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Free ↠ Lovely Vicious By Sara Wolf – [PDF / Epub] ☄ Lovely Vicious Author Sara Wolf – 1 Don't talk about love2 Don't think about love3 Thinking and talking about love leads to Love which is the enemyFor 17 year old Isis Blake the list has one goal to ensure she never falls in love agai Don't talk about love Don't think about love Thinking and talking about love leads to Love which is the enemyFor year old Isis Blake the list has one goal to ensure she never falls in love again Ever As Isis and her mom settle into their new home in Buttcrack of Nowhere Ohio Isis is rockin' the purple hair and a beat up old carand hoping like hell that no one learns that a she used to be fat; and b she used to have a heartNaturally Isis opts for social suicide insteadby punching the cold and untouchably handsome Ice Prince aka Jack Hunter right in his smug faceNow the school hallways are an epic battleground as Isis and the Ice Prince engage in a vicious game of social warfareBut sometimes to know your enemy is to love him.

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  1. Christine Alibutud Christine Alibutud says:

    MY EXACT REACTION TOWARDS THE END YEP THIS WAS BASICALLY MEI MEAN THAT ENDING ESPECIALLY THAT CLIFFHANGER LEFT ME JUSTI mean seriously justughOkay okay let us rewind I stumbled upon this book while looking for new books to read When I read the title I was a little intrigued Aside from the title being near to The Maine's my favorite band acoustic single Lovely Sad the fact that the words lovely and vicious were put together really piued my interest So then and there I read the blurb and in no time I started reading it AND READING IT WAS A GREAT DECISION Let's just say I was having a bad reading streak and I just wanted to read something that I can't stop readingand this came along soooo YIPPEEEEFirst of IsisYOU CRACK ME UP EVERY SINGLE TIME All her schenanigans and the way she talks and the way she acts and practically everything she does makes me laugh my lungs out Especially the crazy antics she does because of her war with hottie Jack Hunter I basically laughed my way throughout this book I was like this every single timeYUP JUST PLAIN HYSTERICAL I MEAN WHO CAN BLAME ME?? IT WAS THAT FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHABut even though Isis was tough and confident on the outside she was really vulnerable and insecure on the inside She used to be a lot bigger and she even considers herself ugly And the main reason for this Nameless Ever since he hurt her she hasn't fallen in love for three years nine weeks and five days She promises to herself that she'll never fall in love again after the incident with Nameless That is why when she moves with her mother to Ohio she changes herself to someone confident and feisty especially after she lost weight and dyed purple streaks to her hairThis is where Mr Ice Prince of East Summit High enters and saves the dayJack Hunter is popular and every girl's dream and every boy's envyBecause he doesn't interact much he was dubbed as the Ice Prince BUT ALAS HE MET HIS MATCH No other than little Ms Hellion better known as Isis Nobody can get on Jack's nerves better than Isis and vice versa They start a very competitive war and begin to hate on each other BIGTIME But we all know what happens when you hate someone a little too much I reach out for his hand my own trembling His fingers look so long and slender and gentle They feel smooth and warm I take hold of a few of them like they’re a lifeline A raft in the sea A rope in a deep hole YUPPPP I WAS SWOONING FOR THE MOST PART TOOI MEAN THE ICE PRINCE WAS DELICIOUSLY HOT And rude arrogant and impossible But also very sweet and caring cue swooningYEP JACK HUNTER WAS SWOON MATERIAL Especially when he told Isis she was beautifulAnd Isis was likeSo if you ask me if I'll ever order me some piece of that luscious Ice PrincePlus the other characters Wren Kayla Avery that crazy knife dude Evans those weirdo teachers their mothers and even SophiaThey really added a different but nice touch to the story THUMBS UPAnd me being a sucker for love hate relationships it was not difficult to enjoy and eventually love this book Definitely made me smile swoon laugh and everything in between BUT THEN THAT ENDINGI mean 5 LOVELY AND VICIOUS STARSSSS But then yknow until the second book2016 May 28 Reread this again Still great as ever

  2. V. A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but editors won& V. A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but editors won& says:

