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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Kaya Shows the Way A Sister Story American Girls Kaya #5 Author Janet Beeler Shaw – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➻ Kaya Shows the Way A Sister Story American Girls Kaya #5 By Janet Beeler Shaw – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Summertime means salmon fishing at thundering Celilo Falls and horce racing games parades feasting and dancing too Kaya loves to join the fun but she's also got something serious on her mind searching Summertime means salmon fishing at the Way PDF ☆ thundering Celilo Falls and horce racing games parades feasting and dancing too Kaya loves to join the fun but she's also got something serious on her mind searching for her lost sister Speaking Rain Thousands of Native American families and friends gather at Celilo Falls each summer and Kaya hopes that someone may have word of Kaya Shows ePUB ✓ her sister Kaya's older sister Brown Deer is on her mind too Brown Deer will soon marry Cut Cheek a thought that makes Kaya both glad and sad She lost one sister when she had to leave Speaking Rain with the enemies Now will she lose Brown Deer.

10 thoughts on “Kaya Shows the Way A Sister Story American Girls Kaya #5

  1. Bree Bree says:

    This review is from the perspective of a mother Kaya's fifth book is all about sisters and loss In fact by this book I was really beginning to feel sorry for Kaya her entire 9th year has been about lossKaya is maturing We get to see her care for other young members for the tribe with wisdom and she comes up with a non selfish solution to a family problemMost of this book is about realizing that people will come and go in her life she dwells on her sister Brown Deer's pending marriage and departure from the tribe the loss of her adopted sister Singing Rain and the changes in her young former slave friend Two Hawks Tatlo the puppy from her previous book proves to be as impetuous as his owner leading to a tense moment

  2. Angie Angie says:

    This installment of the Kaya series was much upbeat than the others so Lizzie didn’t hesitate before rating it 5 stars It gives some good description of the fishing season for the Nez Perce and the trading that goes on when so many native people gather at the river for the salmon run Also some good info on courtship and marriage traditions with the side storyline of Kaya’s older sister As always the book has a fabulous section at the end giving factual history to supplement what readers learned in the story

  3. Aamina Aamina says:

    It was really good Kiya was looking for her sister Then she went and asked if she could go with some other people in there canoe and go with theme across the River they said yes and then she went into the canoe with her dog then she found her sister she was very happy and then eventually they had made a good deal

  4. Laurie Laurie says:

    Cute and we learned lots of interesting things as always But I felt like this time it wasn't wrapped up well I turned the page after the last chapter ended and we were actually surprised that it was over And the decision regarding Speaking Rain's living arrangements seemed super odd and impractical lol

  5. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    This story was fine It's nice to see how other people live and grow up and figure out their life and their problems

  6. Emma McKenzie Emma McKenzie says:

    I really liked it because Kaya finds her sister And her other sister is going to get married

  7. Katy Lovejoy Katy Lovejoy says:

    Im glad speaking rain is back butsisters often chose different paths in life I'm glad speaking rain still lives someof the time with Kaya

  8. Valerie Valerie says:

    Kaya is reunited with her sister Speaking Rain during the salmon season when the tribes all converge at Celielo sp? Falls Two Hawks the boy who traveled with Kaya during her escape from the other Native American tribe has found her staying with a lady named White Braids Speaking Rain has been helping White Braids with many daily chores after White Braids found her nearly dead from starvation and sick from exposure The tribe who took Kaya and Speaking Rain forgot about Speaking Rain and moved on leaving her to fend for herself White Braids nursed Speaking Rain back to health and when Kaya and Speaking Rain are reunited Speaking Rain tells Kaya that she can no longer live with her because she made a vow to help White Braids as White Braids saved her lifeKaya can't bear living without the sister who was adopted into her family when Speaking Rain's mother got ill and died and her father got gored by a buffalo and diedKaya comes up with a solution that satisfies everyone Speaking Rain will live with Kaya's family for part of the year and then they'll meet up with White Braids' tribe and Speaking Rain will live with her for the other busier time of year

  9. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    The story covers two themes one of them being the food gathering activities of the tribe especially salmon fishing The second theme is about Kaya's blind sister who had been captured by another tribeSpeaking Rain Kaya's sister finally is reunited with Kaya but there's a problem a promise made by Speaking Rain to the woman who found her and with whom she's lived since then It's a promise that could cause her to be separated once again from KayaThere's no major earth moving events in the story just basically daily life among the tribe Still it allows us to see just how hard they all had to work even relatively young children in order to make sure that there was enough food and that all the tasks got done that needed to be done It's uite interesting actually Another good addition to the series

  10. Catherine C Catherine C says:

    I really liked Kaya Shows The Way by Janet Shaw because it is adventurous It is about a Nimiipuua Nez Perce Indian girl named Kaya whose sister and horse had been captured by an enemy tribe When Kaya is outside one day with her dog Tatlo which means ground suirrel when she sees a woman sitting on a rock holding a baby She suddenly realizes that the woman is her sister Speaking Rain Speaking Rain tells Kaya her story about how she got rescued and that she will not be living with Kaya's family any She made a vow to stay with the woman who rescued her and never leave her Kaya must find a way to help Speaking Rain have it both ways I think Kaya was very smart to be able to come up with a way for Speaking Rain to have it both ways

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