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[Ebook] Learning Apache Cassandra Manage Fault Tolerant and Scalable Real Time Data By Mat Brown – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➹ [Reading] ➻ Learning Apache Cassandra Manage Fault Tolerant and Scalable Real Time Data By Mat Brown ➮ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Key Features Learn how to install and use Cassandra from the ground up Design rich schemas that capture the relationships between different data types using compound primary keys Master the advanced f Key Features Learn how to Cassandra Manage ePUB ↠ install and use Cassandra from the ground up Design rich schemas that capture the relationships between different data types using compound primary keys Master the advanced features available in Cassandra through a step by step tutorial that builds a real world application's database layer Book Description Cassandra is a distributed Learning Apache PDF or database that stands out for its robust feature set and intuitive interface while still providing the high availability and scalability of a distributed storeStarting from installing Cassandra and creating your first keyspace to mastering the different table structures Cassandra offers and exploring the latest and most powerful features of the Cassandra uery Language CL this book explores Apache Cassandra Manage Epub Ú each topic through the lens of a real world example application With plenty of examples tips and clear explanations you'll master compound primary keys collection columns lightweight transactions and many other advanced aspects of CassandraBy the end of the book you'll be fully euipped to build powerful scalable Cassandra database layers for your applications What you will Apache Cassandra Manage Fault Tolerant PDF/EPUB or learn Install Cassandra and create your first keyspace Choose the right table structure for the task at hand in a variety of scenarios Use range slice ueries Apache Cassandra Manage Fault Tolerant PDF/EPUB or for efficient data access Effortlessly handle concurrent updates with collection columns Ensure data integrity with lightweight transactions and logged batches Understand eventual consistency and use the right consistency level for your situation Implement best practices for data modeling and access About the Author Mat Brown is a professional software engineer in Brooklyn New York In his career he has focused on building consumer facing web and mobile applications for several companies; he currently works at Genius Table of Contents Getting up and Running with Cassandra The First Table Organizing Related Data Beyond Key value Lookup Establishing Relationships Denormalizing Data for Maximum Performance Expanding Your Data Model Collections Tuples and User defined Types Aggregating Time series Data How Cassandra Distributes Data.

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  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    In the past my experience with books published by Packt has been very negative The I was positively surprised by this book which is an excellent well written and at the time I am writing this or less up to date guide to Cassandra – perfect to refresh my outdated knowledge but certainly even better for people entirely new to it This book is targeted at application developers explaining the dos and don'ts of schema design and it's mostly very hands on with an ongoing example application whose CL ueries can be tried out by the reader in clsh the CL shell If you actually want to learn how to run a Cassandra cluster in production this is not the right book

  2. Jevgenij Jevgenij says:

    What an excellent book Exactly what I was looking for It gives both theoretical introduction and practical advice regarding application design and performance consideration Not for advanced users but a perfect starting point

  3. Jascha Jascha says:

    Sooner or later every professional working with noSL databases will meet a beauty called Cassandra a distributed database management system initially developed by Facebook and now a top level project at the Apache Foundation Widely acclaimed for its features Cassandra is a beast difficult to tame Next to tech giants such as Facebook Twitter and Ubisoft are a myriad of start ups selling data driven products relying on Cassandra The high demand of professionals able to properly set it up and tune it results in a lot of documentation available plus a very active community ready to improve it and support new comers Among the many titles available to us at the bookstore is Learning Apache Cassandra by Mat Brown released early this 2015 a title that covers the latest features and targets beginners be them professionals or simply curious people interested in a uick taste of what Cassandra is and what is it capable ofSpanning through less than 300 pages Learning Cassandra is short but very intense book By the time the reader gets to the back cover he will feel like he has been exposed to a lot of information and mainly that he was gradually been taken step by step through the very basics of this technology without any abrut change of topic without feeling lost The book written by Mat is easy to follow and comprehensive Through a learn by doing approach he does introduce each and every concepts starting with an overview of what Cassandra is and how it differs from other solutions up to topics such as lightweight transactions and collections passing through the different data types The different topics are presented to the reader through a uniue example an application that closely resembles some basic feature of Facebook The examples are explained step by step Nothing is taken for grantedA couple of things deserve a praise the first is the choice of the author to present Cassandra through CL rather than through the bindings of a specific programming language which would make it less useful and interesting to most of us; the second is the many concepts presented first in SL then in Cassandra Mat here beautifully shows the differences between a noSL database and an old school relational database The author often highlights the importance of denormalizing the data and to state the uestions we want to answer first and then build our ueries around themBeing a book for beginners we must say that this title does not present any real world example Similarly Mat does use a test cluster made of a single machine which is far from what we find in production This rules out all the worries about replication consensus and so onOverall this is by far the most friendly introduction to Cassandra that I have read so far While it does not provide anything related to administration and configuration as well as nothing about real world scenarios it is a perfect companion to anyone interested in learning what Cassandra is and how to get it to workAs usual you can find reviews on my personal blog Feel free to pass by and share your thoughts

  4. Mike Mike says:

    This book is an excellent introduction to the No SL database Cassandra It is targeted at those new to the database and at the needs of application developer over that of an administrator It primarily focused on how to model data to optimize ueries comparing and contrasting this to how one might approach a similar problem in an RDBMS

  5. Peter Peter says:

    Blessedly concise tour of Cassandra syntax distribution handling algortihms and a brief introduction into the underlying datastructures for the curious

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