    Update 10 14 2017UNSAFE READ ALERT OTHER WOMAN DRAMA UNSAFE READ ALERT OTHER WOMAN DRAMA Dropping two stars and maybe dropping the series for goodSpoiler for this book and the seuels view spoiler Jack the hero works as a escort and at first I was okay with that because he says that sex is rarely part of his job he says that women usually hire him for non sex stuff like for making exes jealous or him going with them to proms and events Stupid me I believed him I'm trying to read book 2 and after Jack and Isis kiss he not only keeps his job but his relationship with an ex flame is stronger than I thought If you don't like love triangles FMF avoid this series That's a shame because Isis is one of my favorite heroines she has serious self esteem issues and she hides behind her humorous facade to try to survive A heroine like her deserved better Please don't tell me that's not cheating because he's not officialy dating Isis It's 100% disloyal and stupid I hate itAlso he kind of dates platonically at Isis insistance one of heroine's best friends It's a very platonic relationship that seems to be only to make Isis happy but now that I know he's so close to Sophia I see his dating Kayla as weak disloyal and traitorous hide spoiler

  3. Penelope Douglas Penelope Douglas says:

    The best dialogue I've probably ever read

  4. Kimsandara Kimsandara says:

    I'll give it to you in a few wordsPredictableGirl had a massive trauma in her pastGirl changed and wanted to start overGirl meets this incredibly sexy dudeDude is cold and detached Here Dude is nicknamed The Ice PrinceGirl thinks she hates dudeGirl falls in love with dudeOver the topDude has massive traumatic past too that's why he is coldDude linked to a mysterious girl Girl is curious aboutjealous of mysterious girlMysterious girl's past is traumaticdisturbing She is ill like death inducing illGirl's mama also has a traumatic past Dude is pimping himself out while his family is supposedly richto help someone out Seems a good reason but stupid in the end ask Mummy for money?SuperficialGirl is frenenemy with pretty ass ueen beeLove triangle with bestfrienddo I need to develop?Immature humourreaction Girl throws poop at Boy's car; GirlBoy fall into a fountain full of piss ImpossibleHigh School director plasters pictures of girl when she was fat on the walls for a reasonHAHAHAHA Girl storms into class to yell at Boy Teacher does nothing but oogle girl in skimpy attireGirl plants drugs into boy's locker to ruin his reputationImpossibly idiotic And the list goes on and on This crap may have been funny when I was seven but I have grown olderThe writing was amateurish and plain stupid at times Err never again Edited I do realise that I sound very harsh in this review and honestly I generally try not to be mean toward the writers and the readers that actually liked a book that I dislike Here 95% of the readers did like Lovely Vicious The main reason why I think this book shouldn't have been printed in the first place is that there is no semblance of realism It reads like a badly written fanfiction I wager the writer had a great time writing it but the plot what plot? goes nowhere It is a string of awkward situations and maudlin dialogues I don't have anything against suspending my disbelief for a while but Sara Wolf went too far So yes Lovely Vicious was a huge disappointement for me

  5. Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie says:

    Whenever I finish reading an amazing book I clam up I have no idea how to express my feelings So yeah I loved this book so so so muchAs depressing as the uote above is I wasn't really depressed by this book Maybe sad and at times a little tearful but this book was a medley of teen angst covered in some pretty wicked humour First and foremost I should probably stress that I do love teen angst all kinds of it I love going through the awkwardness unnecessary self loathing and torturous romance in booksI loved Isis She has some serious issues but don't for one minute think that she's a doormat because of it She was loud obnoxious opinionated smart witty and incredibly loyal to her friend Kayla Even though I couldn't stand Kayla Isis is a transfer student so she's the new girl and reformed fat girl At her old school she was known as the fat girl a boy she calls Nameless broke her heart and she can't stand to hear his name said She lives with her mother who was recently physically assaulted by her ex boyfriend Her mother suffers from PTSD and Isis has become the parent and her mother the child my personal observation So she they've move and she's started a new school and goes to her first party Which is where it all beginswith a kiss I like to think being genuinely nice is one of my strengths though you know minus punching guys who deserve it So I'll be nice I'll keep myself from everyone else No one wants ugly Even if they did it wouldn't be good for them I'm loud and angry and sarcastic No one wants that Nameless taught me that too He taught me to spare everyone from myself That's true kindness Enter Jack AKA The Ice Prince Breaker of many hearts and doesn't give a shit about it either Actually he probably isn't even aware of it Isis zeroes in on him while her friend Kayla continues her 6 year crush fest on him Jack hurts Kayla's feelings Isis is put out on behalf of her friend and vows to make him apologise and so a war begins Who will out smart the other? My Thoughts Isis is the epitome of an outcast She doesn't fit in anywhere but then again she doesn't feel like she has to There's some bullying and threats but she never takes it lying down Isis fought all the way I wanted to smack her at times because her loyalty to Kayla was infuriating Kayla may have been sweet but she was also selfish and even blatantly abused Isis' friendshipThis book does not deal with light subject matter but it does address it with humour which I did appreciate Nothing was trivialised but it's really difficult reading about a depressed and whiney heroine Isis was a breathe of fresh airSo if you're looking for a YA book with some drama angst romance and hilarious and smart banter this is your book

