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Free ↠ Lucy the Giant By Sherri L. Smith – [PDF] ⚣ Lucy the Giant ✯ Sherri L. Smith – Lucy Otswego is a big girl who towers over just about everyone and everything in her small Alaskan town except for her father's horrible reputation as a mean drunk At 15 she runs away from the cruel c Lucy Otswego is a big girl who towers over just about everyone and everything in her small Alaskan town except for her father's horrible Lucy the MOBI :ç reputation as a mean drunk At she runs away from the cruel classmates who see her only as the Giant the embarrassed adults who pity her and the abusive father whose fleeting attentiveness is worse than his indifference When the crew of a crabbing boat assumes she's much older than she is and invites her to join them for the season she thrills at the possibility of escaping her teenaged life Buoyed by the camaraderie and support of her new shipmates Lucy uickly masters the mind numbing cold and backbreaking work But when her masuerade is threatened she learns that there are no shortcuts to growing up From the Hardcover edition.

10 thoughts on “Lucy the Giant

  1. Marybeth Marybeth says:

    Wonderful story about finding the place we fit in the world and surviving so many things until we do Loved the Alaskan setting

  2. Jacque P. Jacque P. says:

    This book was so on the edge The author Sherri L Smith did a great job writing this book I love it because its like your on the edge and then something different happensThis book was amazing At first it took a while to get into but that is all books When I was getting into it I honestly couldn't put down the book Every page was like something different and exciting This book I couldn't put it down To me I thought it was really interesting I would so read this again if I have too This was one of my favorite books now I think this is a great book for people who love books that are on the edge and exciting Lucy and everyone else in that book was amazing and I can totally pictured who they were This book is for teenager girls who think they are too tall I think that because this book goes over how she hate her height Also this book would be great for people that might have a hard time in life Overall this book was one of the best books I've read

  3. Niffer Niffer says:

    A wonderfully poignant story about a young girl in search of herself The ending is perhaps a little weak but I think ultimately Lucy finds answers for herself

  4. Jantine Jantine says:

    I read this when I was 12 years old and have never uite forgotten it I've been rereading some of my favourite childhood novels lately and was pleased that this was as poignant even so from an adult perspective as I remembered it All my favourite books seem to be about children living nearby or at sea I wonder why

  5. Anita Anita says:

    35 stars I found this book through one of my 11th graders who read it during in class SSR I've read Smith's Hot Sour Salty Sweet and really enjoyed her writing style especially her characters' voices She has done the same with this novel Lucy is at the periphery of society literally and figuratively She lives in small town Sitka Alaska populated with fishers and drunks Her father is one of these drunks whom she must rescue from the bar each night How he is not cited for child neglect and endangerment astounds me Lucy like many 15 year olds in low SES households must raise herself Lucy is extremely smart and seems to be a reader She has dreams of college perhaps of even finding her mother who abandoned her when she was seven Lucy finds comfort in a fellow stray a lost cause of a dog she names Santa Barbara I cheered for Bar as Lucy calls her The relationship is short lived and Lucy goes on her great adventure which is also short lived Lucy's adventure finds her in Kodiak Alaska on a crabbing boat named Miranda Lee and captained by Harley a fatherly man who allows him on the vessel's crew On this boat she finds a family in Harley and Geneva and a purpose for life crabbing Although it many be hard work she becomes important and purposeful Unfortunately also on the boat is Tracer who I had strong words about during my status updates SPOILER AHEADThrough a series of events she ends up reuired to return home This is where I totally disagreed with Smith's narrative The author had the chance to change her protagonist's life and future but she allows her to return to her circumstances Perhaps this is allows the character to push for a future to rise up beyond her means However the ending was a huge letdown for me as a reader I want better for Lucy beyond an education but a better life as a teenager She would have had that in Kodiak with the Cap'n Harley and Geneva

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This was a really good book This is about a 15 year old girl named Lucy from Sitka Alaska that has to carry her drunken dad home everyday She only has one friend at school whose name is Sheila Later on a stray dog starts to follow her Lucy doesn't like it at first but she gets used to it After she secretly keeps her dog which she decides to name Bar at home without her dad knowing A few weeks later Bar gets sick and Lucy can't do anything to help She tries everything to save her best friend The last thing she does is try asking her dad for money for her to take Bar to the vet while she's holding her in her arms Her dad doesn't say anything but tries to hit her She gets so frightened that she runs out of the house and uickly takes her dad's credit card with her She goes to the closest vet still holding Bar When they get there Bar is really weak When the doctor takes Bar in for a check up she already dies Bar had a worm that got to her heart Now Lucy has lost her best friend and decides to run away to Kodiak Alaska where she finds new friends and a crabbing job Will she come back home? WELL READ THE REST OF DA BOOK AND FIND OUT FOOL ;

  7. Sara Sara says:

    This is such a heartbreaker Lucy the main character is imminently likeable She's a 15 year old in an adult world courtesy of an abusive alcoholic father and an absent mother She ends up working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea replacing an empty life with miscellaneous co workers townspeople and her landlord's dog The three things I like best are the dogs there are two and how much Lucy likes them the realistic look at the world of adults which is sometimes really really crap and the things Lucy encounters that my daughter is just now realizing that she doesn't know For instance what do you do with several thousand dollars in pay if you've never had than a few dollars in change? You put it in stacks on your dresser just where you put the change Of course it makes bigger stacksIf you don't cry laugh out loud and find yourself frustrated to death at the nastiness of human nature you aren't reading this book

  8. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    The author bio says that Sherri Smith has never worked as a crabber and lives in LA In that case I don't know how accurate her portrayal of the Bering Sea is but it sure FELT real She painted a vivid picture of Sitka and Kodiak and the crabbing work Whether it was real or imaginary I could see and feel itAnd when Lucy felt depressed or upbeat or delighted or awful so did IWhen I was 15 and 16 I wished for books like this I was disgusted because all the books written about people my age either had boy main characters or had romance as a significant part This book was well written had an interesting plot a kid on her own give me was about a girl had no romance was clean showed an intriguing setting and lifestyle and involved the main character making hard but right choices in then end I'm not a teenager any but this is still what I consider pretty ideal

  9. Rachel Fessenbecker Rachel Fessenbecker says:

    I very much enjoyed this book It’s a coming of age story about a girl named Lucy who runs away from home after her dog dies She’s trying to escape the tiresome life of taking care of her deadbeat alcoholic dad in Sitka Alaska She starts a whole new life in Kodiak pretending to be an adult named Barbara and finds work on a crabbing boat Though the plot is somewhat unrealistic the characters and wonderful descriptions drew me in especially the images of the Bering Sea alongside the wide emotions of Lucy I found myself rooting for her the whole time I could recommend this book to anyone even those who aren’t typically drawn to adventure novels This is because anyone I believe can relate to this story a story about not uite fitting in but eventually finding people who can accept you and a place where you can grow and find out who you are Very well done

  10. Karen Ball Karen Ball says:

    One of my favorite young ladies recommended this to me and was she ever right that this is a great story If you've ever watched an episode of Ice Road Truckers or Deadliest Catch this will remind you of those Set in small town Alaska Lucy Otsego is very very tall girl over six feet Her father is a mean drunk Lucy's classmates are cruel about her differences and her situation and the few adults she knows in town pity her but can do nothing to help her Lucy runs away from home and because of her size is mistaken for an adult looking for work on a crabbing boat She signs on for the season hoping she has finally escaped her life Lucy finds friends but also finds out that growing up is a process everyone has to finish there are no short cuts Good realistic fiction for 7th grade and up

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