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[Ebook] Love Me Whole By Nicky James – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Download❯ ➵ Love Me Whole Author Nicky James – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Twenty eight year old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people Being an extremely shy social introvert is only part of the problem Oryn has dissociative identity disorder He may look like a normal man Twenty eight year old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people Being an extremely shy social introvert is only part of the problem Oryn has dissociative identity disorder He may look like a normal man on the outside but spend five minutes with him and Love Me eBook à his daily struggles begin to show Oryn shares his life and headspace with five distinctively different alters Reed a protective very straight jock Cohen a flamboyantly gay nineteen year old who is a social butterfly Cove a self destructive terror whose past haunts him Theo an asexual man of little emotion whose focus is on maintaining order And Rain a five year old child whose only concern is Batman Vaughn Sinclair is stuck in a rut When his job doesn’t offer the same thrill it once did he decides it’s time to mix up his stagnant boring routine Little does he know the man he meets during an impromptu decision to return to college is anything but ordinary Vaughn’s heart defies logic and he finds himself falling in love with this strange new man But how can you love someone who isn’t always themself It may not be easy but Vaughn is determined to try.

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    This is one of the most moving and extraordinary romance novels I've ever read Love Me Whole is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the most selfless abiding kind of loveWhen Vaughn asks the withdrawn painfully shy man in his marketing class to be his partner he has no way of knowing he'll fall in love not just with Oryn but with Cohen too Vaughn doesn't expect to have a war of wills with Reed stop Cove from self harming eat Theo's meticulously prepared meals or babysit Rain In this life the life outside the system of his mind Oryn has one body the host but he is not one self ORYN is a man broken apart by a horrifying past a childhood so traumatic the only way to survive was to create another self or alter to take the abuse so Oryn could go onHe is COHEN cheerful flirtatious outgoing living in the moment Cohen will always be 19; he is Oryn's sexual social self the self who likes meeting new people and longs to be touched and cuddled He is REED the protector the one who's angry who doesn't trust Reed steps in when Oryn gets stressed or scaredHe is THEO the caretaker who cleans and cooks and deals with the logistics of daily adult life Theo is one of Oryn's earliest alters; he's the most like Oryn except much confident He is 5 year old RAIN who loves Batman and dinosaurs Rain is innocent and free; he is the child Oryn never was And he is COVE the self who holds all the bad memories the self who considers himself a flaw the one who drinks and smokes and harms Cove is the self Oryn hates Oryn has disassociative personality disorder DID once referred to as multiple personality disorder He loses large chunks of time and talks differently dresses uniuely and has distinct uirks facial expressions and talents depending on which alter is fronting taking control of Oryn's body Vaughn is the first person narrator of this story We feel Vaughn's confusion his guilt and devotion I am not even a fraction of the person Vaughn is I can barely handle a partner's mood swings much less deal with never knowing which self will come forth But Vaughn is an amazing man steady patient and incredibly kind Vaughn and Oryn go on a date to a museum only to have five year old Rain show up and start bouncing up and down in excitement When Vaughn tries to kiss Oryn he has to confront furious Reed who's straight and wants nothing to do with Vaughn Oryn can't handle intimacy but Cohen can and stirs a hunger in Vaughn that makes him feel ashamed if he sleeps with Cohen is he cheating on Oryn? Some authors can't manage to sketch two distinct main characters so it's truly astonishing how complex and separate Oryn's identities are Not once did I confuse them not once did I doubt Like Vaughn I fell in love with all of Oryn's selves If Oryn allows every alter to have a voice they can work in harmony Oryn has no memories of his life before age 16 and Cove will take those memories to the grave There is no on page abuse or any descriptions of past trauma We don't know exactly what happened to Oryn but we can imagine The most raw and painful scenes involve Cove who carries an unbearable burden and longs to escape the body that has brought him so much hurt I found it heartbreaking that Oryn fought Cove at every turn when Cove took all the pain and abuse Without Cove Oryn wouldn't be The plot is one hundred percent focused on the relationship with a couple secondary characters particularly Vaughn's sports obsessed best friend Evan and Vaughn's well intentioned but slightly bewildered parents making an appearance This is a hefty book over 7000 Kindle locations but don't let the length put you off I blinked and realized I was at 80 percent I could have read this book forever Against all odds Love Me Whole has a beautiful HEA Oryn will never be normal but Vaughn loves all the parts of him I love you wholeEveryone should read this book Everyone

