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[Epub] Love is a Battlefield DreamMakers #2 By Vivian Arend – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➸ Love is a Battlefield DreamMakers #2 By Vivian Arend – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Book 2 of the DreamMakers series A red hot collaboration from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors VIVIAN AREND and ELLE KENNEDYHe’s ready to admit she’s all grown upAfter two tours of Book of the DreamMakers series a Battlefield Epub Ü A red hot collaboration from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors VIVIAN AREND Love is PDF or and ELLE KENNEDYHe’s ready to admit she’s all grown upAfter two tours of duty former Army Ranger Jack Hunter is back in is a Battlefield MOBI ó the US working to keep DreamMakers a brilliant success Now that his best friend’s little sister is home from college it’s time to retire his hands off policy and take action He wants Pepper Wilson in his bed but seducing the feisty redhead could be dangerous for than one reasonShe’s ready to push all his buttonsPepper is tired of being bossed around by everyone in her life especially arrogant annoying overbearing Jack Hunter While she can’t deny the man is out of this world gorgeous his alpha routine is getting old His steely determination proves a match for her own though and the attraction simmering between them ignites into fiery passionBut can their wild sexual exploration turn into without someone getting burned DreamMakers All Fired Up Parker LynnLove Is A Battlefield Jack PepperDon't Walk Away Dean Emma.

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  1. Kelli C Kelli C says:

    I didn't love this read a much as the first in series but it was still hot It is always tricky when a man falls for his best friend's little sister but lucky for Jack Parker Wilson is all grown up and her own woman I didn't see the connection with a somewhat serious Jack and fresh out of college Pepper but they had no problem with their horizontal communication Oh and againthat Dean is always there to fill that threesome wishOverall the story moved fast The drama was a minimal and the OMG moment was unexpected but yet kinda underwhelming I am looking forward to someone getting to Dean and making him a one woman manI have a feeling his story will be my fave

  2. ~Kristin~ ~Kristin~ says:

    335 StarsI'm not exactly sure what wasn't working for me but the emotion seemed some what forced I guess I just lacked the connection with the main characters which is crazy because I did like them both It just felt meh

  3. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    The strength of this story is in Pepper and Jack's relationship which this being romance is a good thing The surrounding story arc of Pepper's stalker and Jack's business is overdone and weak This imbalance left me having mixed emotions about the story Pepper has been surrounded by her caring but overbearing family all her life and has a full of friction relationship with her brother's friend Jack Jack on the other hand has been fighting a strong attraction to his friend's little sister and when Pepper needs a place to stay for a while he happily begrudgingly lets her stay with him Having her in his space a dropped towel and a reflected desire in Pepper's eyes has Jack finally snapping the chain that has held him back  Pepper and Jack had a nice repertoire that was fun to read; they played off each other nicely Jack was a solid character with a good hidden pain back story Pepper almost shifted into bratty territory sometimes but overall was amusing to read about This story also slides into the erotica category with some dirty talk and holy guacamole sex scenes There were two scenes in particular office spanking session and threesome scene this one felt kind of cut short but maybe I'm just a greedy pervert that I would recommend not reading in public and suggest have a cold glass of water nearby The romance and sex scenes are why you're going to want to read this book What I struggled with was what I felt the overdone and forced parts of this story First off Jack's business called DreamMakers This business is run by Jack Parker Pepper's brother and star of book one in the series and Dean They are all former Rangers this is brought up a lot and made to explain why all three are such dominant alpha males Their business DreamMakers involves setting up elaborate parties not security for parties but catering music slideshows and etc I had a serious wait a second their business is what? moment but only because nothing about their past or personalities leads you to believe this I didn't read book one so maybe this is explained better and maybe there is suppose to be a funny wink wink to go along with this that I just didn't get Secondly I had a problem with the forcedness surrounding the characters in Pepper's life The character Billy psycho guy who only wants in Pepper’s pants could have been cut out completely He was way over the top unnecessary and gave the story a cheesy feel; the authors could have a found a better way to get Pepper and Jack together Adam the guy Pepper thinks is stalking her also felt very over the top along with Charlene the scorned woman and Kendra whose character ended up feeling untrue We get it all men lust after her and all women are jealous of her This is a uick read and the pace is pretty steady and like I said the main characters of Pepper and Jack have good chemistry If you're not looking for much story uick read and a couple hot and steamy sex scenes give this one a goI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    My review cross posted from Wit and Sin Love is a Battlefield is h o t HOT This second installment to the sexy DreamMakers series is even better than the admittedly fantastic first I absolutely loved Pepper and Jack’s story and I can’t wait to read it againJack is my favorite kind of alpha hero He’s a take charge former soldier who knows his way around a woman’s body like you wouldn’t believe plus he’s got a great sense of humor and a good heart How could you not love him? Pepper is a bright energetic young woman with a uick mouth and a caring heart – the kind of woman I’d love to have as a friend if she were real and the perfect match for Jack Her loving but overprotective family treats her like she’s still a child but Pepper is definitely grown up and determined to make her own way in the world The last thing she needs his her brother’s best friend being an “alpha hole” while she tries to do soYet despite Jack’s bossiness Pepper can’t deny her attraction to the hot as hell man she knows almost as well as she does herself Their crackling chemistry makes Love is a Battlefield wildly entertaining And when these two stop circling each other and hit the sheets among other places Well my advice is to turn up the AC because these two are hot enough to melt a glacier or five Add in a dash of intrigue thanks to a stalker plotline a healthy dose of realistic jealousy from an old flame and a wealth of laughter and fun with Jack and Pepper’s friends and family and you’ve got one well rounded story I flat out loved this fast paced engaging book and I hated whenever I had to put it down Love is a Battlefield is deliciously wicked good fun from beginning to end Authors Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy continue to knock it out of the park with the DreamMakers series and I cannot wait to read Dean’s book Don’t Walk Away FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  5. Darcy Darcy says:

