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Download ☆ Lukas the Trickster Warhammer 40k By Joshua Reynolds – ➽ [Download] ✤ Lukas the Trickster Warhammer 40k By Joshua Reynolds ➲ – Rebellious young Space Wolf Lukas the Trickster finds himself facing a foe who might rival even his legendary cunning – the dark eldar corsair Duke SliscusAmong the Space Wolves there are as many sa Rebellious young Space Wolf Lukas the Trickster Warhammer Kindle ´ Trickster finds himself facing a foe who might rival even his legendary cunning – the dark eldar corsair Duke SliscusAmong the Space Wolves there are as many sagas as there are warriors but there are Lukas the Kindle - none uite like that of Lukas the Trickster Vainglorious boastful and irreverent the Jackal Wolf has ever stood apart from his battle brothers passed from pack to pack by embittered Wolf Lords renowned and reviled in eual measure But as a new the Trickster Warhammer Epub Þ enemy invades the icy reaches of Fenris at the height of the Helwinter Lukas finds himself facing a foe who might rival even his legendary cunning – the dark eldar corsair Duke Sliscus In the battle between wolf and serpent who will emerge triumphant and who will stain the snow redRead By John Banks.

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  1. Sud666 Sud666 says:

    This is a great story It is a story about two key characters who walk a different path The first is Lukas of the Space Wolves The other is Duke Sliscus of the Dark Eldar While on different sides they both are different than their normal kinLukas the Trcikster has a strange wyrd His is to be the voice of dissent and to make the Space Wolves uestion some of their own beliefs This does not make him a popular member and having him on your team can be a hassle Jarl Grimblood assigns Luks to train some Blood Claws newer Space Wolves similar to scouts in other chapters While this is going on Duke Sliscus stages a raidhunt on FenrisThe Duke one of the most powerful of Dark Eldar players exists outside the reach of Asdrubal Vect or does he? There are a lot of plots going on here The conflict between the Dark Eldar and the Space Wolves is excellently doneLukas is a great character and so is the Duke Both of them in the same setting make for a great and exciting story A must read for any Space Wolves or Dark Eldar fan

