did it sexually and Maddie had 6 miscarriages by the time she was 20 Some were coincidence some deliberate Every day she became increasingly trapped in a vicious cycle of violence from which she could see no way out Until the day she met Jack Hunter the man who changed her life for the better With his help she pulled herself out of the abuser's hell and divorced a year later She started working for Jack's television station and after about 2 years after she met him remarried for him That's how the name of the public known Maddie Hunter began to be builtShe is now 34 Jack 45 and man can say she has made her dreams come true She is a well known news ancher on her husband's television station but she is sympathetic to the viewers and brings the news to their homes daily in her own way She is grateful to God for her wonderful husband and everything that he gives her from a private jet to freuent vacations throughout Europe so what if she had to consent to his strange reuests? Like bonding an ovaries because he doesn't want children that she has no friends because he disapproves them not celebrating Christmas because he doesn't like it a constant feeling of isolation and a fact that she should be grateful for everything he did and what he does for her These are little things her concessions to him given the life she now leads If she stayed with Billy Joes who knows if she would have survived by nowMaddie thinks she is leading a normal life because wealth and fame have a price loneliness until Jack himself forces her to join the newly formed First Lady Committee against violence against women for good publicity Maddie finally realizes when she was on a lecture by psychotherapist Dr Flowers that her Jack is not like he presents himself he mentally harasses her by constantly belittling insulting and underestimating her skills and isolating herself from any social contacts he disapproves of by restriction friends bans on contacting Maddie directly having ultimate control over her and her lifeAfter the initial shock Maddie confides in former ambassador Bill Alexander who soon becomes her only friend and support Typically for Steele at least one twist and one disaster must happen but what exactly is it about I leave it up to you to readThe novel describes a truly difficult topic of abuse and all its forms with a focus on domestic abuse domestic violence It describes the adversity the victim goes through and what he or she encounters from initially re examining herself justifying the actions of the abuser and other participants if any understanding whether there is a problem at all to an internal one on one struggle to leave or stay Steel gives a very good insight into the victim's feelings and overall internal monologue but I don't like the impression of a woman's addiction Let me explain better She often describes a woman as vulnerable able to make a decision only with the support of a stronger sex Maddie saves Jack first then Bill does the same By doing so I got the impression that in this novel the writer thinks that a woman cannot help a woman and even though Maddie eventually turned out to be a strong personality I felt that Steel presented her as a woman unsure of all the insults but a winner because despite everything she went through Maddie remained true to herself and in some ways normaluotesNije nikada zaboravila mnoge prednosti svoga života s Jackom ili na karijeru koju joj je on podario I znala je da je ono što je govorio bila istina da je to sve stoga što je gospođa Jacka Huntera Doslovce je vjerovala u ono što je govorio bez njega bila bi nitko i ništa Vjerovanje u to činilo ju je neobično poniznom što su drugi smatrali nevinim i privlačnim Nije ništa uzimala zdravo za gotovo i nije imala osjećaj vlastite važnosti važan je bio samo on Čak ju je uvjerio da su nagrade koje je osvojila njegova zaslugaBilo je krajnje ponižavajuće podmetati joj kako je preglupa i neobrazovana da bi razmišljala Primaknuo joj se i u očima mu je mogla vidjeti bijes Tresla se ali nije ustuknula Bilo joj je dosta njegova zlostavljanja bez obzira na njegova opravdanja Ne nanosim ti bol Ti to želiš i voliš Ja volim tebe ali ne volim način na koji se ponašaš prema meni Činim to ti cmizdravo derište jer se moraš prisjetiti tko je ovdje glavni čini se da si zaboravila Ne želim više slušati tvoje prijetnje ili zahtjeve Ja ću ti reći što želim kada želim i ako želim Imaš sreće što te se uopće udostojim jebatiZlostavljači su vrlo pametni nevjerojatna je snaga te vrste otvora Navodi žene da žele još jer su lijepi trenuci tako slatki Ali loši trenuci su prilično užasni To je pomalo poput odvikavanja od droge ili pušenja ili bilo koje vrste ovisnosti Zlostavljanje koliko grozno bilo jest ovisnost U ranim danima njihova braka obožavala je odlaziti na zabave s Jackom no posljednjih mjeseci kako se pojačavala napetosti između njih mrzila je izlaziti s njim Uvijek je bio ljubomoran kad bi je vidio s drugim muškarcima a kasnije bi je optuživao za nedolično ponašanje S Jackom nije bilo nagodbe Moralo je biti kako on kaže ili nikako Bila je zatečena saznanjem da to prije nije nikada uočila jednako tako nije bila svjesna toga koliko je omalovažavao njezine ideje i potrebe i tjerao je da se osjeća ili glupom ili krivom zbog toga Bilo je to nešto što je godinama bez pogovora prihvaćala Sada nije bila ni sigurna kako je došlo do promjene no posljednjih mjeseci kada je shvatila u kojoj mjeri je on ne poštuje imala je potrebu boriti se protiv osjećaja ugnjetavanja Bojim se Ne želim te izgubiti Za to nema garancija reče on iskreno Tebi je preostalo mnogo više nego meni Ali mislim da sam u ovom trenutku svoga života shvatio da nije bitno kada ćeš stići ili kako brzo bitno je putovanje Dok god smo zajedno i uspješno putujemo mislim da je to sve što možemo nadzirati Nitko od nas nije siguran što se nalazi iza sljedećeg ugla

  10. Rosemarie Short Rosemarie Short says:

    I read this on a whim I remember borrowing it from my Mom years ago and enjoying it then It popped into my head a couple of days ago and I thought I would grab the Kindle edition and re read to see how an older me would respond to the material The overriding theme of this book is that of the effects of domestic abuse on women What I think Steel tries fairly successfully to do is to put across the point that domestic abuse is not just a physical thing A lot of men and women are abused pathologically by their partners both as a pre cursor to physical abuse and as a sole method of torture for their victims Considering that this was published back in 1998 when access to information about psychological and physical domestic abide was much limited I think that Steel's topic of choice is a gift to her readership When considering that uite a lot of Steel's readership were and are women it's a worthy thing to try and educate them on the potential dangers they might be facing in their own homes whilst also creating a readable work of fiction The writing isn't the best I had a little chuckle when a male character corrected the impression of the female character telling her he loved her as a man as opposed to a giraffe?? but Steel's books are always amazingly easy reading I flew through this in twenty four hours More a PSA than a work of fiction but for Steel fans the strong subject matter alone means this is definitely worth a read

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