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Download PDF  Les Sentinelles d'Almoha Author Serge Brussolo – [Epub] ➛ Les Sentinelles d'Almoha Author Serge Brussolo – Nath traverse la plaine de boue d'Almoha « la planète deux fois morte » à bord de la canonnière des chasseurs de nuages Un monde hostile où l'on s'abrite de la pluie sous des armures de fer où Nath traverse la plaine de boue d'Almoha « la planète deux fois morte » à bord de la canonnière des chasseurs de nuages Un monde hostile où l'on s'abrite de la pluie sous des armures de fer où les maisons font naufrage dans un sol trop mou pour les soutenir Au bout du voyage l'attend Ghun le chasseur solitaire ue le tirage au sort a rendu maître de la tour au sommet de lauelle les guetteurs sacrés scrutent le brouillard de la nuit Mais ui est en réalité le nouveau seigneur d'Almoha Un ermite philosophe Les Sentinelles Epub / ou un fou sanguinaire.

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    Sentries of Almohaexcellent sf first in a tetralogy Murailles Interdite has volumes 12 but I read the standalone in sort of parallel as there are some minor changesAlmoha one of the standard Brussolo names for a new planet this time is heavy g where human depredations led it being essentially an ocean of mud with killer clouds and scattered human settlements where the sentinels of the title keep watch for bad weather which in this case can be really deadly; the humans are split into few races or incipient such there are the devolved flat heads low I nomads and the regular humans of which a group called creepers or crawlers want to adapt to the high g by going on all 4 and moving like reptiles while undergoing nasty bordering on torture training to strengthen bones and muscles; they despise the stand ups whom they consider responsible for the Almoha curse of heavy g and the mud The main hero Nath is the son of former stern Sentinel Moor who dies poor so Nath leaves the city and makes a family with a band of soft heads; when that band including his wife and baby is destroyed by the wildlife nasty crocodile like analogs that leave on the mud ocean he returns home only to be marginalized but once a stranger Ghun wins the lottery for the position of Sentinel he asks Nath to be his second to lend him credibility and help; in the meantime former flame Sigrid keeps warning him about Ghun and the creepers whom she claims are secretly allied to take overdestroy the city while Nath does not really believe but helps her anywayAnd so it goes with same vivid imagery take no prisoners action and lots of happenings; the ending indeed is a new beginning so now on to volume 2Here is the official synopsisAlmoha was covered with a dense jungle that made her a sort of impenetrable bush Cosmic probes identified him as rich in minerals of all kinds The jungle was destroyed and reduced to ashes under the beams vessels Bushmen The planet became a ball dry peeled in which the ore extractors and forèrent éventrèrent plains and cliffs She was soon a huge operation All went well until one day the many underground explosions woke volcanoes They unleashed releasing lava that covered all in a few weeks The material spewed from volcanoes like mud is subjected to perpetual turbulence It swallowed towns their inhabitants farms and machines A plan for emergency evacuation of settlers was implemented but many of them were forgotten Some survived in cities scattered randomly on some hills where the altitude had stopped total sinkingSurvival conditions are very difficult Gravity is high a stone thrown by a man of average strength falls after a course of three meters Food is scarce and consists mainly of giant lizards that look like alligators and are perfectly adapted to the new environment It is difficult to grow vegetables for the mire swallow them and make them disappear just like the houses that remained standing after the cataclysm Showers on Almoha are very dangerous because water is so heavy that it can hurt those she sprinkles The clouds have the consistency of stone and can cause tidal waves that destroy the villages around Whalers sail between cities and try to make the clouds explode in midairSince Almoha was invaded by mud men have had to adapt One of the human groups has completely degenerated they are called Flatheads because their skulls seem to have gone under a press They are very docile live in bands and have neither law nor religion They do not speak and do not learn because they forget everything they do from one day to another Another group that is becoming increasingly important is comprised of Crawling those living in complete poverty homeless on the ground and hate everything that escapes gravity and especially birds For crawling the force of gravity is almohéenne ransom the sins of mankind and we must accept it They want to adapt to new conditions of life which is why they keep constantly crawling on the floor The crawling harden their children by ballasting of stones to accommodate gravity and they attack all those who move up because for them the upright is blasphemy Besides these two groups there are those who try to survive in this new environment without falling in mental retardation or religionNath is one of those For two years he tried to lead the life of a hunter of lizards without much success He cohabited with a flat head he even had a child but like his wife the kid was eaten by lizards He returns to his hometown to become assistant to the sentry of the city The top of the tower sentry watching the arrival of the clouds it informs its citizens weather movement of lizards and prays for them and their survival

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