  2. Callum Shephard Callum Shephard says:

    Warhammer 40000 benefits from a uniue thematic standing something which few other franchises have mastered The capacity to slide back and forth between borderline parody and stone faced seriousness in style and tone without either clashing A few years ago we discussed this dubbing it the Batman Effect Comparing it with how one character could represent the pinnacle of the comicbook Silver Age but also dark serious and intelligent storytelling Well as a character who replaced a vital internal organ with high explosives Lukas the Trickster sits firmly on the Adam West side of thingsBorn out of the most insane elements of the Fifth Edition non Ward related ones anyway Lukas is very much a love him or hate him character Either he reflects a type of exaggerated humour that was all too rare in Warhammer at the time or he passed Adam West right into George Clooney territory Yes that is the last time Batman mentions will be made in here The point is that between his humour and standing as the antithesis of typical Adeptus Astartes the character stood on a knife edge of becoming obnoxious In most cases either an author would be forced to abandon these elements or might crank them to intolerable degreesThe SynopsisWith his presence inflicted upon another Jarl Lukas sets about establishing himself among the younger Blood Claws With a reckless joy which is matched only by his skill Lukas proves himself a capable hunter time and time again despite the frustrations of his brothers Yet his constant drive to surpass himself may well have met his match When he faces Duke Traevelliath Sliscus of the Dark Eldar the encounter between the Serpent and Trickster will end only in blood on the snow and neither will walk away from the battle unchangedThe GoodLet's follow on from that last point in the introduction The balance reuired to pull off someone like Lukas The book or less manages it and while he is perhaps not so overtly insane as people imagined from his reputation the character walks a fine line between juvinile and laughably skilled While the old trope of the dumbass who is secretly a badass is centuries old by this point the book manages to find creative ways to express it Lukas' nature is in stark contrast to the dour faced and saga spewing figures in charge of his Great Company but the story presents it in the correct way He still manages to fit in with this world so rather than seeming utterly at odds with the Space Wolves chapter he serves as a facet which is rarely seenA major benefit of how the story continually depicts Lukas stems from how it knows exactly when to dial back the humour or divert it His opening brawl with a company's worth of Blood Claws follows some remarkably childish acts and serves as a stark reminder of his skill Eually his actions during the Kraken hunt makes it clear that while he is irreverent and prank prone he is far from stupid nor negligent in his skills He retains all the skills experience and knowledge of a Grey Hunter but the way he expresses them is what singles him out from the others The book focuses somewhat on his evolution but a stronger part helps to define just how such a figure could exist within this worldAs many of the secondary characters clearly follow the themes and ideas present in Chris Wraight's works This naturally means that they are far serious on the whole and that ultimately they fit into the Odin side of things than Loki This helps to further ground the book in the sense that it is still a part of the main 40000 setting and sidesteps the obvious accusation that it could simply be non canon due to its themes Just take a look at how that accusation plagued the Ciaphas Cain series for years More impressively still however it avoids turning them into caricatures to contrast with Lukas' larger than life nature A few obviously antagonistic elements within them are uickly shown to have far depth than you might expect but it holds it back just long enough to make full use of their inital role within the story It's only when two particularly important figures meet in a long disused part of the Fang that it starts to deconstruct what the tale initially built upAnother major point in the book's favour is how it handles the Space Wolves themselves A massive problem with Wraight's later works and even a few authors is how they overplay the theme of internal decay In Wraight's later books he took the Space Wolves' flaws and exaggerated them until you were left uestioning how the chapter was even combat effective That isn't true here and the story addresses it in a number of ways The state of the Fang itself with areas in disrepair is one obvious point but the story handles their tribalism in a few curious ways One in particular suggested that the Wolves' see their changes as improvements and that they were necessary to survive in a changing galaxy These are minor themes but it's the sort of approach chapters need when covering these ideas Especially the Iron Hands given the downward storytelling spiral they have been stuck on for yearsObviously despite the cover and title this tome was hyped as something of a showdown depicting the famous clash between Lukas and Sliscus Given how effective many scenes were with Lukas and how it further fleshed out aspects of their lifestyle the Duke could have easily been reduced to a secondary role A simple opponent skilled enough to counter the Trickster or heighten the tension of the battle itself Well while it is true that he fills out the role of protagonist it's clear early on that Sliscus has his own story to follow The politics of his fleet ambitions and daring nature uickly marks him out as a very dangerous figure even before he starts cutting people open This focus and standing is further assisted by his subordinates many of who stand out than the Space Wolf supporting cast This permits them a far better standing than would typically be found in most Marine novels and allows the Dark Eldar to do than serve as hired muscle for a real villainBecause the story spends so much time building up the two main figures in this conflict it takes over a third of the book for the real battle to start This isn't to say it's without action but to emphasise the fact it took its time to reach that point It doesn't rush into things this means that much of the heavy lifting and narrative establishment is handled very early on leaving the rest of the book to focus on the violence Oh my the violence Josh Reynolds tends to excel in conversations character exploration and building a sense of atmosphere As such the fact he can cut loose as he did came as a brilliant surprise To detail some of the things attempted would be to spoil the main draw of the novel so instead please simply know this Yes it is thoroughly entertaining Yes it is as insane as you would expect Yes obvious tactics and unconventional methods both play a major part in the storyThe BadThe real limitation of the book is than anything else that it seems not to uite know when to stop and start things This might not be clear at first but after a few times you might notice how the story seems to cut corners in jumping about between events While this is usually a factor within novels and authors can usually pull it off this one deals with it in a few odd ways A particularly big one is how in the first third it seems to rely on verbal exposition than true exploration Lukas' own introduction suffers from this thanks to his hectic arrival and trying to gloss over listing the exact details of his antics On paper pun fully intended it's clear that this was intended to establish him for new audiences and contrast him with the other Space Wolves That said it read as if there should have been a prologue or even a previous chapter or two as a definite introduction Sliscus' own introduction works but later moments with he and his subordinates fall into the same trap at times Reynolds can usually pull this sort of thing off but it stuck out here due to how often it was usedOn than a few occasions the story also seemed to both embrace and avoid combat While specific actions figures and even seuences were handled well the larger scale of events was something left to background information The aforementioned Kraken hunt is where this comes into play first and at that point at least the flaw is not overtly obvious However while later engagements take place on a decent scale you might miss out just how large they are supposed to be thanks to how the story frames the events in uestion and who it follows This is likely a uirk in the writing style here and you could even excuse this as it's supposed to focus on the major figures over the armies involved Yet it can be jarring in how you can miss numbers or scaleThe actual humour of events can be surprisingly hit and miss and that's thanks in part to the thematics While there is than a few genuinely hilarious moments including a fantastic moment of borderline fourth wall breaking dialogue toward the end it's difficult to get to grips with during the story's first half Lukas' own antics at this point seems to have been written to fit in with the ancient saga depiction of the Wolves framing him in a manner akin to Loki It's amusing to be sure and one or two of the pranks to get a grin but the best moments take uite some time to reach In this regard Lukas' own reputation among fans might work against him and one Space Wolf fan I spoke with had to be convinced to keep going with it Oh she certainly enjoyed it once she did but it's that flawed first impression which can hurt it the mostPerhaps most crucially however is how the story struggles to make use of some of its side characters The Dark Eldar ensemble works well and a few of the high ranking Space Wolves are a solid addition to the book Unfortunately however Lukas' own abilities leave him overshadowing the other Blood Claws with him until they are less their own characters and instead become something for him to work off of There is a clear subtextual message to be had in this established by an early event but it's difficult to see them as part of a full unit rather than Lukas and his bitchesYes that was a cheap and uite crass joke to make but this is the first time I have been able to work that joke into a Space Wolves book in seven years of writing on here Plus I'm somewhat surprised Lukas himself didn't subtly make it at some point in thereThe VerdictThe real problem with this one is that it both benefits and suffers from the need to get the ball rolling The opening act is engaging but anyone entering this expecting A Team style madness from the start is going to be somewhat disappointed With that aside though it's a solid book and definitely the most enjoyable M41 Space Wolf book since Battle of the Fang The jokes are genuinely funny much of the time and it manages to feature all the flaws of the chapter without ever downplaying or ignoring its strengths Combine that with a fantastic battle between two legendary figures and for once the fact we have someone besides Chaos as the villain and it's definitely one worth looking up If the cover even gets you to crack the slightest grin seriously consider buying it

