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[Ebook] Judge Dredd Day of Chaos By John Wagner – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Reading❵ ➸ Judge Dredd Day of Chaos Author John Wagner – Serv3.3pub.co.uk MEGA CITY GONEMega City One is at the mercy of a terrible act of retribution thirty years in the making The Chaos Bug has been released and the weakened Justice Department are finding it increasingly MEGA CITY GONEMega City One is Day of ePUB ☆ at the mercy of a terrible act of retribution thirty years in the making The Chaos Bug has been released and the weakened Justice Department are finding it increasingly difficult to remain in control As Judge Dredd searches for the perpetrators of this heinous Judge Dredd PDF \ act another fearsome faction is added to the frayFear Fire and Mortis – the Dark JudgesThis stunning conclusion to the latest Mega epic is written by John Wagner Button Man Strontium Dog and featuring the art of Henry Flint Zombo Colin McNeil Insurrection Leigh Gallagher Defoe and Ben Willsher Lenny Zero Dredd Day of Kindle Ñ ensures that nothing in Dredd’s world will ever be the same againTHIS VOLUME INCLUDES THE STORIESDAY OF CHAOS THE ASSASSINATION LIST AD progs DAY OF CHAOS EVE OF DESTRUCTION AD progs DAY OF CHAOS TEA FOR TWO AD prog DAY OF CHAOS WOT I DID DURING THE WORST DISSASTER IN MEGA CITY HISTORY AD prog CHAOS DAY TEA FOR TWO AD progs THE DAY AFTER TEA FOR TWO AD prog .

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  1. Alex Harris-MacDuff Alex Harris-MacDuff says:

    If the first part of the Day of Chaos was classic Judge Dredd story telling this is something I read this in one long sitting as I just had to watch in horror as the Big Meg was totally destroyed Mainstream comics are often criticised for there being no conseuences; if Superman dies he just has to punch the Universe to come back to life Not so in Judge Dredd This is a dystopian future you really don't want to live in and the actions of the Justice Department have direct conseuences that are still being felt in the comic strip over a year on with no sign of just rebooting to the status uo One of the best comics I've ever read

  2. Kam Yung Soh Kam Yung Soh says:

    It all comes to a head the Chaos virus starts to spread in Mega City One despite attempts that catch some of the initial Sov block infiltrators spreading it Judge Dredd spearheads efforts to contain it and to limit the fallout and it appears to work; at first But it all comes to an explosive failure when a news leak leads to a loss of confidence in Justice Department and war breaks out between the citizens and the Judges Add to the mix attacks on parts of Justice Department itself by anarchist and democracy groups and you have to wonder how old Joe Dredd can keep his cool especially when he knows the decision he made in the part in the Armageddon story would lead to thisBy the time the bug has run it course most of Mega City One is in ruins most of its population is dead and all Judge Dredd and Justice Department can do is pick through the pieces and build on what is leftBut as if things aren't bad enough three of the Death Judges Fear Fire and Mortis are freed But here they play only a minor role in a uick side story involving PJ Maybe Perhaps they will have a bigger role to play in what remains of Mega City One in the next part of the series

  3. ___Loki___ ___Loki___ says:

    My 2nd Favorite Dredd Story Technically a few people died in The Apocalypse War and Necropolis was probably the most disturbing but the uantity of violence in this book is almost unbelievable it's so over the top and extreme that it almost loses it's impact mountains of bodies disaster after disaster after disaster And all of it done with a professional skill reminiscent of a AAA Hollywood Movie and some of the finest writing in comics As usual Dredd is right about everything and nobody listens to him I really enjoyed this book from start to finish the story is riveting I just couldn't stop reading it I had to keep forcing myself to stop and read slowly John Wagner really screws over the society he invented in this one I don't know what the Hell they're supposed to do to turn it around over the course of the series they've been reduced from 800 million people to a population the size of Canada It's pretty grim and the madness of the population doesn't help matters The enemy was really well conceived he was a fascinating character and his plans were devious and brilliant He is the perfect enemy for Dredd The Judges do their best to keep the situation under control but he doesn't make it easy for them It really is a fantastic read absolutely a must buy for anyone interested in the series You should read Case Files 5 to learn about the Apocalypse War but other than that you can just dive right in here This is a two part story so make sure to also pick up Day of Chaos The Fourth Faction which sets up the events of this story There is a certain charm to Necropolis which makes me like it better than this but technically this book is better in every way Extremely impressive at times it is even uite funny a masterwork buy it The Comics Code Authority is rolling in it's grave

