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[PDF] Kane And The Elven Realms By Seraphine Abrams – serv3.3pub.co.uk [BOOKS] ✯ Kane And The Elven Realms ✴ Seraphine Abrams – Serv3.3pub.co.uk SynopsisKane comes to meet his adoptive father's family in a birthday celebration only to find himself forever changed by the characters he meets Furies fearless warriors a Lady Goddess Nymphs and Ang SynopsisKane comes to The Elven PDF Ì meet his adoptive father's family in a birthday celebration only to find himself forever changed by the characters he meets Furies fearless warriors a Lady Goddess Nymphs and Angels bring Kane face to face with an ancient evil that threatens to tear his world apart Family secrets dark alliances and betrayals begin to unravel the immortal tapestry of the Elven RealmsBook Kane And PDF/EPUB or Excerpt Kane walked in long strides following the trail Duncan’s aura had left behind Thousands of scenarios playing in his head How would he approach the subject and would Duncan be willing to talk with him knowing they were both in love with the same person Almost before his eyes settled on Duncan he felt her presence the sweet scent of her skin crashed into And The Elven ePUB ´ him causing a ripple of emotions to emerge from deep inside him The flames came alive once filling him with a consuming desire for her touch It was as if every inch of his body had been awaken from deep sleep He allowed himself a moment to savor the delicious waves that washed over him erasing Allison from his mind body and soul Meg was all he wanted all he knew and all he would ever want “ Hey there Duncan” Kane sounded breathless and excited his eyes searching for his Fury goddess“ Hello Kane” Duncan’s insides felt scrambled His world was slowly turning upside down as he doubted Meg’s involvement with Kane could she be seeing Kane behind his back Duncan found Kane’s presence instigating He kept his eyes fixed on his hands as he cracked his knuckles“ I would like to uh ” Kane’s mind and heart were racing as he tried to find a way to start a conversation but as he got closer to where Duncan stood he could feel Meg’s aura and scent get stronger and concentrated which made him crazy with anticipation “ She’s here” He thought a bright smile spreading across his face Kane came to a stop within arms length from where Duncan stood Kane’s eyes followed the aura trail right to its source which brought instant rage that overtook him Duncan was drenched in Meg’s aura Her scent was all over him and he lunged toward Duncan his body exploding into full warrior mode Duncan sensing the danger jumped seconds before Kane came crashing into the tree The intensity of his rage was close to diabolical Kane’s eyes mirrored the anguish which threatened to drown his soul and heart from the inside out Duncan just watched as Kane’s aura increased in size and power readying to detonate and destroy virtually every living thing within a large proximity Sensing what was about to unfold the trees cracked and moaned as they uickly uprooted themselves clearing out a large open area simulating an arena for the two fighters Kane’s rage multiplied each time his eyes fell upon Duncan’s Meg scented body Her essence aggravated his arrogance driving his ego and impulses out of control He wanted one thing and one thing only Blood Duncan’s blood Duncan’s blood was approaching boiling point It was Kane who had brought pain and misery with his selfishness and non existent regard for others His rational self and wisdom have taken a back seat and he has allowed his animal instincts and impulses to take control Duncan thought The dark intentions that tainted Kane were crystal clear He was out for blood Why Because he was not content with having Allison He wanted Meg too and Duncan was all that stood between them The realization hit him hard and his body transformed into a blazing grey star of fire His eyes were pure gleaming liuid silver spheres whose center throbbed in rhythmic beats unleashing a whirling sword as he fixed his eyes on Kane.

4 thoughts on “Kane And The Elven Realms

  1. Cigi Cigi says:

    The description of this book sounded like it could be really good It started off good story wise but it was hard to follow You couldn't tell who was talking sometimes or suddenly something entirely different was going on There was no lead up to half the changes in the book Then the story itself seemed to just go away and all it was about was this character wanting another character but that character was torn between that one and another while this other one they had been so in awe with suddenly didn't matter It was all about this relationship tangle of everyone wanting so and so had hardly anything to do with the story it sounded like it would be about Plus the punctuation incorrect or just missing all through the bookIn short I was irritated than anything else while reading this book I do not think I will read the second installmentI really wish the story had focused on what it sounds like it should be about Would have made it better

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    An interesting story I had the problem of telling who was talking in certain parts of the book Also giving the characters of a back story would help clear up who is who I found the story did not flow very smoothly at certain parts especially when there was a lot of description of the characters

  3. Seraphine Seraphine says:

    Don't take my word for it take a look at some reviews from fellow bookworms

  4. Therese Lubbe Therese Lubbe says:

    A captivating plot driven story blending suspense fantasy and romance A fresh exploration of fantasy genera

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