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Download PDF  Judge Dredd America Author John Wagner – [PDF] ✅ Judge Dredd America ✈ John Wagner – The classic Judge Dredd story in a US edition for the first timeIN MEGA CITY ONE THE JUDGES ARE THE LAW acting as judge jury and executioner But how do the citizens really feel about a system where th The classic Judge Dredd story in a US edition for the first timeIN MEGA CITY ONE THE JUDGES ARE THE LAW acting as judge jury and executioner But how do the citizens really feel about a system where they are powerless America Jara and Bennett Beeny grow up as best friends living a fairly trouble free life in a dangerous city bar the odd encounter with a Judge Time draws them apart and when they are brought back together Beeny is a Judge Dredd PDF \ successful singer and America has become involved with a terrorist organisation with the Judges in its sights Written by John Wagner A History of Violence with art by Colin MacNeil Judge Dredd The Chief Judge's Man this dark and complex tale is a true AD classic.

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  1. 47Time 47Time says:

    'Justice has a price The price is freedom' As far as I know this story is among the few that present the Judges in a bad light There is less focus on shooting and punishing than on describing the oppressive regime enforced by the Judges A strong democratic response develops but the Judges have the power and jurisdiction to stifle it Democracy is also criticized harshly but ultimately there are some aspects of it that are desirable like the way law is appliedThe USA's Judges have replaced freedom and democracy with enforced law and order A baby girl named America grows into a young woman who thinks she can change the regime return to a true democracy The comic has three stories that follow America's fight against the system her father's love for her and reluctant involvement in the democratic movement and their daughter's intention to change the system from within the Judge program It's much mature than I expected given the political and emotional overtones so if you're expecting brainless shootings look elsewhereview spoilerAmerica's best friend Benny eventually gets the courage to ask her out He is refused so he leaves home and becomes a famous singer Years later he meets America again while she is involved with a bunch of terrorists who actively fight the regime Benny is a witness but he lies to protect AmericaAmerica visits Benny to thank him for covering for her and her friends but she also convinces him to fund explosives to blow the Statue of Liberty He chooses to inform the Judges about their plans America is wounded severely and becomes brain deadBenny implants his brain in America's body to honor her memory He also impregnates her and is glad when he sees his daughter whom he also names America grow into a beautiful child very much like her mother Unfortunately Benny's implant is being rejected by his body By the time he finds this he has little time left to liveA former fighter for democracy called Portnoy who knew America well visits Benny to convince him to blow himself up during an award and thus help the democratic cause Benny has an epileptic episode at the end of their meeting While in hospital he gets raped by three men The act is witnessed by a Judge who only acts after it's all over This convinces Benny to accept Portnoy's offer His later change of heart is met with a threat on his daughter's life Fortunately Dredd gets involved personally to save her After Benny is put to death his daughter enrolls in the Judge training program to be a source of change from withinYears later the young America is uestioning Dredd about how he handled the attempted bombing of the Statue of Liberty where her mother was shot They also discuss the events involving Portnoy Since Portnoy was too public a figure America's goal is to figure out who was behind the attack She asks for Dredd as co investigatorAnother member of the resistence is brought to light in America's case She receives top marks from Dredd but will also unearth aspects of her past that will keep her fighting for abetter future hide spoiler

  2. Danger Danger says:

    The first of the three stories in this titled the same as the collection America is probably as close to perfect as a Judge Dredd story is going to get especially prescient in our current dystopian political landscape That said the two follow up stories Fading of the Light and Cadet really miss the mark that the first really set It’s not that they’re bad it’s just thatall the interesting ideological uestions of the first give way to a convoluted and ultimately forgettable plot If I had just read the first story only this would’ve been 5 stars As it stands as a whole I’ll have to bump it down to 4

