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[PDF] Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron By Daniel Clowes – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❁ [EPUB] ✹ Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron By Daniel Clowes ➚ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Like a Velvet Glove collects all 10 chapters of the serialized story Eightball As Clay Loudermilk attempts to unravel the mysteries behind a snuff film he finds himself involved with an increasingly b Like a Velvet Glove collects all chapters Velvet Glove PDF/EPUB ç of the serialized story Eightball As Clay Loudermilk attempts to unravel the mysteries behind a snuff film he finds himself involved with an increasingly bizarre cast of characters including a pair of sadistic cops who carve a strange symbol into the heel of Clay's foot; a horny over the hill suburban woman whose Like a PDF \ sexual encounter with a mysterious water creature produced a grotesuely misshapen but no less horny mutant daughter; a dog with no orifices whatsoever it has to be fed by injection; two ominous victims of extremely bad hair implants; a charismatic Manson like cult leader who plans to kidnap a famous advice columnist and many This edition has a brand new cover new a Velvet Glove PDF/EPUB ç title and end pages — plus Clowes being the perfectionist that he is there are tweaked and re drawn panels that really make this a transcendent piece of storytelling art.

10 thoughts on “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron

  1. Jan Philipzig Jan Philipzig says:

    Has the American heartland ever looked desolate and repulsive? Originally published in the pages of Dan Clowes’ one man anthology Eightball once described by Clowes himself as “an orgy of spite vengeance hopelessness despair and sexual perversion” Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron takes the reader on an obsessive disturbing darkly humorous often surreal and grotesue journey into a seedy world of corruption sadism and conspiracy theories What’s not to like?

  2. Gregsamsa Gregsamsa says:

    Have you seen your life destroy itself through an addiction to cocaine? I haven't but I understand your deal because there was a time I would have killed loved ones in order to get my hands on my next Eightball Of course I adored the self contained shorts of zesty social satire like I Love You Dearly a gorgeously snide diatribe on stuff Clowes hates or In the Future where the worst of Now is trebled to an extreme Tomorrow or the awful portrait of the comix world demonstrated in Dr Infinity not to mention the hilarious Chick Publications send up in Devil Doll? and I'd impatiently discuss such stuff with my Eightball dealer at the comix store looking this way and that trying to disguise the intensity of my desire when all I really wanted craved needed was the latest serial installment of Like a Velvet Glove a reference to Faster Pussycat Kill Kill btw because I couldn't wait to temper my troubles at making sense of its previous episodes by trying to make sense of the latest one If you know of a better graphic novel than this I dare you to let me know and it better not be any of that anime crap

  3. Jakob J. Jakob J. says:

    This book didn’t mean anything Books that don’t mean anything have no right to exist To exist is to possess meaning Meaning cannot exist without existence Existence is what gives meaning its meaning and its existence This book is meaningless therefore nothing exists especially not this book An Interesting ProductionA man undertakes a particularly futile meaningless endeavor to discover the origins of a fetish film He encounters many eccentric meaningless characters with ponderous meaningless theories about existence and what everything means and stuff Lots of other crazy shit happensLocation Location EvocationHave you been here before? Have you made love on the shore of that small island? Have you seen that I swear to god that exact boulder in your dream? Have you been served by an egg laying pseudopodinous potato lady in that diner? Have any meaningless events ever lead you somewhere you know you had been before? Have you ever recognized something you have never seen before? Have you ever seen something or someone somewhere and said to yourself ”I shouldn’t be here right now”?Analytical MeaninglessnessWe are pattern seeking creatures with aggravating limitations on understanding It infuriates us when we experience something we can’t uite piece together especially when there seem to be hints that suggest some sort of cohesiveness is there to be discovered It makes us feel like thisEverything has to mean something; it just has to If it can’t be figured out accompanying it is sheer madness and chaos If even one thing such as this graphic novel or a David Lynch film or a devastating tornado can’t have any meaning ascribed to it existence itself as we ‘understand’ wink wink it is in jeopardy Perhaps this book is precisely the anti revelation we needPersonal thoughts that won’t mean anything to anyone including myself As a Midwesterner the idea of a Paul Bunyan Funeral Home threatens of a strange cathartic dread as inexplicable as the idea of a Paul Bunyan Funeral Home I wonder if the Coen Brothers wish they had thought of that Presumably incidental Clowes may have thought some kid with fond childhood memories of eating breakfast at a certain restaurant in the Wisconsin Dells who has been obsessed with death and mortality since his aforementioned childhood would read this work and innocuously meaninglessly ruminate over these elements What do you suppose the chances are that radical feminists will form some kind of—nah—nah forget it Harum Scarum—like Helter Skelter—murder—cults—maybe? What does it mean damn it?Wrapping UpAn unwillingness to continue on in such obnoxious tediumDo people know what they mean when they say ‘there was an incident’? If something can be defined in two different ways with opposite meanings such as ‘an individual or isolated event or occurrence’ and ‘something appertaining or attaching to something else’ then describing or explaining anything meaningless or otherwise is just as meaningless as that which we are attempting to describe or explain You’re still with me right? The takeaway is everything or nothing at bottom or from up topPS Somewhere in the mesial guts of my review I discovered Fargo was playing on the television machine I’m going to watch it This is absolutely true Try and tell me that doesn’t mean anything

