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Free ↠ Lighthouse Brides By Andrea Boeshaar – ❴EPUB❵ ✴ Lighthouse Brides Author Andrea Boeshaar – Lighthouses symbols of peace and hope can remind us of God's light shining forth even through the blackest of circumstances For the four heroic women in this novella collection God's light burns as br Lighthouses symbols of peace and hope can remind us of God's light shining forth even through the blackest of circumstances For the four heroic women in this novella collection God's light burns as brightly as the life saving beacons they tend The exciting mixture of adventue and romance makes each of the four stories memorable.

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  1. Leah Leah says:

    2 stars When Love Awaits North Carolina A Beacon in the Storm Wisconsin Whispers Cross the Blue Texas A Time to Love OregonI didn't like any of these stories I thought they were boring Also I didn't like the characters I thought they were too annoying The MCs made too many bad decisions Also the romance was unbelievable and cringe worthy Although I did like the lighthouses and the locales

  2. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Taking care of lighthouses one’s motto was ‘ to be prepared’ a storm could come up uickly A world of spending days as the only person on the island tending to a lighthouse The description of tending them was well covered in the stories These stories brought a world that we know little about Very informative and enjoyable to read one or all of them

  3. Mandi Grasmeyer Mandi Grasmeyer says:

    Not horrible not worth it if you have better things to read

  4. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    This is a historical Christian romance It contains four short novellas about less than 100 pages each These books are about people finding their faith and finding love The first story is about a girl who believes her call is to tend the light But when Ian falls in love with her and she falls in love with him she begins to uestion what she is supposed to do with her life The second story is about a widowed captain who is ready to retire to a life on land His daughter and him make through their last ride only because of the lighthouse keeper She turns out to be the same person who has volunteered her house to him because the hotel was full She has a few secrets of her own and Cade is willing to help her solve her problems The third story is about a couple in love The boy is from a rich family and his fiancee is not He works for his father as a captain He goes on one last trip but does not return in time Will he return alive? Will his family disown him? Will they never get alone with his choice bride? The fourth story is about a widowed mother who married to early in life and was diwowned by her parents She has no friends until a captain comes by to thank her for tending the light This captain falls in love with her and her son but he resolved never to marry Does he have a choice when he finds out she went home? These novels are filled with Christian lessons If you do not enjoy reading romances that have Christian undertones this book is not for you I recommend because the stories are endearing and informative of the life of a lighthouse keeper

  5. Katy Glover Katy Glover says:

    The four novellas share simple sweet love stories that use the central theme of lighthouses While the stories did not link up in any way they were still enjoyable as historical fiction The subject of lighthouses was well researched by all authors which made this selection even enjoyable

  6. Lori Lloyd Lori Lloyd says:


  7. Kim Kim says:

    I love to read stories about lighthouses not sure why This was a nice collection of novellas around lighthouses If you need something to read these were good stories to relax with

  8. Teresa Teresa says:

    Great book I love romance novels but as a Christian I feel as though traditional romance novels are too hardcore This gives you the romance with out the sexual tension

  9. Pianosue Pianosue says:

    Nice light read

  10. Angela Whelan Angela Whelan says:

    its 4 stories in one book; they are cute and romantic

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