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Download ☆ Millenneagram By Hannah Paasch – [Epub] ➣ Millenneagram ➤ Hannah Paasch – Buckle up folks It’s time to jump in embrace your inner self and release the things that are holding you back from wholeness Enter the MillenneagramThe Enneagram is an ancient personality typing sys Buckle up folks It’s time to jump in embrace your inner self and release the things that are holding you back from wholeness Enter the MillenneagramThe Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that has a sneaky way of revealing who we are and why we do the things we do Using nine types it gets to the root of our fears and motivations unveiling our inner most selvesMillenneagram reinvigorates the Enneagram by putting a modern spin on the classic nine types Hannah Paasch creator of the popular millenneagream threads on Twitter reveals how this system acts as a map toward our authentic selves For Hannah the Enneagram is not about changing who we are but rather nurturing and loving our whole selves even the pain in the ass ualities “Only from this position of wholeness rootedness in who we are what we believe and what kind of story we are writing will we be able to act bravely for the sake of justice and humanity – to approach our fcked up world with the grounded courage it asks of us”With her trademark irreverent humor and empowering affirmations Millenneagram reframes the classic Enneagram types with a fresh perspective and new names that cut right to the chase The Machine “I’m an Enneagram and I Can Fix This” The Parent “I’m an Enneagram and Can I Get You a Refill” The Winner “I’m an Enneagram and All I Do Is Win” The Tortured Artist “I’m an Enneagram and I’m Deeper Than You” The Detective “I’m an Enneagram and I read an Article About That” The Oracle “I’m an Enneagram and I’m Loyal as Fuck” The Party “I’m an Enneagram so This Might Be Vodka In My Mug” The Dragon “I’m an Enneagram so Nice Try Bitch” The Wallflower “I’m an Enneagram so Let’s Just All Chill Out Dude”A powerful tool for self discovery that doesn’t take itself too seriously Millenneagram is an invitation for introspection and growth Hannah’s revamped Enneagram goes beyond simply identifying with a type it gives us permission to be our truest enough as is bad ass selves.

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  1. Melody Melody says:

    The exploration of the enneagram numbers is solid but the tone of this book just ruined it for me The excessive cultural references and profanity made it seem like it was trying too hard rather than making it accessible and relevant

  2. Luke Hillier Luke Hillier says:

    I've been following Hannah on Twitter for years now and I remember when the #Millenneagram hashtag first emerged If I'm totally honest Hannah if you happen to read this just know that I'm a 1 and much harsher with myself I was put off by how on brand and buzzword y a lot of it was but I also couldn't miss that underneath that was some really poignant articulations of the Enneagram And not just poignant but in some ways truly fresh and new even to someone who's done a somewhat embarrassingly deep dive into it all Soon enough I was eagerly awaiting new posts under the hashtag but shortly after that gave up Twitter for a while and was surprised to see when I returned that a book deal was in the works I happened to check a week or two after it was published found a surprisingly good deal and ordered it on a whim –– and I'm really glad for thatAs I mentioned I've spent a good bit of time reading about the Enneagram both online and in books and what I really appreciate most about Paasch's book is that it genuinely feels like it adds something vibrantly uniue and worthwhile to the conversation While it's marketed as a sort of lay expression of the Enneagram so simple and straightforward that even a millennial can understand it I don't think that's where the need is the fact that it's exploded in popularity among millennials in the past 3 years speaks to its longstanding resonance or the impact But don't get me wrong I think it's got a really powerful impact Sure the language is certainly less academic and much colorful and she makes a point to include personal anecdotes and pop culture references but I would say rather than that making it feel simpler or accessible it makes it feel relatable and intimate and human An interesting phenomenon when reading other Enneagram writers is that their level of formality makes for a weird contrast; you feel exposed but kept at a distance I would argue that the power of Paasch's hyper personal writing style down to the freuent second person narrative is that it shifts the aforementioned reading experience to help you feel seen and understood rather than just exposed because someone is holding your handpep talkingslapping you in the face And I found some real power in that In fact because of it I feel like this book on its own has the potential to be a bit catalyzing than a lot of the other reflective impersonal material And honestly I also appreciated that the approach was so distinct in its irreverence; some Enneagram writing takes itself awfully seriousNow that I've heralded the merits of the writing style I will confess that it also inspired freuent eye rolls and there were points where her writer's voice felt grating and seemed to get in the way of the content I just wanted to say We get it you're edgy and hip chill out But I guess you could say that's what makes it feel like a real person which is hopefully high praise for a 4 And I suppose the book works best as a starting point I'd argue a pretty good one for many in that it follows a pretty standard format and structure going type by type and breaking them up into triads She does touch on the Instinctual Variants which is a bit rare and I definitely think this has some of the most nuanced empathetic and human descriptions of 5s that I've ever seen and some really great details for 6s as well I think my biggest unmet hope or desire from the book was a lack of exploration around the Enneagram's potential power for justice work and social transformation which only emerged because she placed a uniue emphasis on that in the intro and conclusion It offers a framing that bookends the endeavor in some ways justifying what can feel like naval gazing with the merit of cultivating deep self understanding and compassion that bears growth and creates opportunities for collective connection That's a great start and I suppose a justice oriented outcome in its own right from that perspective but I would have really loved if she'd included a section for each type that explicitly explored ways their strengths and weaknesses play into the pursuit of social justice; that would have felt both really fresh and exciting and cohesive to her stated intentions As a whole though this is a wonderful addition to the canon of Enneagram material and adds something really valuable to the conversation It's also genuinely fun to read which is a plus