  3. Michael Dodd Michael Dodd says:

    The Space Wolves are an enduringly popular Chapter but Josh Reynolds’ novel Lukas the Trickster is slightly different to their usual stories With Fenris in the grip of Helwinter and the Space Wolves isolated the dark eldar corsair Duke Sliscus launches a daring raid from out of the webway in an attempt to stave off his crippling ennui Banished from the Fang along with a pack of Blood Claws after a prank played on the Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood Lukas pits his cunning against the sly Sliscus defending Fenris and its people in his own inimitable wayThe broad sweep of the plot is pretty much what you’d expect but the details are cleverly crafted and allow for a genuinely characterful story It’s full of snark and dark humour often laugh out loud funny but this isn’t Ciaphas Cain – the humour complements the story and sits comfortably alongside the expected 40k stylings and overall tone It’s a balancing act that Reynolds seems to have perfected and feels like an extension of his work with Fabius Bile as he gradually carves out his own black humoured corner of the 40k universe This is a book that might not sit uite right to dyed in the wool Space Wolves fans who want an epic saga of bravery and sacrificethose things are there but you might not see them in the same light having read this For a neutral however – a general fan of 40k as a whole – it’s a deeply entertaining and satisfying read that offers some fantastic variety within the wider settingRead the full review at

  4. Attila Attila says:

    A very good SW novel very different than your usual Wolves or extremly dull bolterporn black library books45 it was longer than needed if it was cut by 20 30 pages it could have been 55

  5. Georgy Wilband Georgy Wilband says:

    I really enjoyed this who can't but love the Trickster and his wayward ways Some good writing by Reynolds full of energy and empathy Would like to read about this Space Wolf and definitely build and play the model

  6. Mark Anthony Mark Anthony says:

    Lukas the Trickster is one of those characters where it is very easy to go overboard with and turn him into a caricature However Joshua Reynolds has captured the spirit of the Jackalwolf perfectly in making him a round character rather than a full blown pranskter He is mischievous and cunning a rolling stone which gathers no moss he is not some fossilized relic hidebound by tradition His intellect is prodigious and his wyrd is not fixed it is ever shifting He is like the trickster gods of ancient mythology and like them he uses his cunning to flout convention but at the same time help his own people in this case the transhuman Space Wolves and the mortal Fenrisians The way Joshua has written him makes him a fun character to readHis cunning is contrasted well with that of Duke Sliscus and he uses the vagaries of Dark Eldar society to his advantage That said it is far from a one sided affair and as befitting a very long lived creature the Duke is than a match for the Jackalwolf

  7. Cloak88 Cloak88 says:

    A cunningly thoughtful 40k novelLukas the Trickster tels the story of the Jackal wolf in his battle of wits and cunning against the Dark Eldar Duke Sliscus But behind that is so much Cunningly as befitting the main character this novel is full of dark humor that shines a somewhat different light on the often lighthearted Space Wolf stories As even in these places of power with larger than life characters there is harsh and often bleak reality that goes unnoticed in all those other stories In that Lukas and his humor play themselves a trick on the reader by subtly redrawing everything you already knew about this chapter and by extension the universe they live in In all this was a great read that'll stay with me for a long time to come

  8. Miccollo Miccollo says:

    Fantastic book that makes me want of The Trickster Plenty of action and uite a few laughs make this a definite must read for any 40k fan Has me contemplating a possible Space Wolf army in the tabletop game just so I can field Lukas

  9. Vesper M Vesper M says:

    When you think you're in for a typical winter break hanging out with the lads but then you meet a fun loving elf boy who steals your heart

  10. Christian Christian says:

    This novel shows a different side of the Vlka Fenryka from their usual ‘destroyers of civilizations’ role Lukas the trickster and his main opponent the eually wily Drukhari Duke Sliscus show the cunning side of warfare Lukas is the clown that screams that the Emperor has no clothes and stops the chapter from ossifying It is also alluded that he is carrying out his own eugenics program among the native mortal Fenrisians How interesting and canon shaking Duke Sliscus and his satellites are cleverly sensuously skewed and contrast the Space Wolves The action is small scale but very intense toward the last part of the novel

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