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Download PDF  Minus Epsilon The Earth Saga #1 Author Donald B. McFarlane – [Reading] ➺ Minus Epsilon The Earth Saga #1 By Donald B. McFarlane – This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00HHDXFGYOut of the darkness of space a strange alien space craft arrives and crashes on Earth Minus Epsilon follows the journey of the crew of the stricke This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN The Earth ePUB ´ BHHDXFGYOut of the darkness of space a strange alien space craft arrives and crashes on Earth Minus Epsilon follows the journey of the crew of the stricken vessel as the try to survive on a strange world while humanity tries to come to terms with the fact that there is other life in the universe.

10 thoughts on “Minus Epsilon The Earth Saga #1

  1. Gina Gina says:

    SurpriseWe are not alone in the universeI won this book in a Goodreads giveaway thank youI am always interested in books about the possibility of life in other universes After all the universe is unfathomly large and unexplored despite the fact that we like to think we know all about it we don't We have a long way to goThis book is about what happens when an other wordly spacecraft crashes on our Earth and we can no longer pretend we are the only sentient beings in the universe As you can imagine there are many who aren't thrilled with that revelationFirst contact with the ET's is made by Special Forces Officer Joe Hunt who unwittingly sets some things in motion that could have long reaching and dire conseuences on our home planet

  2. Anthonia Anthonia says:

    A great book that i enjoyed reading This book was entertaining realistic disturbing truthful and the plot was well put together It gives the reader insight on the how Earth would react to aliens coming to earth A must read for any and all book lovers everywhere

  3. Debra H. Wruble Debra H. Wruble says:

    ImaginativeInteresting story about an alien ship crashing on Earth and various country's reactions Looking forward to the continuation of the story in the next book

  4. Don Oberg-Hauser Don Oberg-Hauser says:

    Decent start to a new seriesThe story involves first contact between earth and a stranded alien ship There's some military drama but the focus stays primarily on the interaction between the aliens and the group of earthlings that are designated to meet with them hopefully the rest of the series will continue to focus on that rather than devolve into a military storyI would give the book 4 stars but there were several spelling mistakes which disrupted the flow of reading

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    I LOVED this book The story was told from many perspectives which made it a lot of fun to read I love how realistic everything is I don't doubt that the world in reality would react the same way I'm definitely going to be reading the second one The only downfall of this book was all of the typos There were many places where words or multiple words were missing from sentences or many words were added which made it a little hard to read at times

  6. Tena Tena says:

    I won a kindle version #GoodreadsGiveaway

  7. Chris Chris says:

    I really liked it

  8. Dav Roth Dav Roth says:

    I read 120 130 books a year I have done this since a was a kid I'm 50 now So when I say this is uite possibly the worst book I've ever readyeah Protagonist is the usual Hawaiin shirt wearing some sort of spec ops just a flimsy character So these aliens land on earth in Peru and need 10 liters of H2O to fix their ship Those crazy aliens Apparently aliens that can travel faster than light across galaxies don't know how frickin condensation works Anyhoo they have to trade their secret tech for a bit of water Bad guys don't want this to happen and that leads to the apex of this moronic book Fighter planes that are 100km from target doing Mach 2 hero has a long internal discussion about the morality of it all minutes go by WAIT WTF at 2400km per hr? Anyway long battle ensues Now the bad guy is 350 MILES from target wait what how far? Now we using MPH from KPH? Damn author can't even keep his units of measurement the same Whatever Crisis averted But apparently we have to tune in next book to see if the aliens actually get their bloody water Holy crap maybe not Just looked and there are 4 books in this POS series sigh

  9. N. Cryne N. Cryne says:

    A great read as a first time sci fi readerI was lucky enough to obtain a signed copy of this book having met the author As a first time sci fi I really enjoyed the story and look forward to the Saga unfoldingLoving the Sentinel Commander Hoping he becomes a prime character moving forward

  10. KarnagesMistress KarnagesMistress says:

    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways It is a Kindle book

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