  4. Chumley Pawkins Chumley Pawkins says:

    In short things go from bad to worse to catastrophic Outplayed at almost every turn by the strategic brilliance of Sov Block intelligence officer Yevgeny Borisenko the justice department finds itself in a desperate race against time to try and avert the spread of a virulent plague through the chaotic streets of a Mega City One which is already ripping itself apart in an orgy of terrorist violenceJohn Wagner promised readers a game changer with the Day Of Chaos storyline and he certainly fulfils that promise with Endgame The events of major JD storylines like The Apocalypse War Necropolis and Judgement Day have seen the Big Meg laid low in the past but the spread of the Chaos Bug puts the Megalopolis through the meat grinder in a way that readers have never seen before I'll say no about it but I can't think of many writers who would be so willing to take such joy in annihilating the iconography of possibly their greatest creation but John Wagner does it From hereon out all bets are off as to where Judge Dredd can possibly go from here

  5. Juho Pohjalainen Juho Pohjalainen says:

    It's the conseuences I thinkMega City One has gone through its fair share of depopulations and apocalyptic events wars madmen in charge zombies you name it but it's rare for any of it to do remotely permanent harm The Dark Judges take over and slaughter sixty million like animals and by next issue the city's dusted the dirt off its trousers and gotten back on its feet with a new Chief Judge in charge at most Sabbat shows up from the future and kills off billions of people worldwide yet none of that is ever shown and not only is Mega City One fine afterwards so seems to be every other city we've seen sinceYou could take it as an argument for just how relentlessly grim this future world is that no one has the time to brood or to stay in the past they just gotta pick up and move on keep finding cheap thrills from elsewhere even if their parents were killed off by zombies or what have you It's not the happiest comic series out there But still I like my continuity and so I prefer the smaller stories the little bits where I don't have to keep wondering why the whole city wasn't forever changed because Dredd closed down an adrenaline factory or spent some time as a Block JudgeNot so with Day of ChaosIt's subtle It's not mentioned all the time not directly brought up all that often But the mark it left on the city can be felt anyway even just in the background Entire blocks are in ruins many issues after the fact The once so crowded streets and highways are suddenly conspicuously empty sparse few Even if you'd missed the story altogether didn't even know it had taken place you could see from a glance that something real bad has taken place here The Apocalypse war wiped out half the city in one fell swoop but we didn't get to see those irradiated ruins all too often the streets on the other hand can't be missedDay of Chaos wanted to change everything to basically wreck the city so it should be emphasized that it pulled this off great But the story itself is good too It's pretty tense and well written as these things usually go when John Wagner is in charge You'll know from the start that familiar faces may die and that things might take a bad turn Judge Dredd was never one for much plot armor or reset buttons and this story takes full advantage of it And best of all you get to see it happen from the front unlike again in Judgement Day Man I really didn't like that story did I?But even then even in a cataclysmic turning point like this it's the little things I appreciate the most My favourite bits in the whole story were when Dredd got wounded and had to take some downtime I'd like to see a whole story arc where he takes over tutoring some cadetsLet it also be said that PJ Maybe is uite possibly my favourite serial killer He's completely evil and irredeemable but still entertaining to watch sympathetic in his way played in black comedy rather than trying to sueeze genuine drama out of it he doesn't show up too often to wear out his welcome and fails and gets his comeuppance often enough to not let the reader be bored with his invincibility and to keep some tension up whether you're rooting for him to be caught or to get away He even gets a character arc with a satisfying ending a while after this story but stillIt's a good read on the whole A bit long some places I like less than others but worth a check just for the high points and for figuring out what the hell has happened to the world of Judge Dredd these past few years

