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[PDF] Miss By Harloe Rae – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✸ [PDF] ✈ Miss By Harloe Rae ✴ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A #BitterSweetHeat standaloneDelilah Sage was my comfort within all the painOffering open arms when I needed an escapeThe only one trusted to be there for me But our dreams were doomed from the startA A BitterSweetHeat standaloneDelilah Sage was my comfort within all the painOffering open arms when I needed an escapeThe only one trusted to be there for me But our dreams were doomed from the startAnd I left her clinging to false hope Regret has plagued me for yearsThe memories of Delilah refuse to fadeEach second of every day I want to claim her as mineBut I won’t ruin her lifeAnd she’s better off without me When a job lands me in town I plan to keep my distanceMy scars are mine aloneDredging up the past will only cause deeper damageBut Delilah has always been my weaknessAnd resisting her isn’t an option After all there’s far too much for us to Miss.

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  1. Sunniva Dee Sunniva Dee says:

    Oh my god did I get ZEED or what??Harloe’s book boyfriends always sucker punch me in the hottest must surprising ways but I think I just got myself a new favorite Zeke you are ONE delicious man – FIVE STARS all the wayIn MISS Harloe Rae has simply outdone herself With each book her writing keeps getting better and better and her characters hop off the pages and into your heartFirst let me talk about the little town our heroine Delilah lives in Garden Grove is depicted so well I feel like I’m walking around there between the uniue characters we get in contact with I love Delilah’s little coffee shop and want my java there tooThen I needed to say a few words about the side characters Zeke’s boss and work buddies had me cracking up with their manly man comments and their cat calling of Delilah keeping Zeke on his jealous toes Next up I love Delilah’s BFFs We already got one of their stories in GENT if you haven’t read it dive into it after this one—the two novels are complete standalones but you get to re meet many of the characters as well as this delightful little townDelilah’s mother also makes her appearance in MISS and their relationship warmed my heart The old gossip lady in Garden Grove could literally carry a rom com of her own She’s as hilarious as Zeke’s father is despicable God isn’t it amazing to get a real bad guy in the picture someone you can touch and feel and you just want to jump into the book and take care of things yourself? GrrrAnd now to the best of it all Zeke and Delilah and their beautiful love story As in all of Harloe’s novels you can expect lighthearted wonderful romance with a touch of angst nothing too heavy you won’t go sleepless due to a broken heart But in MISS you still get some real life issues a struggle that is familiar for too many—domestic violence and its repercussions a boy suffering a boy growing up surviving turning into one hell of a man despite all odds When the love is as deep loyal and never ending and the hero as perfect as Zee reviewer swallows hard at the thought wishing he were real the road to their happy ending is going to be rich colorful and certainDo not MISS out on this one

  2. Tia Louise Tia Louise says:

    HOT Heartbreaking and utterly swoony I hugged my Kindle when I finished This is a second chance love story you will devour and adoreHarloe's books just get better and better TripDelilah and ZekeZee's love story is one you won't soon forget It starts in darkness Zee forced to leave his home but one thing he never can leave behind is his love for Delilah Their fight and determination against all odds will pull you in and make you laugh cry and fall in loveA five star MUST READ

  3. Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    4 I've Been Zeed StarsFull review is coming soon

  4. Britt The Red Hatter Book Blog Britt The Red Hatter Book Blog says:

    Harloe Rae delivers the ultimate second chance with Miss Sweet swoon and angst swirling together creating a book that captures you and doesn’t let go with Zeke and Delilah I swear I didn’t think Harloe could top my favorite stalker book boyfriend but here she goes making me fall head over heels for Zeke Prepare to completely lose your heart to him the second you start reading this because this man is irresistibleThese two have a story that is what romance dreams are made of Couples like Zeke and Delilah are what made me fall in love with this genre That soul deep true love that not even time or distance can ever really break The road back to each other wasn’t smooth and easy but the way they love each other is absolutely breathtaking All they go through and have been through hits you right in the feels and Harloe’s beautiful writing brings the characters to life in a way that makes you truly FEEL every bit of it

  5. Happily Mary After Happily Mary After says:

    Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on September 25 2018Harloe Rae nails the gut wrenching bittersweet emotion of a second chance love story with Miss and delivers a tender steamy and sigh worthy romance Five years ago Trip left town and didn’t return breaking Delilah’s heart but he’s back and ready to fight for another chance with her But he has deep emotional wounds that cause him to uestion his worthiness and then hesitate and stumble in his effort to win her back His and Delilah’s road to reconciliation isn’t simple or easy which makes their hard fought happy ever after all the satisfying You’ll fall hard for Delilah and Trip Miss is a witty sexy and poignant romance that delivers all of the feels ARC provided but this review was voluntarily and honestly written

