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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Little Infamies Stories Author Panos Karnezis – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Epub❯ ➣ Little Infamies Stories ➢ Author Panos Karnezis – Serv3.3pub.co.uk In a nameless Greek village the lives of its citizens the priest the whore the doctor the seamstress the mayor and even its animals a centaur a parrot that recites Homer a horse called History are ent In a nameless Greek village the lives of its citizens the priest the whore the doctor the seamstress the mayor and even its animals a centaur Little Infamies Kindle - a parrot that recites Homer a horse called History are entwined As their lives intersect their hidden crimes their little infamies are revealed in a place full of passion cruelty and deep reserves of black humor.

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  1. Jacob Jacob says:

    Since dawn the air had the sultriness of fermenting juices and later just before lunch the dog started barking for no reason and did not stop until Father Yerasimo chased her away with stones He could not imagine then that the poor animal was only trying to warn him Because no sooner had he washed his dish fed the leftovers to the chickens and sat on the veranda to drink a glass of wine than a roar like the beating of an enormous vat echoed across the village Father Yerasimo watched with fascination as his glass toppled and the red wine spilled over the tableShit he uttered It's the Second ComingFrom A Funeral of Stones p 1It's actually just an earthuake and the secrets it uncovers cause enough trouble This sleepy little Greek village isn't ready for Jesus to return yetalthough one suspects Christ might pass it by entirely what with the conditions of the road; it took enough convincing by Father Yerasimo to get the bishop to visit and he had to fake a miracle to make it worth His Right Reverence's while It's just as well really Not much happens in the village except for the occasional murder or massacre one of which happens in Father Yerasimo's church but most days the village is calm and sleepy Mr Jeremias dies of boredom? while waiting for his pension Isidoro accidentally buys a horse he can't afford Whale never makes it to the beach a parrot is too distracted by television to learn Homer an ancient centaur is reduced to circus work Dr Pantelon gets a marriage proposal during a gynecological exam and Nectario tries and fails again to fly And Life is uite dull when it isn't embarrassing and one thinks this village would be a bit hesitant to let a wandering photographer make them live forever even as a looming hydroelectric dam project threatens to wipe them off the mapIt's a nice little collection of stories magical and shocking in turn And I almost didn't read it This was an impulse buy from a clearance sale a few years ago and it's been languishing on my bookshelf ever since I nearly culled it entirely but decided to read it first And it turned out to be a keeper This worries me a bit I've saved two other books because they were too good to cull which kind of makes me afraid to read Jonathan Franzen's novel The CorrectionsReviewed June 2012

  2. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

    A collection of interconnected short stories that reads like a novel The setting is rural Greek and the characters are the ordinary people one expects to find in small forgotten towns and villages anywhere But its very first story A Funeral of Stones was like an alien spacecraft ride It felt strange new a delight to the senses and as I floated I kept asking the driver Panos Karnezis where are you taking me where are you taking me And he grinned this rascal with a unusual name and just drove me on to some galaxies of dreams

  3. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    Black humor and irony at its best

  4. Kylin Larsson Kylin Larsson says:

    These short stories center on a very poor town in Greece I read it to get a bit of a feel for Greek small towns Most of the stories had a cutesy ironic twist A lush woman on a bus is stared at competed over by the driver and the money taker She ends up stealing their money while they argue about taking her luggage off the busThe town itself develops as a character throughout the collection But my perception of the town is tainted by the first story Everybody but the priest and the cop know that a father keeps his twin daughters prisoner as their punishment for them supposedly killing their mother in childbirth Everyone in the town comes by the pay a coin and watch them do circus tricks How can anyone respect a town like that?Since I read it as a bit of research for my story set in Greece which is rolling along nicely by the way I feel the need to report that this town could basically have been anywhere that wasn't the US or Canada It could have been Mexico Poland or Romania There were a few mentions of the acropolis and that was the extent of Greek atmosphere

  5. jill jill says:

    Darkly funny though heavier on the dark than the funny A bit as if Flannery O'Connor got drunk on ouzo with a bunch of gypsies and then decided to write a Greek Winesburg Ohio while still hung overI really liked the first story which was almost novella length; the shorter ones that followed were a little hit and miss Karnezis seemed very interested in the intersection between modernity and traditional village life though he seems to find them eually depressing There's a fablesue tone to most of the stories although they're fables lacking a moral A good read for a bad mood

  6. Ayline Ayline says:

    In this no name Greek little village there is one priest one lawyer one doctor one barber one coffee shop one pension you get the point it's that small It's the kind of small village that I would like to one day experience briefly and the kind of people and events I would most probably expect to encounter However to put these observations in such comical short stories would reuire a sense of humor The highlight of this village is its hater priest who blackmails its nonbeliever residents into believing in his church Then there are those who count the clouds who say the broken comb is for bald people who pay their livelihood for a photograph to become immortal and so on and so forth But who knew the fate of these villagers would be so tragic If you like tragic comedies with witty dialogues you might want to consider reading Little Infamies

  7. Aunty Janet Aunty Janet says:

    The book started uite well I didn't realise it was made up of short stories for a start The stories are set in the same Greek village with characters which overlap stories The stories got and macabre with less and less humour I rarely 'ditch' a book but two thirds through this one I'd had enough Not my cuppa tea this one

  8. Marlene Marlene says:

    Recommended by Annie Proulx so I'm looking forward to reading it

  9. Cathy Cathy says:

    This is a very uniue and well written set of short stories with cohesion since the setting is a Greek village The author was able to create and construct highly unpredictable stories which were uite bizarre and not unreminiscent of the atmosphere of classic Greek tragedies They were tales rather than stories and the relationships were about revenge and how that can play out The tales offered no morality as such They were non judgemental conseuently these stories would be sound material for study For me parts of it were too graphically gruesome and the passive violence was disturbing For the most part I enjoyed the uirky characteristcs and behaviour of the characters and was always surprised with how the tales unfolded These stories were not funny in any sense Not amusing and not light hearted They were compelling though and well worth reading

  10. Rose Rose says:

    There were moments in the book that I really enjoyed it and got into it and it was funny in places My first problem with the book was that although it's called 'little infamies' and purports to be about life in a small village it has a lot in common with Poes Tales of Mystery and Imagination with the amount of murder and abuse and maiming that goes on I'm not against dark events and themes in stories what bothered me was that a it wasn't what the book advertised itself as so it wasn't what I was in the mood for or expecting when I picked it up and b the gritty events were at odds with other aspects of the stories the sun and the simple humour All in all the book had slid ingredients for two entirely different sets of stories and the combination didn't work for me

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