  2. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    My first Nicky James book and my first audiobook narrated by Adam Gold My reactionMIND BLOWNAudio – Adam Gold was AMAZING He gets all the golden stars and so does Nicky James for choosing such a gifted narrator who was able gave her words the perfect voicesStory – 5 Uniue Unforgettable Enlightening stars I went back and forth between 4 and 5 stars because the story felt one sided We only get the point of view of Vaughn a man dating and eventually falling in love with someone with dissociative identity disorder I wouldn’t go so far as to say I wanted the points of view of all of Oryn’s other identities but I would have liked to some insight on how he felt about finally finding love and acceptance I was however grateful that it was never revealed in full detail what abuse Oryn suffered as a child I decided on 5 stars because I realized this story is like nothing I’ve ever read in my experience of reading romance

  3. Nazanin Nazanin says:

    45 StarsI listened to the audio and it was AMAZING Adam Gold did a great job His performance was awesome All the voices were distinctive and at some point I doubted all of them were Mr Gold’s voice but they were If I wanted to rate just the audio my rated would have been 10 starsI have read some hurtcomfort stories but this one was a bit uniue in its own way The characters were all lovable Vaughn and his patience that he was so attentive and didn’t rush anything Oryn that shy boy Loved that he accepted his situation and didn’t back away from what he wantedfound Reed that protective man who wouldn’t let anything upsetharm him Rain that sweet sweet little boy with his toothy smile Cohen that naughty carefree boy Theo that self organised man who could cook like a chef Love them all even Cove Oh poor CoveMy only issue was that during listening to the audio I had this uestion that what had happened to Oryn in the past and what happened to his family and where they were?? Told in single POV 1st person Vaughn It’s a standalone novel and slow burn Overall loved it and hope you enjoy it as well

  4. Shile Shile says:

    Audiobook 5 starsStory 45 starsWhen i started this book i had low expectations because contemporary and all we really don't match sometimes Oh boy that was completely changed after reading chapter 1 All i know about Dissociative identity disorder DID i learnt from a series called United States of Tara This books takes it to another level The audiobook brings the story to life Adam has a distinct voice for each character His narration is so perfect for this book The story is told from Vaughn's POV as he tries to start a functional relationship with Oryn who suffers from DID Oryn has five alters Reed Cohen Cove Theo and Rain Yaap that is alot of people to handle The author did a great job giving all the alters distinct personalities it was easy to tell who was who and when they appeared I found myself knowing the tells that is saying something I am glad i got to read this story I sometimes wished for Oryn's POV but i got used to Vaughn's voice He is the best patient boyfriend ever I thought this was going to be a tear jerker but it ended up being a feel good story 😍 Highly recommended

  5. Diana Diana says:

    5 starsWow this book I was absolutely caught up in this story about a man Vaughn who falls in love with Oryn a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder personality disorder and shared his mind and body with 5 very different people Each person had a specific job in the inner circle and they all wanted to be heardThis was definitely a hurtcomfort read with some characters being angsty than others I adored all of them but I loved the way Vaughn loved all of them I can’t imagine the struggle for not only Oryn but also for VaughnI listened to the audiobook and let me tell you Adam Gold was amazing with his sexy voice He had a different voice for each character and I had no problem figuring out who was talking Highly recommend