  6. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    The ending Why? No Not yet it shouldn't have ended yet The only thing that's keeping me calm right now is the existence of two seuelsI am uivering and hyperventilating right now for all sorts of reasons over this book this recklessly funny murderously beautiful and unexpectedly amazing book One moment I was just in a totally relaxed mode enjoying this cutesy romantic harmless little book laughing out loud over the witty and hilariously funny dialoguesand then the next thing I know events swerved to a 360 degree turn and all I could do was say I am so delirious right now I need an antidote which is no other than the second book ;

  7. bibliophile (Romance Addict) bibliophile (Romance Addict) says:

    5 captivating stars I do not understand why I loved this book this much ICouldNotStopReading it I was hooked by Isis's crazy voice funny banters and fake personality ➀ This book deals with dark issues✦ Weight loss✦ Low Self Esteem✦ A dark mysterious past ✦ Friends✦ Fitting in ✦ Mental health issues ✦ Bad Break ups “Sometimes we can’t do the things we want to do for ourselves Sometimes we wait for someone else to do them You can’t always wait like that You have to seek out change on your own” ➁ I might've enjoyed this book because it reminded me of anime And as you might know or not know I adore anime This book's characters were a lot like anime characters ✦ The Nerdy anime character with big glasses vast knowledge and also popularity at some pointWren ✦ The girl who has boys lusting for herShe's the popular nice girl Kayla ✦ The arrogant mean girl who controls everyone She's not liked but for some reason people follow her blindly She's good looking richand very mean in a way that can lock someone in jailnot bullying mean if you know what I mean Avery ✦ The smart mysterious guy Girls love him for his looks Guys respect him for his intelligence Teachers love him for his grades He has a bad reputation but everyone still love him regardless of his crazy personality The guy isn't nice and doesn't sugar coat anything He's mean to girls and rude to everyone Yet he's still very popular well loved by everyone This character is very common in the anime world Jack ✦ The new girl A girl who's funny and loved She grab people's attention She's loud crazy and fun Yet she's wise caring and thankful She has very serious issues and her funky personality is just there to mask the real her She's running away from problems and in reality she's very scared No matter how much she goes through she's still strong ready to fight Isis “I would love to slap you right now but I’m currently wielding a nine pound ball and I’m afraid that would be called murder” ➂ I might've been in love with this novel because Jack Isis's love story wasn't instant I just despite instant love stories I see it as a curse done by the author Ok I might be exaggerating a bit but I honestly don't like instant love in my books because it's unrealistic makes me want to roll my eyes Repeatedly Jack Isis's relationship grew slowly from nothing to hate to war to sympathy caring and then finally attraction They slowly started liking each other It wasn't instant and I must admit it was kind of very slow nice “How did you find me? If you hacked into the Club’s computer to look up my appointments “Whoa I think you overestimate me shitlord Last time I checked all I did was be in the wrong place at the right time I saw you and had to ”“Stalk me”“ delicately approach you In a sideways manner From behind Without being seen at all For ten minutes” ➃ I don't know why I did this but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time Actually I was supposed to read a bit before my bed time but when I held it and started reading I dropped it only after I was done with it I read the whole book in one sitting I didn't even update my GR 'currently reading' list I was so consumed and struck by this book from the moment I held it In the end I slept very late but I don't regret what I did even though I had to wake up early the next morning “And then he came and pulled her petals off one by one forcing her to surround herself with thorns to survive But he missed one petal And she guards it with a tiger's ferocity” ➄ I might've also loved this book because of theJapanese words thrown here and there As I said I'm a big Anime fan and in return I learned a little Japanese on my free time So seeing Japanese words thrown here and there and actually understanding what it meant without reading the meaning just made me feel awesome I know That's irrelevant but I want to share my enthusiasm with the world “Because I’m strong Because I’m Isis Blake and she might not be pretty or sweet or well mannered but she’s very very strong” ➅ The plot was so unpredictable I enjoyed reading every part of it There were many plot twists I didn't see coming which only made me enjoy the book I liked how Jack and Isis were both very observant and smart I love how the writer surprised us with every secret revealed The writing was mostly in Isis's POV and it was hilarious Jack's POV was a bit darker and obvious than Isis Regardless the book was full of humor despite the dark themes “Hello spawn” I coo at Kayla’s baby brother as he waddles into her room He burps at me“It looks like you guys speak the same language” Kayla uips“Where was that sass when Jack was making you cry at Avery’s party?”“Uh hello? He’s my crush? I’m not going to sass him”“Flash ‘em the sass before you flash ‘em the ass”“What kind of saying is that?” She laughs“Grandma saying She’s the head of the motorcycle gang at her nursing home” ➆ The freaking ending I was like WTF? Also the part where view spoiler Jack goes crazy beat Leo so hard and is actually very excited about it hide spoiler