  3. Inga Inga says:

    This book is trying to be deep but it's really stupid

  4. Juho Pohjalainen Juho Pohjalainen says:

    A lot of people praise this story as one of the best in Judge Dredd's history citing its dark tone and realistic writing And that's all very well but it's not really what I read the comic for It's all the satire and black comedy I like or failing that the gonzo scifi actionSo this one just kind of feels mundane Like most of the Democracy storyline starting from the late eighties America feels like ditching away the good stuff and instead taking the old joke too seriously It's not my cup of teaBesides shouldn't all of this happen after Necropolis? You know after Dredd already expressed discontent at the way the Judge System works and at the relentless curbing of democratic values? Where he finally returns but tries to be better from here on? Yet here he goes right back to being an old grump like none of that ever happened I never liked that much

  5. Leila Anani Leila Anani says:

    Before this I was only familiar with the Judge Dredd of my childhood which was fun don't get me wrong but kind of daft extreme childish comedy America completely blew my mind and those initial reactions out the window It's adult thought provoking bitingly satirical and exceptionally cleverIt makes the reader uestion the validity of a system of totalitarian law at the same time as seeing its necessity in a Nietzschean dystopia where god is dead and everything is permitted and no its no co incidence Beeny and America's apartment block is the Fred Nietzche buildingThe characters are well realised interesting and fallible and I love the fact that this mainly looks at the system from the POV of ordinary people rather than Dredd or the judgesArtwork is punchy and suits the stories perfectly I was particularly amused by Snowstorm in which the drug of choice is sugar Icing caster cane etc and bad stuff gets onto the street cut with sweetexBritish comics at their finest

  6. Pablo Martinez Pablo Martinez says:

    One of the best stories published on the Judge Dredd universe although I can't help but feel America is Dredd for people who couldn't get into Dredd or who flat out dislike the characterbook It's nice to see a side story of people living throught key events in the life of Mega City One but the main story gets fare credit than it should as a lot of it's themes had already been covered in the pages of 2000AD In the classic dark comedy of Dredd as oppoused to the tragic tone presented here The follow ups to America are in tone to Dredd's main stories and feel like a natural progression of the universe rather than seuels Still pretty good and recommended worth every penny

  7. Simon Simon says:

    Probably one of the most important Dredd stories of all time which really marked the start of where they made a conscious effort to make Dredd 'grown up' Moving away from the silly stories and proving they could do real adult storytelling with himAnd I think still my favourite Dredd story of all time And this collection was fleshed out with further stories following on from it that I'd not read before so that was added win

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    Well here I am about to embark of a huge Judge Dredd adventure and trip down memory lane you see this is the first book in the Hachette reprint series of the most famous and influential titles from the course of the 2000AD comic book series admittedly the series was published in 2017 so there are going to be stories that have yet to be capturedAnyway the reason for the trip down memory lane well one of my friends at the time of attending university was a huge 2000AD fan and introduced me to the varies characters and storylines from Rogue Trooper to Halo Jones there are many famous British Comic book characters who owe their creation form the pages of 2000AD or at the very least the creative teams who grew out of thereAnd of course there is Judge Dredd himself now I will not go in to the attempts of establishing his name in other media suffice to say that here we have 80 books dedicated to his adventures and world So we start with the first America which many cite as being the most important and influential of the series and in fact of the Dredd stories here you have the basis of what the writers were hoping to portray with the Megacities and the Judges who ensure their continued running This story shows all the failings and issues in stark contrast and I will admit was a bit of surprise from my memories however it does go to show that comics and graphic novels still have the ability to surprise and enthral when sometimes it is all to easy to just dismiss them

  9. Ken Hardin Ken Hardin says:

    I absolutely despise this story arc To me and I realize this puts me in the decided minority it not only marks the end of one of the great creative periods on any title it also embodies everything that went wrong in comics in the early ‘90s Gone is the black comedy and irony that made Judge Dredd not only an enjoyable read but also a thought provoking exploration of societal pragmatism and authoritarianism Left in its place is a preachy shrill seriously her name is “America”? and self important diatribe on themes that were already there Weak

  10. Niel Niel says:

    Reads as an unfortunate defence of fascism lacking the irony that makes Dredd stand apart

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