  6. Sheri Sheri says:

    If you're looking for a stellar example of soulmates this might be the most precise portrayal I've ever seen I've witnessed countless beautiful pairs that fit together seamlessly However I truly believe Vaughn was meant to love Oryn There could be no one else The call was for his soul and his soul alone When things began to fall into place and these ultimate soulmates became clear I lost my breath I literally paused and took in the intensity of the moment And it wasn't the last time I stopped to grapple with the tsunami of feelings I'll admit that it took me a bit before I fell into step with this story It was not an easy read It was not a light read It wasunlike anything I've ever read before As this was my first time with this author it took me a few chapters to click with the writing However the story snagged me from the beginning and I was a slave to the pagesWhat's to like I'm struggling to find the right wordsit's challenging to write a review for such a complex story First off I'm grateful that I didn't read any reviews prior to reading because I believe my experience was much profound without knowing too much I'm also very thankful this came across my radar with the help of a buddy read I'm not certain I would have read it otherwise So how do I compose a review without risking any spoilers or modifying your potential reading experience? How do I ensure you will behold the same beauty that I did? The only conclusion I can find iswith extreme ambiguity and soft descriptions With recounting my feelings rather than their's Basically by emotional babblingHere goesthis disorder isn't something that I am familiar with Yes I've seen the movies but that is the extent of my knowledge I felt inspired like Vaughn was toknow Yet as much as I was fascinated by the intricacy of Oryn's life it was the tentative steps of their relationship that held me captive Love is such a beautiful thing and why I am drawn to romance stories The power that love wields can blow me away And Vaughn and Oryn are a perfect example of pure powerful unconditional loveWhat's to love I could say that Vaughn is amazing but so is Oryn I could express my admiration for his patience but again it goes two fold One of the many things that I found remarkable was the open mind open arms and open heart that we witness It's not clear what traumatic events led Oryn to his fractured mind butthat's okay History is simply that What is important is the here and now And eventually the promise of a futureMy uick rundown on the alters within Oryn would beTheo practical sturdy constantReed watchdog defender resoluteCove haunted stormy survivorCohen free joyous playfulRain spontaneous refreshing innocentThese pieces come together and form an extraordinary man But there is no separating they come as a package deal And no one has ever loved them before There are many first's within these pages but this was by far the most amazing I loved how Vaughn loved them I loved how they loved Vaughn And the ending brought happy tears to my eyesBeware of Dissociative identity disorder is complicated Oryn's daily battles are exhausting and almost inconceivable And their love is cautious yet all consumingSpecial shout out for the cover it is absolute perfectionThis book is for Anyone willing to take a chanceLove Me Whole is one of the most tremendous love stories that I've ever read and you may very well feel the same What are you waiting for?Book UNfunk

  7. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    This was absolutely fascinating and beautiful and frightening and confusing and it was everythingThis is going on my favorite shelfI loved this book so much I never wanted it to endBreathtakingI can't stop thinking about it I didn't have a lot of time to read this weekend but this book was on my mind constantly and I feel like it will be on my mind for a long time to comeI am at a loss for the right wordsIt was the perfect blend The author did a fantastic job I think meshing the education and all the information but keeping it a very romantic and hopeful book I just loved it Beautiful

