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Download ☆ Moon Tortured By McKenzie Hunter – [KINDLE] ❆ Moon Tortured Author McKenzie Hunter – Alternative cover edition of ASIN B00K9W0F9ADeath should be the end of your life— not the beginningSky Brooks’s life started with a death—her own Sky’s spent the first twenty three years of he Alternative cover edition of ASIN BKWFADeath should be the end of your life— not the beginningSky Brooks’s life started with a death—her own Sky’s spent the first twenty three years of her life unaware of this among other things She always thought she was just a shapeshifter until she wakes up in a strange house in rural Illinois—battered bruised and with only vague memories of her mother’s death at the hands of vampiresAt the reuest of a powerful witch Sky is put under the protection of the Midwest Pack But she isn’t sure she can trust them especially after she meets the dangerously sexy Ethan a pack member who’s known for being ruthless than altruistic After she’s attacked by a necromancer a mercenary and the vampires who killed her mother she has no choice but to accept the pack’s helpThe Midwest Pack aren’t uite what they seem—but then again neither is Sky As they form an uneasy alliance to search for the reason behind the vampires’ vicious attacks it becomes clear that Sky possesses magic no one has ever seen—and it all started with what happened at her birth.

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  1. Rakki Rakki says:

    Wasted PotentialThe description intrigued me I thought it was about as new an idea as you can get in this over saturated genre That being said I can't recommend this book First Skylar is all but nonexistent in this book Oh she's the main character but she doesn't do anything remotely important or even useful She's a werewolf but she's a weak victim She can't fight or protect herself She doesn't have an iron will or anything that stands out She isn't completely stupid but she's not smart Skylar contributes nothing to the story other than a plot device I waited the whole book for her to do something I'm still waitingThe lycanthropes in this book are not ones I want to read about With the exception of one were jaguar they are all psychopathic monsters Remorseless killers that are just as bad as the vampires Nothing in the story made me care about themIf your looking for romance there is none The author makes a half hearted effort but the characters are so unlikable that it's just bad

  2. Runningrabbit Runningrabbit says:

    Free on Kindle Unlimited Find cheap paranormal books at Paranormal Book Feast main character keeps up a good level of maturity and sensibility which I find refreshing considering the uantity of people that are regularly as thick as a whale omelette I'm not saying she never makes a stupid move but when she does it tends to be a knee jerk reaction that she believes she can live withThere's a good cast of characters including a diverse crew of shifters In this book so far the vampires are definitely the evil that walks the earth and the werewolves are hard and tough That's not to say they aren't attractive Yep we're going tough and sexyThere's a hint of romance but it doesn't go much further than suggestion and I expect this is going to move onwards and upwards yes I am very funny in future novels There's loads of areas where this book has room to branch out vampires shifters and magic with lots of inner political wranglingI would recommend this to readers of the solid werewolfvampire novels with a good bit of action and a sensitive down to earth heroine

  3. Tia Tia says:

    I'm half way through this novel and I'm bored out of my mind I see the potential although I'm unsure if it can be reached The heroine is weak and has a pathetic story line There is really nothing to her other than what she is or potentially could be I find myself really frustrated and angry that the most she does is get bit by vampires all the time LAMEFinished and I still found it boring I think I'll try the next novel and hope for the best

  4. Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) says:

    Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewThis isn't the first time I awoke in a strange place naked and bloodstained45 stars That line was on the first page It was an epic first page to say the least and I was completely intrigued I thought I was over the whole vampires and werewolves stories but I am so happy to say that apparently I'm notSo many amazing character were introduced in this book and I can't even name who was my favorite Too difficult a task They're so complex that one moment they have you melting and infuriating the bejeezus out of you on the next It's definitely a love hate relationship with ALL of them for me I devoured this book in a day I was exhausted from lack of sleep but I didn't have it in me to put it down before the last word The action was almost nonstop and so much badassery everywhere Whenever magic is involved you know something will go amiss and McKenzie brought it Sometimes Skylar the main heroine was too naive for me and her actions were a tad repetitive but I see why they had to happen like that so I didn't mind it The only bad comment I have to make is that I wish I hadn't read the synopsis I don't usually but I did with this since it gave away too much of the plot So if you can refrain from it do it Better that wayAnd that ending I was kept guessing throughout the entire thing and I have no idea what else is in store for these characters but I love it