  6. Eamonn Murphy Eamonn Murphy says:

    How much worse can it get for Mega City One? That’s what you keep asking yourself every few pages as you read ‘Day of Chaos Endgame’ but things keep getting worse and worseand worse Writer John Wagner knows how to rack up the tension He uses that old standby the ticking clock or in this case calendar and counts down to the big event with captions ’Chaos Day minus 6’ and so on And every day the reader wonders how bad can it get? Not the story which gets better and better as you go along It starts well too Mr Yurges a top biologist and his family have been kidnapped by the Sovs who are still bitter about being nuked a few decades ago His beloveds threatened with ghastly tortures Yurges is forced to work on the Chaos Virus a deadly plague which the easterners intend to inflict on Mega City One The Judges have some warning but not much Cadet Carter Hennessy a young pre cog Judge has been so upset by her visions that she has slipped into a near catatonic state Gabrielle her twin sister is able to get dark hints of what lies ahead but they are not always very helpful And those crafty Sovs in fiction as in real life have deep cover agents planted long ago and completely unknown to the authorities Some of them have been posing as decent wholesome Mega City One citizens for decadesThe gruesome revenge of the Sovs is particularly personal for Judge Dredd because he is the man who ordered the nuclear attack on them in a previous war A lesser man might have doubts and perhaps he does We are not usually privy to Joe’s thoughts only his dialogue which does not necessarily reveal all Dredd’s hard man approach has eased a little over time but not by much This is a classic policespycatastrophe story in a futuristic setting There is no footling around with romantic sub plots or children in peril or ma and pa threatened the kind of stuff that Hollywood uses to humanize the threat Like all truly great male heroes Sherlock Holmes Mister Spock Hercule Poirot Gil Grissom in the good old days Dredd is completely focused on his work He has a few well regarded colleagues but no romantic interest He cannot be distracted from his mission by threats to some helpless female He’s a pro Some well known villains from Dredd’s colourful past are thrown into the plot for added pleasure but I won’t give names away here The visuals are very good throughout and you won’t usually notice when the artist changes unless you read the individual chapter credits Well you might but it’s not glaringly obvious because Leigh Gallagher Ben Wilsher Colin Macneil and Edmund Bagwell keep up the high standard set by Henry Flint The production values are excellent and there’s a cover gallery at the end More top notch entertainment from those chaps at Rebellion Mind you you can’t go wrong with John Wagner and Joe Dredd

  7. Chris Whybrow Chris Whybrow says:

    A fantastic portrayal of a world sliding into chaosThis volume is a lot darker than the first one The Chaos Bug is finally unleashed and its effects are brutal Watching the antagonist's plan play out as the Justice Department struggles to maintain order is satisfyingly tenseMy only complaint is that despite featuring heavily in the cover art the Dark Judges actually don't play much of a role in the story It's a shame as I would have liked to see a lot of themOverall I really liked this one and I will certainly be buying Judge Dredd graphic novels as soon as I can afford them which probably will take a while

  8. Carl Rackman Carl Rackman says:

    Best Judge Dredd epic strip since The Apocalypse War better than Necropolis The pivotal final tragedy for Mega City One and even chilling today because of the many uncanny parallels between the Justice Dept's attempts to curb the spread of the Chaos Bug and the present much lamer and pathetic attempts to control the COVID 19 virusGritty violent and relentlessly negative yet still punctuated with black humour heroics and honestly funny moments this epic is classic Judge Dredd at his finest

  9. David Wardrop David Wardrop says:

    While reading this graphic novel I was struck with a feeling of De ja vu and since this is a book from my local library chances are I have read it before but not logged it on Goodreads and forgot I had read it previously There is a YouTuber who reviews movies going by the name of Jeremy Jahns and in regard to unspectacular movies he says Won't remember in T minus one day yep already forgot And that sums up Judge Dredd Day of Chaos Endgame perfectly

  10. Lord Humungus Lord Humungus says:

    Wagner's story arc about another Mega City disaster did not disappoint His Apocalypse War 'revenge' tale comes to a close upping the danger mayhem and destruction to epic proportions he pulled out all the stopsThe story was dense and perhaps overly grim but there was still some of the old JD black humor in there The action was almost nonstop and some great artists contributed to the dynamism of the story There was so much to cover I felt some of the interesting intimate or human moments were glossed over in favor of the rapid fire pacingIf I were reading this weekly I don't know how I could have waited for the next episode Luckily this compilation contains all the relevant stripsRecommended

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