  6. Jan Jan says:

    AS SWEET AS A CUPCAKE WITH A GOOEY CENTER WITH A BIT OF HOTNESS IN THE DELICIOUS MIXA second chance swoon worthy romance This isn't my first book by Harloe Rae I read one of her first books and I can definitely see a vast improvement on her writing so this is an author that is just getting better and better I was hooked from the beginning second chance romance's are my guilty pleasure and MISS ticked all the right boxes for this kind of romance Zeke aka Zee and Delia aka Trip are teenage sweetheart's but after living with an abusive father for years Zee can't stand it any he moves away with a promise to set up a better life for their future and one day come back for TripYears pass and Zee still hasn't returned for Deliah who has been away to college and is now the owner of a bakery with her best friend Raven who'S story is in the previous book GENTDeliah has moved on in life except in her love life anger has replaced hope and Deliah tries every day to put Zee from her mind until a construction crew move into town and she feels his presence before she sees himZeke is wounded inside and out His past refuses to let him go keeping him chained to the horrible memories He hasn't been able to move on with a better life Zee moves from town to town with a construction crew and is angry on the inside for never getting the chance to fulfil his promise to Trip and it wasn't for lack of trying Zee really did have a bad series of events from the moment he moved away leaving Trip behind MISS is a story of second chances regrets and forgiveness A sweet romance with no major angst or drama Zee has a lot of explaining and catching up to do and his mission is to win back his girl He's a master craftsman with those talented hands and I'm the current project Have you missed me?Only with each breath I takeThis is the second standalone book in the #bittersweetheat series following the events after Gent Recommended for one of that lazy Sunday kind of day so read and enjoy MISS releases on September 28th Read the first book in the series todayFree with KU on ➔ getbookatGENTonArc received for review purposes

  7. EliseSReads EliseSReads says:

    275 starsSafety gang safeBoth celibate during separation

  8. Harloe Rae Harloe Rae says:

    🔨☕️MISS IS LIVE☕️🔨Guess what? My emotional second chance is hereOne click now getbookatMissOn

  9. Vanessa (When Vane Reads) Vanessa (When Vane Reads) says:

    Englishspanish versionI loved Miss It's a story so sweet sexy and easy to read And the chemistry of the characters hooked me from their first dialogueZeke and Delilah are a beautiful couple that is destined to be from their first encounter But due to some circumstances they are separated for 5 years Zeke feels that he does not deserve Delilah and does not want to see her again uggggg wanted to slap him than once I know his concern is always Delilah but it kills me that he feels he's not worth itDelilah is such a sweet girl who works hard to achieve what she wantsWhen they see each other again they feel that the feelings they felt for each other surface again and with greater strength UFFF that chemistry is felt through the pagesI love this couple their scenes are so sweet and loaded with chemistry I love their encounters their fights their dialogues I loved how the author handled the times and although it was a uick read it did not feel that wayI loved the plot the secondary characters everything is my first reading of this author but without a doubt will not be the last if you are looking for a sweet reading with great characters this is perfect for you Highly recommendedVersión en españolMe encantó Miss Es una historia tan tierna sexy y fácil de leer Y la uímica de los personajes me enganchó desde su primer diálogoZeke y Delilah son una hermosa pareja ue está destinada a ser desde su primer encuentro Pero debido a algunas circunstancias se separan por 5 años Zeke siente ue no se merece a Delilah y no uiere volver a verla uggggg uise cachetearlo más de una vez Ya sé ue su preocupación siempre es Delilah pero me mata ue sienta ue no vale la penaDelilah es una chica tan dulce ue trabaja mucho para lograr lo ue se proponeAl volverse a ver ambos personajes sienten ue los sentimientos ue sentían uno por el otro afloran de nuevo y con mayo fuerza UFFF esa uímica se siente a través de las páginasEsta pareja me encanta sus escenas son tan dulces y cargadas de uímica amo sus encuentros sus peleas sus diálogos me encantó como la autora manejó los tiempos y a pesar de ue fue una lectura rápida no se sintió de esa maneraMe encantó la trama los personajes secundarios todo es mi primer lectura de esta autora pero sin lugar a dudas no será la última si buscas una lectura tierna con personajes bien elaborados esta es perfecta para ti Muy recomendada

  10. Mandie Mandie says:

    This was one hell of a heart wrenching angsty second chance romance It grabs you from the very first page I am sooo happy I got Zeed I couldn’t put it down

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