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[PDF] Londyn LaRae Says Okay By Nicholeen Peck – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Londyn LaRae Says Okay Author Nicholeen Peck – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Six year old Londyn LaRae just can't seem to say okay when her parents and other adults give her instructions She keeps earning negative conseuences until one day she notices that her friend Ellie May Six year old Londyn LaRae just can't seem to say okay when her parents and other adults give her instructions She keeps earning negative conseuences until one day she notices that her friend Ellie May knows something she doesn't; the steps to following instructions This book is the first in a series of three meant to teach children the basics of self government The book can be ordered at.

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  1. K.L. Lantz K.L. Lantz says:

    I love what this book series does which is creatively introduce kids and parents to the four skills that will help them most in life 1 accepting a no answer2 accepting a conseuence3 saying okay while staying calm4 disagreeing appropriatelyAny boss or employee who cannot do these things any student or mentor who cannot do these things is not worth his or her hire They cannot be taught and they cannot successfully collaborate with others Teaching these skills when children are young is preparing them for a lifetime of successful relationships both personal and professional I love that the authoress has chosen to use her children's own names for the heroes of the series as this is also a topic she teaches at seminars and parent retreats internationally She is also the president of the Worldwide Organization of Women and freuently speaks at the UN The drawings are simple and beautiful and the plots relatable to my children who ask me to read these to them all the time I would recommend these to parents and children everywhere

  2. Bryony Bryony says:

    Became interested in this book after attending a brilliant class taught by Nicholeen on social skills children should learnThis book is a life changer for young children probably older children too; I just don't have those yet Applying the concepts found in this book and its companion Porter Earns a uarter has made our home a calmer peaceful place Having it presented in such an easy to read easy to understand children's book gives our kids the opportunity to read it over and over again which they doThis book and Porter Earns a uarter needs added to Goodreads anyone? have given my husband and me such great tools for handling family life communicating with our children and teaching our children how to say ok how to disagree appropriately how to accept a 'no' answerAwesome I would give it six stars if I could

  3. Nicholeen Nicholeen says:

    My children love this book especially since they are the main characters But they also told me that the story helps them remember to say okay Others have said Just wanted you to know that we just go London LaRae Says Ok in the mail and we absolutely love it I only wish we’d had it a year ago when we first taught this skill Awesome job and so cute Will there be ?????We received our copy of Londyn LaRae Says Ok today My almost 4 and 5 year old girls begged me to read it over and over My almost 4 year old said to me after I read it to her for the first time I want to be like Londyn LaRae and say okay And then you can sing the okay song about me Thank you grin

  4. Matthewandnicole Matthewandnicole says:

    While some of the rhyming was obvious as was most of the storyline Londyn LaRae Says Okay was still enjoyable to read as a parent What made me appreciate it even was that my daughter picked up the book from where it was strategically laid out and read it through in one go As soon as she was done she excitedly proclaimed that she wanted to say okay to chores and reuests just like Londyn LaRae And to her and Londyn's credit she has been doing much better the past few weeks In summary this book does exactly what is promises and is at a level perfectly suited for its young audience Thank you Nicholeen

  5. Natalie Fluckiger Natalie Fluckiger says:

    Beautiful Amazing pictures and such fun little rhymes This book teaches so much than Following instructions It teaches us how to take control of our emotions and learn self government which helps remove children from bondage Analyzing deeply the book you can learn a lot of great principles Also the Letter to Parents at the end is helpful

  6. Marisa Marisa says:

    My 2 year old reads it to herself listing out the steps in her halted 2 year old speech Too cute

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    Helps explain points and methods of Teaching Self Government on kid friendly level

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