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[PDF] Love Over Life By Olivia Besse-Whitaker – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Ebook] ➣ Love Over Life Author Olivia Besse-Whitaker – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Out of printFormerly entitled BelleElodie Marais is a hot mess—she's single she's exhausted and she's pretty sure she's being stalked Her face might be on the cover of every magazine her closet migh Out of printFormerly entitled BelleElodie Marais is a hot mess—she's single she's exhausted and she's pretty sure she's being stalked Her face might be on the cover of every magazine her closet might be brimming with piles of the season's Love Over PDF \ latest and her status might be inching towards that of a bona fide supermodel but she couldn't be miserable After all what twenty year old girl wouldn't be when the love of her life hates her Chanel adorned guts The final installment of The Manneuin Series follows Elodie and her friends as they navigate runways tackle dilemmas and confront matters of the heart But as she learns to let go and love herself the uestion still remains Will Elodie ever get her happy ending This novel contains graphic sexual content and strong language It is intended for mature readers.

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  1. Shelley Shelley says:

    5 Gorilla starsARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAs soon as I finished Bijou I could not wait to pick this one up and then I couldn't put it down until I was finished I love these characters especially Tyler and Elodie Tyler makes this whole book Okay don't read this review if you have not read Bijou because it will contain spoilers for that book I was so happy that Elodie finally realized that she didn't really love James and that James ended up being as big of a douche as his friends I was worried there would be lots of angst involving Tyler and Elodie but luckily they resolve things pretty uickly come on after all they are made for each other I do love how the relate to one another and their dialogues and interactions with each other make the whole book Elodie is finally happy and her career is going well but Elodie is also finally seeing what this industry does to the girls who work in it and what a price the models pay in order to make it Elodie has really grown and become a parent to the new young girls in the industry She is so kind and even though she still makes some silly mistakes trust issues with Tyler she has learned to not play any games and just let him know how she feelsI cannot say enough how much I love Tyler then bagels He is such a great guy and could steal any girls heart It will not take you long to devour this book and since the models never eat you don't have to worry about any calories Thank you Olivia Besse for this story and introducing me to these characters I will actually miss them now that I am done

  2. Natasha Natasha says:

    I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchagne for an honest reviewAs expected I loved this book It has everything the other books had and then some There’s still Elodie’s silly thoughts Heddi’s enjoyable sarcasm the amazing love shared between Elodie and her friends the annoying James model talkwalk and my all time fave—TYLER 3 Every moment Elodie and Tyler spend together is just TOO cute I love how Elodie can just let go and be herself around him no matter what and I love hat he just naturally brings it out in her They love each other and want the best for each other Each of them are just so HAPPY being with the other that you just know that they will be okayIt’s great because you still have the break up make up cheating heartbreak etc that we see in many NA books but this time it doesn’t seem so dramatic exaggerated and overdone It happens and then they deal with it head on and it’s over there’s no long chapters of each of them being jealous and depressed because of some drama that happened Besse makes it all so real and I continue to commend her for that We still get all the feels but almost at a deeper level such that we can all genuinely feel like we are all Elodies because let’s face us most of us are are we not? Whether or not we’d like to admit it we all make mistakes fall for the wrong guy seek what the masses deem as beautiful and neglect what it is and who it is our heart truly desireswho we truly are Besse has this way of writing where the story stays with you forever I think she’s broken me I find that I can no longer read these New Adult books any because all I think is FAKE WOULD NEVER HAPPEN the guy is too perfect the girl is annoying and needy this plot twist is unrealistic these people are inherently rich and that’s not the norm etc With Besse you get so much than you bargain for; you won't regret reading this seriesview spoiler I will start off by reiterating that I LOVE how cute Elodie and Tyler are together Big props for how they got back together though—a tag team effort by Heddi and Tyler loved it I found it amazing that after all of Elodie’s antics and her betrayal Tyler Peeters still loves every single part of her Any other guy would not only agree with her thoughts about her being “stupid” for being with James for so long but Tyler doesn’t hold it against her He loves her and knows that she already feels hurt and sorry enough for her mistakes and that she is probably being so much harder on herself than he would be He doesn’t let her sit in that guilt for long and urges her to put it behind her and live in the present As he says “Who cares? I won Game over” If there is one thing I can say I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED about this book other than Elodie and Tyler it would be this Elodie’s growth When compared to the other 2 books you couldn’t miss how far she’s come; she has changed and everyone notices I love how Besse did this; you can SEE and feel the change in Elodie and totally makes up for all of the “omg get it together girl” moments you may have experienced in the previous books In an ironic way we have James to thank for it; he knocked some sense into Elodie by inserting his dick into some other girl This is most evident when Elodie says that “she realized she didn’t care how cute James was or how good his manners wereI am an idiot who lost the best thing I ever had for an overgrown child who simply looked good on paper” Her change is also shown in how she goes out of her way to help the younger models whether it be by giving advice for Fashion Week castings to joining in drinking some green juice with her new roomie Elodie truly does her best to help these girls learn the lessons it took years for herself to learn in the world of models She may not always succeed but she does try her bestThe only real criticism I have is that things seem to move kind of fast with Elodie and Tyler I get that it’s the last book and she wanted to tie it all up with a big old ribbon but it took away from the reality of it just a little It felt like she was trying to put too much Elodie and Tyler all in one book it would have been cool to see it spread out through another book Nonetheless I did enjoy how everything sort of worked out for the better; even if it didn’t in certain areas we are left knowing that it will We still got to see the apparent reality of the modeling world from Elodie’s eyes—how easily it can destroy the innocence of girls especially at young ages This was sad but very well presented as we got to see this happen in many of the young models Elodie hadinteracted with over the years It was refreshing that Elodie recognized this though and made the decision to remove herself from that scene to start something new something that made her feel like an actual human being something that made her feel good As always a beautifully written and realistic book for all the Elodies out there hide spoiler

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I received this book in xc for an honest reviewI really liked this series and the author ended it in the best way that any romance series could end It seriously made me feel warm and fuzzy inside by the time I hit the 100% mark especially since the rest of the series had been so tumultuousOne reason why I was so fond of this series is because it seems REAL I wasn't rolling my eyes at cliches or fairy tale esue ridiculousness The book explores how actual relationships function complete with all of the drama jealousy nerves and fears involved with being in love I LOVE the relationship between the two MCs and I really appreciated how we got an inside look at the fashion industry and all of its ugliness I finished this book overnight because I couldn't put it down I'll definitely be reading from this author in the future

  4. Jenni Jenni says:

    45 starsreview to come

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