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Download PDF  Murder on the Potomac (Capital Crimes, #12) Author Margaret Truman – ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Murder on the Potomac (Capital Crimes, #12) Author Margaret Truman – NATIONAL BESTSELLERMARGARET TRUMANBestselling author of MURDER AT THE PENTAGONMURDER ON THE POTOMACA first rate mystery writer Los Angeles Times Book ReviewFirst time in paperbackHarry's daughter know NATIONAL BESTSELLERMARGARET TRUMANBestselling author of MURDER AT THE PENTAGONMURDER ON THE POTOMACA first rate mystery writer Los Angeles Times Book ReviewFirst time in paperbackHarry's daughter knows her milieu; better still she knows how to portray it convincingly The San Diego UnionLaw professor Mac has unflagging passion for two things in his life his wife Annabel and the majestic Potomac River When Mac discovers a weed shrouded body in the latter the former gets edgy Lovely Annabel owner of a flourishing Georgetown art gallery must not only endure her husband's obsession with another killing but she must believe Mac Murder on ePUB ✓ when he says that a stunning female former student is one of the only people who can help himThey discover that the corpse was once the confidante' of a wealthy Washingtonian which leads to the Scarlet Sin Society a theatrical group that perilously reenacts historical murders And soon the only thing that matters to Mac than solving this serpentine case is preventing Annabel's untimely death Truman 'knows the forks' in the nation's capital and how to pitchfork her readers into a web of murder and detection The Christian Science MonitorMargaret Truman has settled firmly into a career of writing murder mysteries all evoking brilliantly the Washington she knows so well The Houston Post.

10 thoughts on “Murder on the Potomac (Capital Crimes, #12)

  1. James Kuiken James Kuiken says:

    Dallas in DCIf you're a fan of murder mysteries this could well be entertaining Having worked in DC for over a decade it was very interesting for me to see all the local landmarks and hangouts but from a very different perspective The perspective is very slightly left of center and is very much from an elite strata of society not at all the mundane view of average or even moderately upper level WashingtoniansIt could very well appeal to those who loved to watch Dallas The plot was slow to develop and convoluted but eventually came together somewhat predictably because the book was coming to a close right toward the end In great Thin Man tradition after the murders were solved the protagonist and his witty intelligent and beautiful wife went on a Paris getaway and enjoyed entrecote yeah had to look that one up too and petit fours as they wittily wrapped up the sub plots

  2. Denise Spicer Denise Spicer says:

    This MacKensie Smith mystery has another of Truman’s D C settings with upper crust arts and politics as “main characters” along with Professor Smith his wife Annabelle PI Tony Buffolino and gorgeous MPD Detective Darcy Eikenberg who has a big crush on Smith The story includes the author’s usual insider comments and DC scenery and ambience This 1994 book shows both its age and agelessness – the PC stuff was already running amok With the author both commenting derogatorily upon it yet at the same time indulging perhaps unconsciously in plenty of it herself

  3. Kay Kay says:

    This book was okay but not up to her usual mysteries Again I couldn't guess the murderer but that happens freuently with her books

  4. Argum Argum says:

    Series is growing on me because I like the continuity of Mac and Annabel In this one a high roller friend of Mac's has invited Annabel to join the board of the museum of which he is the chair Then his personal assistant is murdered and skeletons topple out of the closet Mac gets drawn in as does Annabel Didn't especially like the police or the personal stuff in this one but good story

  5. Karen Karen says:

    #12 in the series Mac is a law professor and is joined by his wife Annabelle to solve crimes In this particular book a close business partner of a wealthy DC Patron is found murdered on the side of the Potomac River Mac is called in as a consultant for the Patron and figures out the crime along with his lovely wife Annabelle I liked all the observations and geographic references to the DC Area Not to gory and the mystery was light Short book makes it an easy read

  6. Mommarush Mommarush says:

    This book never really interested meI found it trite and banal not to mention lacking a single scintilla of suspense in any of the 341 pages I only continued because my husband really liked it I found huge sections of it unnecessary The two main characters who were husband and wife were Supposed to be in this amorous relationship; however their dialogue was often forced stilted and overly formal Summary don’t waste your time

  7. AnnieM AnnieM says:

    I liked it than the first one I tried but it's not my favorite Decent mystery but a bit long winded in parts Perhaps because it's earlier in the series I preferred it a bit because I'm not reuired to figure as much out

  8. Judith Judith says:

    I've really enjoyed reading Margaret Truman's murdermystery series she's a first rate writer and knows DC like the back of her hand I especially enjoyed the books with Mac and Annabel Smith ex lawyers who find themselves involved in helping to solve a myriad of murders in the DC area

  9. Jean Bonilla Jean Bonilla says:

    I will read the rest of them because I own them but I’m not going to bother doing reviews Truman gets two stars because she can write intelligent English She gets a yawn for uninspired plots and unattractive characters

  10. Lynn Atchley Lynn Atchley says:

    Enjoy Truman is always a fun read Characters are mostly believable and the story keeps a good pace I would recommend

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