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[Ebook] Momma, Where Are You From By Marie Bradby – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF] ✅ Momma, Where Are You From Author Marie Bradby – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Momma where are you from a little girl asks Her mother's reply is filled with rich details as she recounts memories from her childhood She recalls the cries of the ragman looking to buy worn out cloth Momma where are you from a Are You PDF ´ little girl asks Her mother's reply is filled with rich details as she recounts memories from her childhood She recalls the cries of the ragman looking to buy worn out clothes the tunes of Ellington and Basie and of the warm family gatherings that took place every Friday night.

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  1. (NS) Dana (NS) Dana says:

    This is a poetic story of a young girl uestioning her mother of where she has come from in the past Her mother responds with a a detailed vision of chores she did peas she ate school her siblings attended way across town sidewalks ending and daily familar faces This child wants to go to where her Momma came from but the only way to get there is through the journey of Momma's memories The moment I opened this book I was mesmorized by the incredible illustrations I felt as if Momma was truly telling me about her journey I think with the wonderful details and descriptive routnies about Momma's past will make a very clear and vivid picture in a child's mind I think this is a very appropriate way to explain to young students how the past for colored people is very much not like the lives they live today

  2. Delicia Delicia says:

    Genre fiction picture bookTopic life as a young African American girl in rural America; life in the 1930's1940'sTheme one's heritage life in a rural area pride in one's identityIllustrations The illustrations are very bright and colorful They are very accurate to the historical times the story is set in They reveal many details about life during the 1930's1940's They are highly supportive of the textReading Level transitionalUse independent reading; guided reading read aloudLiterary Elements repetition poetic proseThoughts Momma Where Are You From? is the story of a young African American girl growing up in rural America during the 1930's1940's The story is told with a sense of pride It reads much like a poem with one stanza per page The text and the illustrations work together to depict life in a rural area during that time frame The book is for transitional readers There are multiple lines of text on each page The text moves around on the pages The most challenging part is the black text on very dark colored pages and the white text on black backgrounds The words are primarily two syllable words There is a large number of high freuency words The illustrations are highly supportive of the text

  3. SaraLaLa SaraLaLa says:

    Upon being asked Momma where are you from? an older woman it almost looks like her grandma begins to answer WHEN she is from than anything else When directly asked once again WHERE she answers in almost a once upon a time in a far far place kind of way Perhaps that was done purposefully so people could relate to it? I don't know That is my only issue with this book The illustrations are beautiful but the words paint their own picture with the descriptive language I think the author does a great job creating the feeling of living in that time and place It's a little bit nostalgic but also touches on the real issues of ineuality while keeping it from being too intense for little children This would be a great intro book for the discussion of segregation in the primary level of an elementary school

  4. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    Age Kindergarten to 3rd grade must understand concept of a memory storyMedia Thick pastel to emphasize movementIllustration Style Composition always includes many people or close shots of faces full of light and warmthAn African American mother shares her childhood with her curious daughter The mother connects each event or special memory to where she’s from taking care to lightly mention her childhood curiosity towards segregation The activities the mother describes can be easily transcribed to her daughter’s experiences

  5. Alyce Dougan Alyce Dougan says:

    This is a wonderful story about a young girl who asks her mother where she came from The mother never answers directly but describes her life poetically The illustrations as well as the poetic language in this book are beautiful I would highly recommend this book for children and I think it would be a great book to read in a classroom English teachers could read this book to their students then have them write a poem where they came from

  6. Andrew Stockle Andrew Stockle says:

    “Momma Where Are You From?” is a story about a Daughter who asks her mother where she is from This launches the mother into her memories as she reminisces about the past and remembers all of the activities which she did as a young girl from helping with laundry to spending time with family This book is painted and the text is almost integrated into the story so much so that it is difficult to read at times The pictures tell the story much better than the text does A young child would likely find this book difficult to understand because of the freuent flash backs into memory without informing the reader that that is what is happening This book would be appropriate for ages 10 and up I would use this book to encourage children to remember their childhood and what they are going through so one day they can share what they have learned with their own children I would also use this book to encourage my students to talk to their parents and Grandparents and learn from their experiences

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    My personal reaction was i loved the overall meaning of having pride in ones identity As well as the historical value it shows of her mothers time For example Got any rags to sell? Ten cents a pound this shows the children the significance of money and the value of money today compared to back thenThe purpose of the book would be to real aloud for curricular reasons This would be appropriate for students in third grade The students could also read theselves I would specifically touch on the theme how people have different heritages and how families are different and how this shapes who we are as a person The illustrations are on point to what actually happened in that time in history This narrative has lots of dialogue and repetition as well as metaphors The mother is narrating her childhood in a way of memories This can be used in the classroom with a unit on family

  8. Hannah Taylor Hannah Taylor says:

    Personal reaction I really liked this book because of how diverse it was As the mother talked about where she came from and what her family had been through it was really eye opening for me because of how different life was in those daysPurpose This would be a great book to read aloud to 3rd to 5th graders because of the difficult concepts vocabulary and phrases This book contains a lot of phrases that were used in older times like talking about how they washed their clothes which could be beneficial during a history lesson It also talks about how the girl's mother went to school before desegregation which could provide an important history lesson for the children as well

  9. Monique Monique says:

    I've decided to read 29 children's book during Black History month 2016 This was book #11 Momma Where Are You From? By Marie Bradby and illustrated by Chris K Soentpiet All children want to know about their momma and how did she get to how she is today The trip down memory lane recounts a life lived hard but enjoyed with tons of love The illustrations are extremely detailed as you can see individual braids However most of the pictures are dark making it difficult to read some of the storyline Wish I knew about this book when my girls were little

  10. Whitney Strickland Whitney Strickland says:

    Momma Where Are You From is a beautiful story and can be used for a bedtime read all the way to a writing prompt in the classroom This wonderful story teaches children to be interested in family history and heritage There are endless activities that the story fosters I plan on reading this to my second grade class and then have them write about where they are from This book is warm and kind and I love what it has to offer

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