  5. Cristina Cristina says:

    I really wanted to like this book but I think I just set myself up for disappointment Based on the premise and let's be honest mostly the title I thought it would be a lot like Patricia Briggs' Moon Called Not so much Despite the interesting premise the plot never did grab me the characters fell flat especially the heroine and the dialogue was really stilted and awkward at timesThe pacing was a little weird; at times it felt like the book sped through scenesskipped over important things and other times it really dragged Some of this could be due to editing eg when they introduce Dakota Skylar starts to refer to him by name even though she was never told that information but some of it is just story structure Also the heroine wasn't my favorite I am all for underestimated fly under the radar type heroines but there's a difference between that and a doormat and Skylar tends to have very mat like ualities She is definitely one of those special snowflake types because of how uniue she is yadda yadda but why does being a special snowflake mean you can't be interesting? I think that's my main irritation with her She's a blank canvas and the only thing uniue about her is physical specialness Oh and she makes terrible decisions She's told that vampires are after her and she decides to leave the safety of her rescuers IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT She couldn't have waited until sunrise when you know vampires aren't prowling the streets? And after the disaster of that terrible decision she insists on going to a coffee shop hours away because she has cabin fever from staying at a nice mansion for a couple of days? Seriously why was that even entertained? I also really wanted to like the characters they all had potential and I'm a sucker for an entertaining ensemble cast But their dialogue sounded like it was the same person regardless of the situation A part of me wants to give the other books a chance but another part of me knows that I won't have the patience to see Skylar's adventures through Here's to hoping she develops a little personality in the other books

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    2nd timeI had to read this one again since I had forgotten much about the series Sky is an interesting woman She's not prepared for how her life has been turned upside down and she admits that its partially her fault since she ignored her supernaturalness I can't help but feel for her though

  7. Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ says:

    DNF 60%I've read textbooks interesting 'nuff said

  8. Katyana Katyana says:

    Here's the problem with this book I loathe the entire secondary cast Yes all of them Ethan Winter and Sebastian are The Worst pig headed entitled elitist assholes Joan and Steven suck I don't buy their false friendliness because it flips on a dime and they still refuse to actually help Skylar or tell her anything about anything So to me they are just playing Good Cop trying to induce Stockholm Syndrome in the girl they've abducted and are holding against her will Josh is no better but he's got a scary addition of magic addictioncompulsion that makes me not trust him at all The worst part about all of them is that they are such condescending assholes about her wolf Even when she lays it out for Ethan asking about his first change with his father he was excited about it knew it was going to happen had support Compared to her first change an orphan didn't even know werewolves existed changed and lost control and attacked her mother how can he not understand that she'd find the wolf to be monstrous? But he doesn't understand none of them do They just treat her like a stupid whiny moron for not having some balance with her wolf As if she should have just magically known how to do that all by herself They are pieces of shit who never once acknowledge everything she's been through Hell when the book opens her mother has just been murdered Not only do they have no sympathy they refuse to allow her to just sit in her room and mourn they drag her out because the prisoner must socialize I guess I liked Skylar at first when she refused to buy into their bullshit For the first half she recognized that they may have been keeping the vampires from her but they weren't doing it to help her They were doing it to stop the vampires And they could give a shit about her That made them her enemies just as much as the vampires But somewhere along the way she gave into Stockholm Syndrome and started to buy their bullshit about how weak she was and that she should be grateful for their help and that she should feel guilty about all this mess even though the only thing she did to actually cause it was be born What a bitch amirite?I'm also tagging this as amateur even though it's not the worst example But the dialogue gets repetitive and the way everyone is always roaring in tantrum gets repetitive Also the dialogue is just overly written No one talks like that except perhaps in a 17th century HR There are times where this wasn't so bad and times when it REALLY popped me out of the storyI'm not sure if I'll continue I am curious about Maya so I don't want to make it seem like the overall story is a wash But I just don't see how to enjoy a story when I think the entire cast of secondary characters needs to be lit on fire Especially when the heroine is caving into their way of thinking about her Her capability and self confidence went into the toilet over the course of this book It doesn't bode wellAnother Kindle Unlimited that doesn't impress me Maybe I'll cancel it after the free trial

  9. Mara Mara says:

    This book should have been titled Reader's torture because it is the only thing it deliversIt's all over the place with a weird plot and world building if you can find them and it has the odd honor to be the only book I read that had me hating all characters bar noneIt's so boring you would be glad to torture it Like so many readers on GR I DNFed around 60%Please read Katyana's indepth review she did finish it

  10. Casey Casey says:

    The advertisement on Facebook caught my attention and it is a Kindle Unlimited offering so I thought I would give it a go I'm not exactly DNF'ing it but I'm definitely not in the right frame of mind to read Moon Tortured right now I have been doing a reread of the Kate Daniels series and Skylar can't even come close to Kate It wouldn't be fair to this book to read it right now so I'm setting it aside with plans to try again some other time

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