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[PDF] Miss Hunnicutt's Hat By Jeff Brumbeau – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➶ Miss Hunnicutt's Hat By Jeff Brumbeau – Serv3.3pub.co.uk From the creators of the 310000 copy New York Times bestseller THE UILTMAKER'S GIFT a delightful celebration of the eccentric in all of usMiss Hunnicutt is wearing her new hat from Paris and it has a From the creators of the copy New York Times bestseller THE UILTMAKER'S GIFT a delightful celebration of the eccentric in all of usMiss Hunnicutt is wearing her new hat from Paris and it has a CHICKEN Miss Hunnicutt's PDF/EPUB or on it Everyone knows you can't wear a chicken on your headThe prim little town of Littleton is in a tizzy preparing for a visit from the ueen So when Miss Hunnicutt steps out in her new hat the stuffy townsfolk are scandalized The chicken has to go But plucky Miss Hunnicut stands up for her right to wear what she likes And when the ueen's arrival prompts a surprising turn of events the townspeople learn to celebrate the silly eccentricities that make life interesting.

10 thoughts on “Miss Hunnicutt's Hat

  1. Luann Luann says:

    My first uestion while reading this was why was the chicken happy to sit on Miss Hunnicutt's head? Especially with all that went on I don't think a chicken would stay on top of someone's head But that really isn't the point of the story Miss Hunnicutt wants to wear a hat with a live chicken on it The people in her town think it is silly and want her to take the hat off especially because the ueen is coming for a visit The uproar over the hat causes all sorts of commotion in the town until the ueen finally arrivesThe illustrations for this can be a bit overwhelming Every page has a LOT of detail and a lot of color While I do think they go well with the story they aren't my favorite I generally like lots of detail but these illustrations feel a bit too busy for me This wouldn't be a great read aloud in a classroom or library situation both because of the illustrations and the large amount of textI did enjoy the names of the people in Miss Hunnicutt's town though Her fussy neighbor is Mrs McSnoot Her nosy neighbor is Miss Bisbee The nervous neighbor is Miss Whimple and the pompous mayor is Mayor McTwiddle Fun names for a funny story

  2. Chelsea Keidel Chelsea Keidel says:

    Miss Hunnicutt’s Hat by Jeff Brumbeau a 4th grade reading level book would be a great read in any classroom above a 2nd grade reading level This book is about a woman who usually does what everyone else wants but when she find a hat that she just adores she decides she will stand her ground and wear it even if nobody else likes it In preparation for the ueen she wore her hat regardless of what others thought and it wound up creating a common interest for the ueen that lead to her being invited to a party with her because the ueen also had a hat like Miss Hunnicutt’s and they became friends In this book you learn about standing your ground when you feel strongly about something and how it is okay to do so even if other people do not agree with you Even when it feels like you are the only person that feels that way chances are you are not I think this would be a great lesson for kids to learn at any grade or a trait that they can continue to develop over time This book would be a great way to introduce signposts such as again and again contrasts and contradictions and aha moments

  3. Rachel Magee Rachel Magee says:

    This text is perfect to show studentschildren that it is okay to be different Throughout this silly tale Miss Hunnicutt gets picked on for her special chicken hat Although people gave her a hard time she still stood up for herself and pointed out how we each have special little things about us that make us uniue I would recommend this text to students in grades 2 5

  4. Miriam Lin Miriam Lin says:

    This is one of my picture books With colorful and whimsical illustrations the readers are taken to the world of Littleton where anything can be worn as a hat As the town of Littleton falls deeper into confusion and chaos over a particular hat a special visitor comes around to settle the dispute

  5. Deanna Deanna says:

    Love this boo so very fun

  6. Melissa B Melissa B says:

    Love it

  7. Lori Lori says:

    Feel free to think for yourself have an opinion know what you believe and express yourself This story of timid Miss Hunnicutt reminds me of all those things I love her decision to express herself and stick to her decisions even in the midst of criticism and ridicule of the entire town including the mayor As she says I think I might have the right to wear what I likeI'd like to wear a chicken And I'd like to wear it on my head A hilarious tale that ends as it often does in real life An applicable cautionary tale in so many ways

  8. Aaron Wyckoff Aaron Wyckoff says:

    Miss Hunnicutt usually doesn't like to make a fuss and always does what everyone wants her to but when the people of Littleton object to her wearing her new hat complete with a live chicken on top she stands her ground The story is excellent and is supported by beautiful watercolor illustrations full of action minute detail and hidden bonuses One catastrophe after another befalls the townspeople not so much because of Miss Hunnicutt's hat but because of their reactions to it This is a great book for children and adults

  9. Roxann Roxann says:

    Beautiful illustrations The story might make some children laugh There's a woman who wears a chicken on her hat and goes all through the town The story really has lovely meaning The woman knows what she likes and will do it even when others try to talk her out of it

  10. Anna Anna says:

    I didn't really care for this story The illustrations were very well done but I thought the story was much longer than it needed to be

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