  3. Andria Andria says:

    Oh noooo I think the kindest thing I can say about this book is that it reads like a first draft that went completely unedited directly to print I actually stopped during my reading to double check that it had not been self published Nope HarperCollins put this out The author seems like a nice and genuine person whose publisher completely dropped the ball although the book itself looks gorgeous and features beautiful graphic design In the space of two pages ALL CAPS asterisks and italics were all used for emphasis If we're going to take an overly familiar tone with the reader are we going to spell it henny or honey? I have addressed elsewhere the trend of randomly placed swears in self help which this book also suffers from The unedited conversational tone made the book physically difficult to read It's like the brain dump of a highly caffeinated person That may work great on a blog but not a 200 page book I think this is also a great lesson in not every concept needing to get a book deal I think in retrospect I can kind of see how this got pieced together Paasch starts a hashtag about the enneagram has a merch store I think it's all really charming Then the book deal gets offered But where does it fit? It's almost like the book was written to justify the merchandise? But the book also has a completely different tone It can be self serious but it almost seems like the author felt the need to shoehorn in these merch phrases in certain places It often comes out of nowhere and takes on an almost condescending mocking tone as a result which I don't think is intendedAnd of course when you get past all the surface issues and down to the meat I just don't think the author has a very good understanding of the enneagram outside of her own number I think she is really good at coming up with funny memes and jokes about the numbers I think this could have been a very entertaining book if it didn't take itself so seriously It could have been a nice little gift book As it stands you're probably better off just following the author on Twitter which might just be the book's intended purpose anyway

  4. Renata Renata says:

    I didn't realize that Millenneagram is a big online thing; I just saw this on a new books list and took it on impulse because the title was kind of funny and I'm really soft for personality test nonsense It's a very aesthetically appealing book and it definitely assumes you already have some familiarity with the Enneagram system It has a uick and dirty uiz to sort you which was WRONG for me it pegged me as a Two when I'm obviously a Nine How dare Anyway I liked her humorous tone and there are some good insights in here if you're into this kind of thing Which I am If you're not already this won't convert you

  5. Katherine Pershey Katherine Pershey says:

    Some of it I really really loved the content was solid and a few times I found myself scrambling to re listen to a section to jot down great insights I found the tone and especially the language wearying I’m not opposed to a bit of salty language and have used a word or two in print and conversation But it was excessive to the point of distracting

  6. James James says:

    I picked this one up due to an interest in the enneagram and after following Hannah Paasch on Twitter for the last few years I haven't listened to the associated podcast yet but the writing here definitely reflects Hannah's style on social media Don't pick this one up if swearing casual language and random asides are going to distract you this is not written as a dry text But don't let the style fool you into thinking it's light and insubstantial either The author knows their stuff Coming into reading this I was pretty sure I was a 4 but confused about some aspects that seem to cross over into 5 6 or 9 territory This is the first text I've read that really confirmed and consolidated my understanding of my 4 ness specifically as a 4w5 Moreso it is written in a way that I felt heard and understood I probably highlighted 34 of the chapter on my type Hannah Paasch cares deeply about each type and each chapter is not just a clinical study but includes exhortations towards becoming true to yourself and really understanding and accepting why you are the way you are Definitely worth a read if you're interested in the enneagram

  7. Buddy Buddy says:

    Despite apparently being written by Al Swearingen's daughter this was a very helpful fascinating and practical approach to the enneagram The chapter on 4s made me feel seen Highly recommended

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    Obviously five stars because it’s me But also— her central premise is so important I may have cried a little reading the conclusion? YAY

  9. Rachel A. Dawson Rachel A. Dawson says:

    I loved this one It’s unflinching and frank it’s hilarious and honest and it’s SO GOOD It’s like the enneagram and Urban Dictionary got blended up together and this book came out or like an old personality type got a new makeover complete with tattoos and piercings and a sassy new outfit I have loved following Hannah on Twitter for a while and am just so so so glad she poured her heart and soul into these pages for us to have and learn from and love forever I mean anyone who calls enneagram Ones “The Machine” is someone who GETS IT This one isn’t for your grandma or your preteens but it’s definitely for anyone who wants to dive deeper into who they are and how to be the best version of that self and who isn’t afraid to get hit hard with the truth in the process It’s feisty and fiery and fun and fresh and I loved it loved it loved it

  10. Jenn Conwell Jenn Conwell says:

    If you’re like me maybe you’ve struggled to find out which enneagram number you truly are LOOK NO FURTHER My family and I OBSESSED over this book this weekend pouring hours into meaningful conversation working to better understand how we work as a family unit and how we are personally wired I gained so much knowledge and appreciation for the enneagram after reading this book It makes total sense now Hannah YOU ROCK This is a hilarious and true look at the enneagram that is a MUST read You're going to want to add this to your library as soon as possible Thank you Harper One for my gifted copy in exchange for my honest review

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