  8. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    if after by anna todd had a funny love childgood god this was horrific and i'm honestly kicking myself for not taking any notes it seemed like on every page there was something to laugh at and criticize you might notice there are 2 stars and not 1 up there but that's because this book was actually funny let me break it all down for youwhat was goodishthis was fucking funny and i don't mean that in a i'm laughing at you sort of way i was genuinely entertained for the first like 40% of the book both the internal and external dialogue in this book were pretty damn good constant funny metaphors zingers etc i was pleased but that's about it because it started annoying me after the 40% mark along with a dozen other thingswhat sucked asswhere to fucking start first of all the entire premise of this book is silly af this girl decides to wage a war against a guy at her new school because she doesn't like that this guy is rude and by rude she means that he doesn't pay attention to the girls that are interested in him but from everything that we know of jack he isn't a dickhead he just wants to be left the fuck alonebut of course isis decides that she wants to be an asshole to this dude because she has been burned one too many times by guys she harasses the fuck out of him and is surprised when he retaliates honestly i felt kind of sorry for this guy he has his own stuff going on and she had to poke the sleeping bearbut beyond the absolutely idiotic plot we've got so many things that never would have happened in real life let's list them shall we principal posting your fat pics from before you got skinny all over the school principal applying to colleges on your behalf mean girl giving her friend a date rape drug so a guy might take advantage of her mean girl trying to appropriate school funds to go on a trip to france to get back an estranged friend a 17 year old male escorting to pay a friend's medical bills a straight out of soap operas amnesia cliffhangerthose are just some that i can think of off the top of my head every twist and turn is laughably stupid and i just kept hitting my head saying why every time something new happenedblessedly i have a friend who is going to continue this series and keep me informed on all of the dumb things that happen but thankfully i won't be readingalso why did every one of my goodreads friends rate this 4 stars i'm honestly speechless

  9. Pearl Angeli Pearl Angeli says:

    DNF at 46%I'm so sorry guys And I'm so sorry AJ my friend who recommended this to me It's just that I really really wanted to like this But I just can't I mean I'm not the type of reader who does this DNF ing thing but I was forced because I can't tolerate the immaturity of this book Yes there was a ton of it and it was getting annoying every single second and it was already getting on my nerves to the point that I could no longer take itWhen I first met Isis at the beginning chapter I thought she was cool funny and brave a little sarcastic and snarky but tolerable but as the story progressed I realized she's difficult to like and get along with She was no longer making any sense and she kept on whining about how bad she looks and how fat she was and how shaken she was when she was ditched by her ex and how insecure she is every time she encounters her chic school mates Ugh Isis is one of those characters that really pull the bitch out of me and make me roll my eyes every timeJack on the other hand is I dunno He's a likeable character but definitely not the one who could be labeled as a book boyfriend He's always too passive and I think his character development is so poor I could not really connect with himAt some point I was trying to convince myself to continue it and read it up to the very final chapter to find out how it ends I've read from reviews that it has a cliffhanger ending and I love cliffhangers because they're challenging but I no longer have the interest to continueSo yeah this book unfortunately did not get me Again I'm sorry especially for the guys who loved this book I really am