    This book was so much fun to read mostly because there was no way to guess what crazy and zany thing that Pepper would get up to I thought that maybe after Jack and her started to date she would be reigned in a bit instead Jack seemed to give her a safe place for her crazy to grow I was a bit worried that Jack would run at one point when he learned what Pepper was really up to before she turned up all black and blue instead he bide his time and fulfilled a fantasy for her The whole set up for this had me laughing as the conversation was very funny and the people involved had to be very comfortable with themselves and their relationship to each otherI loved at the end that Jack gave Pepper the support she needed that he didn't believe any of the lies that were being spouted about Pepper With what we learned about Drew I look forward to reading about him there are going to be all sorts of secrets coming out in it

  6. EmpK EmpK says:

    The McDonalds of romance Fast Not particularly good but not bad in a pinch Jack’s a former army ranger who runs a dating service Pepper is his best friend’s younger sister She’s feisty and sexually adventurous With her he is dour and protective I liked her I didn’t mind him Writing a good hero in contemporary romance is hard Inevitably writers fall into cliches of “he’s a horn dog alpha hole until he meets her” And that’s just lazy writing albeit partially satisfying in some scenes Now I return to my regularly scheduled regencies

  7. The BookWhisperer The BookWhisperer says:

    If there is one story plot that I will never get sick of it is the story plot of two people hating each other and then falling for each other I can’t help it – it is just what I like I love that ‘I hate you so much’ passion that turns into the ‘I can’t live without’ passion and that is what you get with Jack and Pepper Well not complete hate but of an annoyance between the twoPepper after traveling across the country with friends comes home with a bang And by bang I mean a black eye bruised ribs and a little roughed up Jack finds her first and to save her from her brother Parker he keeps her at his place until she heals This starts all kinds of lusting for one another and it gets the reader in the right mood for what is to come Jack and Pepper are hot together Nothing can cool them off and they go strong with Parker’s blessing However things take a turn yes I know I said this about the first book For some reason and here comes the spoilers there are a few characters and their plot that I could have done without First Billy; didn’t need to be in there Second Adam; how in the world did he get drug into all of this? Third Kendra; I have no idea what sparked such a change You would think rooming with someone in college would allow you to really know the person but for some reason Kendra just decided to show who she truly was at this moment? I didn’t like thatSo while most of this book was wonderful the three reasons above kind threw a wrench into my grooveBookWhisperer Reviewer MC

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Received an ARC from NetGalleyAnother great book in this series Jack and Pepper are great Boy were there a lot of pyscho's running around in this book I wish there had been an explanation of the nickname he had for her Still love all the extra chapters were we get to hear the secondary characters POV Seriously do all guys name their package Big Jack and Godzilla That was my favorite scene So the next book is Dean but I hope there are plans for the rest of the crew

  9. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    I loved this and was also a bit MEH about itWill be better if book one is read firstI loved the actual story but some of the carrying on with the background story was overdone Jack is another of our ex army ranger threesome who is running DreamMakersPepper was a bit of a spoilt brat at times but did mature towards the end but she needed to not sound so stupid sometimes she sounded 13 years oldI did like the twist with Kendra but wondered why we once again have a ménage with Dean He really is a man whore and I feel so sorry for whoever ends up with him as he will have now had sex with both of his best friends women Not something I would like to live with knowing every time they all get togetherI just doesn't ring true that these alpha men would allow another man near their women maybe that is why it is Dean Huh reason sorted

  10. Kim Kim says:

    Better than the firstI was a little disappointed with the first book in the series It seemed a little predictable and I wasn't too keen on reading further in the series I'm so glad I took the chance to read this second book Definitely a fun read with just a bit of intrigue to round out the story I must say Miss Kennedy has a definite gift when writing intimate scenes Oh hell yea Her gift of storytelling is coming unto it's own

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