  8. Susan Susan says:

    35 starsThis was certainly a very uniue book But OMG I feel exhausted after reading this Not necessarily a bad thing but I don’t think I will be rereading this any time soonVaughn and Oryn meet when Vaughn is taking a marketing night class at the local college Oryn is softspoken shy but obviously intelligent Vaughn doesn’t get why their classmates are making fun of Oryn all the time Vaughn thought he didn’t have to deal with bullies at 35 years of ageWhen they need a partner for a project Vaughns decides to ask Oryn but when he does Oryn is hesitant to accept Oryn then explains he has DID Dissociative identity disorder also known as someone who has multiple personalities But that doesn’t deter Vaughn in the slightest so they do end up partnered togetherWhen Vaughn starts coming over to Oryn’s house he gets to meet some of Oryn’s alters and he finally understands how difficult it must be for OrynSlowly Vaughn learns that something bad happened to Oryn in his childhood for him to develop the DID The alters protect him There is Reed who is a straight weightlifting jock who has sworn to protect Oryn at all cost Then there is Cohen a flamboyant 19 year old Theo the asexual super organized guy Rain the 5 year old little boy And finally Cove who is hurting so badly he is harming himselfWhen Vaughn gets to know Oryn and his alters he knows he cannot walk away from him despite how hard it may be to have a relationship with him He doesn’t even know if Oryn is capable of any kind of romantic relationship but all he knows is that Oryn is worth itWhile I really liked this book there was one thing that bothered me enough to detract some stars from this Vaughn and Oryn start a relationship but not yet a physical one since that is a trigger for Oryn Vaughn has spent some time with Cohen too since Cohen is the one that is outgoing and flirty and appears when Vaughn asks Oryn out on dates Oryn still can’t have sex with Vaughn but tells Vaughn it is okay to have sex with Cohen And after some consideration and thinking on Vaughn’s part they do indeed have sex Cohen and Vaughn I thought that moment came too soon I get that Oryn has different alters who all had their very own personalities and even looked different in their own minds and it is amazing that Vaughn can love all of them but at that moment I felt as if Vaughn didn’t know Cohen enough to have sex with him and used him as a stand in for Oryn since they share the same body Yes it did feel a bit like cheating at that momentI know it’s not really cheating but know that Cohen was indeed a totally different person from Oryn and Vaughn kept thinking it was Oryn who he was in love with Later on it got better when Vaughn admitted to himself he loved Cohen just as much as Oryn and he just had a relationship with several people instead of just with one man But I would have been happier if the sex between Vaughn and Cohen would have happened later on in the book Because this made me uncomfortable for a long timeStill this is a very interesting story even though it was too exhausting for meOh and can I just say that I was slightly disappointed we never learn anything about Oryn's past I don't need details but we didn't get anything at all

  9. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    This was a fascinating picture of a man learning to love someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder what was once called multiple personality disorder Vaughn meets Oryn in a college class and suggests that as two people who seem to be outside the typical student attitudes they might collaborate on the group project Oryn at first seems like just a shy smart reclusive person but over time Vaughn sees moments when Oryn's whole behavior and attitude turn on a dime At first he's puzzled and worried by these changes but Oryn reveals that his body is in fact inhabited by five personalities or alters Those distinct individuals splintered out from his life at unknown times in the past protecting him from a probable childhood of severe abuse Oryn doesn't remember his past because another personality protects him from it Sheltered by his alters he's trying to live a normal life while writing a book about his DID The descriptions of Oryn and his alters their behavior and functions in his life and how they either negotiated or switched consciousness at need or with triggers was fascinating and felt well researched From alter 5 year old Rain experiencing a happy childhood Oryn never had to dark Cove harming the body they all shared for reasons Oryn can't access they all were distinct and fascinating And as the book progressed and Vaughn worked out how to interact with the alters as they appeared I was cheering for their progressMy only uibble with this book is that Vaughn is very perfect view spoilerAlthough he occasionally pushes a bit fast with physical touch I was waiting for the moment when something he did or said would really backfire in than a momentary backlash Or for the moment when he would express normal irritation at having things upset by Rain appearing or would have a real conflict with Cove or Reed the two most protective alters Vaughn never fails or flinches in any significant way and for me the book would have been a bit real and interesting if he did This was also one book where a person with a possible rapeabuse history reached the success endpoint of enjoying bottoming for sex and I was kind of hoping it would be one where that goal wasn't reached and never would be and things were wonderful without it But the sex progression was well done and very slow hide spoiler

  10. Eli Easton Eli Easton says:

    I loved this book Not only was it highly readable and addictive it was also fascinating I learned a lot of things about DID Dissociative Identity Disorder that I didn't know I loved the way the main character Vaughn had to navigate not only his relationship with Oryn but with all of the other personalities that resided within Oryn as well including one who was very much a straight dude bro and a child This was SO well done I highly recommend this hurt comfort story as one of the best Cudos to Nicky James for managing a very difficult narrative and pulling it off 100%See my full review here

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