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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Lost In Lion Country Author Blair Polly – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Download] ➾ Lost In Lion Country By Blair Polly – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Interactive adventure fiction for readers 10 years and older You stepped out of the safari truck for a second and it took off without you The Serengeti National Park in Africa isn't a safe place to be Interactive adventure fiction for readers years and older You stepped out of the safari truck for a second and it took off without you The Serengeti National Park in Africa isn't a safe place to be left on your own There are hyenas cheetah and lions out here Lots of lions You wanted to see animals up close and you're getting your wish as you try and find your way back to civilization Choose your path wisely This is an Lost In PDF or interactive story for ages and up.

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  1. Herman Gigglethorpe Herman Gigglethorpe says:

    When YOU jump out of a safari Land Rover to take pictures of a giraffe you're Lost in Lion Country This is another Choose Your Own Adventure book in the You Say Which Way seriesLike other You Say Which Ways there aren't many deaths to look forward to in comparison to other Choose Your Own Adventure stories There's no ending where you're eaten by lions Jumping out of a hot air balloon and cracking your skull is an option however This book is fair to the player and none of the endings feel like cheatsMost endings tend to involve the player making it back to Habari Lodge sometimes with Maasai friends Many paths involve poachers because every nature CYOA needs poachers or smugglers to be completeThe scene and wildlife descriptions of the Serengeti are usually done well especially moments like the sunset being short close to the Euator But Blair Polly made a mistake by putting meerkats in the Serengeti Those live in Namibia and South Africa Then again anyone else reading this book has probably also watched The Lion King too many times At least Kilimanjaro isn't on the Serengeti in Lost in Lion Country unlike a certain Toto songFollow this link if you want to see detailed coverage of this book Though you may want to read earlier pages in the thread if you want to understand some of the references to earlier CYOAs I've snarked andor praisedhttpswwwrealmsbeyondnetforumss

  2. Pop Bop Pop Bop says:

    A Ripping Yarn However You Choose to ProceedI first came to DM Potter's and Blair Polly's Choose You Own Adventure books by way of Potter's In the Magician's House which is one of the four books currently in the series That is a lushly written and deeply atmospheric book that puts the lie to any suspicion that you can't write an elegant magical fantasy book for kids Lost in Lion Country is stylistically very different but it is just as satisfying in different waysFirst off I should say that while some Choose Your Own Adventure books can be gimmicky with attention paid to the novelty of multiple story options than the actual story characters or writing this book does not fall in to that trap The option of making choices that lead you through the book adds some novelty and helps to engage the reader in the overall reading experience but it is the actual adventure that really sustains interestHere our hero is never named Our hero is you This is emphasized by the narrator's use of the second person singular throughout the book You do this and then you do that When used properly as it is here I think this adds a detached tone and yet an immediacy to any narrative You are there right now You must make decisionsYou have been left behind in the middle of the Serengeti by your tour bus and you have to survive and find your way to safety At the end of each chapter you are presented with a choice between two options POSSIBLE MILD SPOILERS As a general rule one choice is a bit sensible than the other You can take the apparently safest course at each decision point ie always turn left at the corner of the maze or the the riskiest course turn right or you can mix it up The book bears multiple readings because there are many paths through to a variety of endings Indeed since different paths lead through different adventures you will want to go back a few times and make other choices so that you don't miss any of the possible adventures In In the Magician's House the narrative proceeded at a dreamy pace with spare but carefully crafted sentences that gently carried you deep into the magician's house All of this was presented in slightly formal and oddly stilted language that felt like it was being whispered in your ear In Lost in Lion Country the language structure and pace is much in the tradition of Boys Own adventures so you get to be a fit rough and ready sort with a suare jaw and a determined glint in your eyeAs a bonus the actual scene setting interactions with the Masai heh heh if that is your choice descriptions of the wildlife and so on are well done and ripping Again all of the care has not been lavished on the choosing part; however you choose it is also always a good adventure This is just fascinating and compelling stuff and this book is a remarkable and satisfying find It will justify all of your previous Kindle freebie searches By the way I have an old Kindle Touch and the choose you own option worked very smoothly on it; I wasn't sure that would necessarily be the caseSo all in all a nice find and a nice choice Please note that I found this book while browsing Kindle freebies I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book

  3. Barbara Ann Barbara Ann says:

    This book is an interactive adventure for children age ten and above The setting is Serengeti National Park A young boy traveling in a Land Rover on safari is our protagonist He is standing beside the truck taking photos when suddenly it zooms off No one appears to notice that he is missing Suddenly he is alone being chased by hyenas faced with his first decision Should he climb an acacia tree or follow a dried creek bed to get out of viewing range? At the end of each chapter the reader is given the opportunity to determine the outcome of the story Each section has two choices Readers may decide to go back and change their mind or reread the story an entirely different wayStudents will enjoy being in control of the outcome of their adventure The author provides tips on how to navigate the story on different types of devices The size of the chapters make them perfect for teachers to use as a short classroom read aloud over a period of several days Topics are interesting for adventure lovers environmentalists animal lovers and enthusiasts of African culture Highly recommended for reluctant readers The complexity of text is just right for middle school readers but is not condescending As an adult I found it pleasurable to read as well

  4. Mary Josefina Cade Mary Josefina Cade says:

    I hope that if I ever get 'Lost in Lion Country' I will have my kindle with me Blair Polly and DM Potter's book is packed with useful information Except about grubs NOT THE GRUBS I'd rather starve thank youMy first adventure went along at an easy pace and I reached safety without any problems Ha I thought I'd got it all worked out Onlymuch much worse things lay in store The hyenas the balloon not good with heights the poachers and worst of all being actually chased by a lion And I'm useless at climbing trees Still following the good advice contained in this book I survivedI had so much fun learning about the animals and about Tanzania Plus I will always remember the advice of the young Maasai boy that when a predator approaches stay in a group stick together Predators try to isolate one person For dinner EEEK This book is a really fun way for kids who don't live in lion country to find out what to expect and how to cope in wild outdoor situations Especially urban kids A vivid and entertaining series of adventures all chosen by the reader so truly interactive

  5. David David says:

    Brings me back to the days of my youth I used to love these choose your own adventure books I went into this story will nostalgia and while this sort of reading is less mature than what I'm currently used to reading it's still a fun romp through imaginationThe protagonist you are dumb enough to jump off a land rover while on tour in the Serengeti Surprise Surprise It leaves without you and you're stuck in the jungle literally Now you have to survive and find your way back to civilization I read this on my kindle which made traversing between my decisions real easy I recall having to fold the pages on the paperback novels leaving me with a crumpled up book It's much convenient this wayThe author has a whole slew of choose your adventure books For kids and kids at heart I recommend them all

  6. Elias Zapple Elias Zapple says:

    Having enjoyed their other books Once Upon an Island and In the Magician's House my slugs and I were greatly looking forward to this On this occasion a family go on safari in Tanzania and the poor child you gets left behind This is where the fun starts Which road do you take? On my route I met baboons and got to eat grub I think grub is like Wichetty Grub they have in the outback in Australia rather yummy My slugs weren't at all happy about the eating of grub a worm of some sort but ate it nonetheless The book is yet again a fun way to read and with lots of fascinating info on many wild animals A winner

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