  4. amy amy says:

    this made my head feel fizzy and it is one of my favorite titles ever tied with 'if it werent for venetian blinds itd be curtains for us all'

  5. Jordan Jordan says:

    If you’re looking for a sweet little story full of puppies and rainbows this is not it Daniel Clowes’ Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is like a fever dream nightmare noir that’s both simultaneously fucked up and sorrowful and although it’s highly surreal it somehow manages to make sense in a super claustrophobi expiali chaotic sort of way So naturally it is easily comparable to David Lynch’s experimental works however unlike Mr Lynch Mr Clowes does not need to include an instructional pamphlet of clues on how to better read or interpret his work cough cough Mulholland Drive cough cough COUGH The story cuts to our protagonist Clay who when viewing a snuff film at a porno theater sees his estranged wife on screen He learns from the bathroom stall psychic wise man that an independent outfit known as Interesting Productions made it Clay borrows his fish tails coming out of his eye sockets friends’ car and the weirdo seedy mystery commences in search of further information As he puts on his detective hat Clay comes across corrupt cops who offer up an ass kickin’ for freedom; a feminist cult whom believes in The Great Cleansing where there’ll only be women after the war except Godfrey their male leader and are intent on pushing forth the cause; underground conspirators whom are desperately trying to find the meaning behind the Mr Jones advertising figure whose dopey grinning cartoon face can also be found mistaken as say a mole on Hitler and others of his ilk; a girl woman who draws an endless amounts of ponies and is the brain child behind all of the twisted snuff film plotlines; and a cast of characters along the way that include Laura the Dog without any orifices Tina the Tuna person and an extremely hairy raging hitman just itchin’ to take some of his rage out on Clay But will Clay find what he’s looking for or will someone or something find him first causing his pursuit to be all for not? Immensely bizarre and totally entertaining Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is unlike most things read or seen Mr Clowes seems to have turned on some faucet to some deep far back recess of his brain and tossed aside any kind of filter because it was simply unnecessary for what he had in mind The result he achieves is the worst kind of nightmare where people things and places aren’t what they seem are mutated in some disturbed form and somewhat piece together but don’t And as LAVGCII hits its climax Clowes’ storyline branches all begin to converge in uick succession and the sensation is one of a tornado spiraling out of control which further adds to the idea of a nightmare when it’s all beginning to be too much to handle and you’re breaking into a cold sweat and suddenly you shoot up awake It’s so disturbingly creepy it must be experienced

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Reading this after having read his other famous graphic novel Ghost World and it's sarcastic funny and honest story about a pair of directionless teenagers I was completely unprepared for the dream like perhaps nightmare like would be accurate world of Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron I'm all for a little surrealism but I cannot take this much uite simply After reading the novel I had no idea what it was that I'd just read had no clue regarding how all its seemingly disparate parts linked together and conseuently had absolutely no idea what to make of it This novel was just not suited to me in any way but if you like David Lynch films and graphic novels and do not expect any kind of coherent plot then I wish you luck with it The thing is that I just do not think that there is any secret or hidden meaning to this work I think it's just mindless abstract drivel And that's annoying

  7. Andy Andy says:

    If Dan Clowes died after producing this warped masterpiece he would have gone down in history as some demented prophet Like A Velvet Glove was produced mostly around 1990 1991 when companies like Something Weird Video were unearthing every disturbing B movie ever created and that's the vibe this book recalls A man watches a snuff film written by a pipe smoking midget named Precious In pursuit to find out about the movie he runs afoul of a Manson type murder cult and a map hidden inside a dog leading to the whereabouts of a man named Mr One Thousand who will reveal all about Mr Jones a loveable cartoon mascot from the 1930's Most of the action is presented in such a disturbing manner that you feel like you got in on the hot line to somebody's worst nightmare While some parts play weird for weirdnesses sake I'm pretty sure something in here will strike a nerve that hasn't been struck just yet