  10. Don Don says:

    6 incredible stars This story is remarkable and unforgettable It caught my attention and just sucked me in without a care in the world This story is about a girl named Isis who moves from Florida to Ohio to start over little did she know that she would start a war with Jack the Ice Prince coping with the past taking care of her mother Isis and Jack are both mastermind conniving people but that only makes the events and banter that happen between them so much hilarious and heart grabbing I fell in love with them individually and together This story was refreshing and new for me and Sarah Wolf you did a fantastic job at making me so happy and then CRUSHING IT WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT? YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THAT AND EXPECT ME TO BE SANE AFTER IT? Chapter sixteenChapter seventeenThe Cliffhanger tries to calm myself down Back to what I was saying this is a must read I might be late on reading this trilogy but that just means there are a lot of others that are late as well so join the bandwagon my friends you won’t regret it well you’ll regret it once you get to the cliffhanger BUT it will all be wort you know what just read the damn book and be as mesmerized as I am This book includesFunny banterWeight loss FriendshipCliffhanger rolls eyesInsecurities Total SwoonageRomanceDramaDark secretsMysteryPainTears cause my sappy ass criedOh and Isis casually thinking out loud Five of the Characters More characters added an extremely nice touch to the book Isis Isis is my FAVORITE heroine She’s a girl I know I’d be best friends with in real life You just have to like her right away even though she deals with a lot of issues and is running away from her past she’s stronger than she knows She’s sarcastic crazy babbles a lot caring INSANELY hilarious and has an attention grabbing personality You never know what she’s going to say or do next and that’s why I admire her Ten pages in and you’ll fall in love with Isis Why? She punches the Ice Prince; I mean Jack for being disrespectful to Kayla a girl that wasn’t even her friend yet Isis doesn’t do disrespect and she’ll make sure you know it or her first will connect with your face in a matter of seconds don’t believe me? Ask Jack He’ll tell you about it ; Say it Say one thing pretty boy I dare you to “You’re pathetic” he saysThat’s the first time I punch Jack Hunter’s faceAnd as my knuckles connect with his stupid high cheekbones and he staggers back with a furious blizzard brewing in his icy eyes I somehow get the feeling It won’t be the last time“Apologize to Kayla” I demand and the entire house goes uiet “Judging by your expression” – I cross my arms and glower – “getting punched for being an ass Is something new” Jack– Ice Prince The guy every girl wants to change and be with and every guy hates but wishes they were Jack doesn’t talk much to anyone at his school; he keeps to himself which leads him to be mysterious I love him No one’s ever crossed him until he meets Isis his match made in heaven They’re completely different but the same why do I love him so much? Jack is cold arrogant beyond blunt challenging and RUDE I just want him in my life But beneath that icy heart he’s actually a sweetheart and is caring but only to the ones he cares about Jack hit me up The rivalry between Jack and Isis hectic but they do have their pleasant moments Let’s just say its all fair in love war ; “I’d tap the shit outta that ho” A redheaded boy smacks the air in front of his crotch lasciviously I don’t have time to stop myself –he’s pinned against the water fountain in less than two seconds“Repeat that” I growl“W What?” the redhead stutters “C’mon man let go” “Repeat what you just said” I insist I redirect my glare to the redhead “If I hear you spewing your perverted bullshit about that girl again well Ask the football team why they avoid me would you? It might enlighten you” Side note When Jack is turned on Halloween party? WOAH BABY Kayla Kayla is the girl that is popular and you’d expect her to be a bitch because every guy wants her but she’s sweet kind loyal and just uirky But she doesn’t only want to be known as a beautiful face because she’s than that “Just you know I’m nice I can get things from people”“You’re pretty”“But I’m also nice And I’m smart Okay maybe not in world history but who even cares about stupid plagues anyway? We have vaccines now I’m really good at home ec and Gregory said I have a natural talent for calculus okay? I’m a lot of things besides pretty so don’t just say that like everyone else” Avery Avery is Regina George just a red head and worst “It’s incredible I knew she was a bitch but I had no idea she used to be a whale Do you think she’s covered in stretch marks or what? How much of her is flab?” Avery chuckles Wren Wren is the student council president popular and is friends with everyone but is also intimidating “I’m sorry” Wren suints at me “Do I know you? Oh wait I do know you The new girl Isis Blake”“The one and only” I smile“July 1 1998 Blood type 0 positive You previously lived in Good Falls Florida with your aunt You’re allergic to strawberries”I’m shocked but I keep my smile “How do you know so “ “I’ve read your school record I volunteer in the office” I don’t know how I hadn’t read this book because It has just gone on my favorite list For reviews click below

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