  8. Nate D Nate D says:

    Honestly until I ran randomly across this one in the East Village Bookshop I had no idea that I was missing out on Daniel Clowes I've read various later works all pretty decent but nothing that's really stuck with me I have a feeling that this paranoid noir nightmare will have much psychic staying power Surprisingly cohesive for all its being told as a series of wild tangents and glimmering with naggingly familiar crystallizations of dread isolation and arbitrary cruelty

  9. Williwaw Williwaw says:

    I have read several works by Clowes and I have enjoyed them all But this might well be his masterpiece It is surreal creepy violent sexy and funny all at the same time It's the stuff of dreams Deeply disturbing dreams The story begins with our existential hero's visit to a seedy porno film theater He sees a very disturbing flick and asks the ticket seller if she can provide information about the production He's guided to the men's room where a Swami holds forth in a toilet stall to answer any uestions about any subject the theater patrons wish to ask There's a constant line of devotees outside the restroom doorFollowing the Swami's lead our hero travels toward the town where the film was made On the way he's pulled over by some sadistic police officers who beat the crap out of him and leave him on the roadside He's picked up by some members of a Manson like cult He steals their van and the rest of the story is about his adventures looking into various mysteries that arise while he's on his uest There are so many unforgettable images among Clowes's stark black and white panels a dog named Laura with no orifices who must be fed with a syringe; a deformed waitress who looks like a potato on stilts; a hairy chested mercenary who is hired to dispatch our hero; not to mention several weird and barren landscapes which include greasy spoon cafes midnight swims in a polluted lake a mole on Hitler's neck and a forest of hair transplant stubble on top of a bald man's head This one rates high on my disturbo meter Essential reading for fans of comics and graphic novels

  10. Ilana Ilana says:

    Wow This one is a hard one to categorize FantasySci Fi would be a place to start maybe Mind melding trip and a half might be another So outrageous you better not be drinking coffee with someone sitting directly sitting in front of you would be yet another because I was seriously laughing OUT LOUD though thankfully the other person was uietly sitting up in bed next to me late at night no coffee anywhere in sight though he was trying to uietly read about the not so uiet or gentle Choctaw Native American Indians at the time and I kept interrupting him to uote the outrageous bits and show him some of the funnier and eye popping characters There's a truly weird guy who had plugs put in to cure his partial baldness and then ran out of money to complete the procedure so that he kind of looks like a hedgehog on top only with the face of a not really attractive middle aged man Poor guy Clowes really went to town on him and probably made him look like someone he knows because he has a relatively big role in the book too There's also a male dog called Laura who has no orifices so is basically all hair which you have to feed with a syringe of water once a day Oh yeah and did I mention that very bloated fishlike creature who is a waitress at the diner who brings him home to his oversexed middle aged human mother who But that's just a tiny tiny taste of the thing You eventually figure out there actually IS as story to the whole thing AND a resolution that it's not just one giant hallucinogenic trip which at some point I thought hey why not this is really funny anyway because this being graphic novel No 3 by Daniel Clowes for me the same Daniel Clowes who became hugely famous for inventing Ghost World which was turned into a cult movie I've developed an affection for this artist and his type of dark twisted humour always featuring lots of sex incidentally and I also like his style of bw drawing which is very graphic and clean and stylised and somehow still very expressive Haven't seen any of his recent work mind you so far everything's been from the 90s Loosely the story is about him going to one of those Adult cinemas he's as grossed out by that experience as the reader is fyi and watching what to his and our horror turns out to be a watch out for it BDSM SNUFF movie and he further recognizes the woman who gets shot as his EX WIFE and goes on a wild chase to find the producers of the film and comes across all these weird characters along the way most of whom have nothing to do with his search wouldn't you know it some of which are onto a wild conspiracy about a cartoon character Not for the faint of heart maybe but it's a cartoon fantasy and there's no real gore or anything just pure crazy stuff And I really really liked it And laughed A LOT Call me twisted that way NOT FOR KIDS Unless you're an adult kid like me sorta 😜4 and a half stars for sure It's only not 5 because I keep those for things that make my soul kind of go Oooooooooohhhhhh or something of the sort and this was just tooooo weird however entertaining and you know a snuff movie and all as a premise I can't approve of that wholeheartedly can I however artsy the context? No I cannot So docking a half star for that 😬 ★★★★½

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