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Download PDF  My Father's Words Author Patricia MacLachlan – [KINDLE] ❀ My Father's Words By Patricia MacLachlan – Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan crafts a moving middle grade novel in her trademark spare and poignant prose about two children who find comfort working at a rescue shelter for dogs as they s Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan crafts a moving middle grade novel in her trademark spare and poignant prose about two children who find comfort working at a rescue shelter for dogs as they search for ways to cope after their My Father's PDF/EPUB or father’s sudden deathDeclan O’Brien always had a gentle word to share odd phrases he liked to repeat and songs to sing while he played basketball His favorite song was “Dona Nobis Pacem” “Grant Us Peace” His family loved him deeply and always knew they were loved in returnBut a terrible accident one day changes their lives forever and Fiona and Finn O’Brien are left without a father Their mother is at a loss What words are there to guide them through such overwhelming grief At the suggestion of their friend Luke Fiona and Finn volunteer at an animal rescue shelter where they meet two sweet dogs who are in need of comfort too Perhaps with time patience and their father’s gentle words in their hearts hope will spark once.

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  1. Candychaser21 Candychaser21 says:

    pretty heartbreaking but then becomes heartwarming loved it

  2. Caressa Caressa says:

    My Father's Words is a heartwarming and truly superb children's story Based loosely on the author's real experiences My Father's Words is a story chronicling the grief of a young girl after loosing her father Fiona's journey leads her to Thomas a ex patient of her father and the local animal shelterkennel where she and her brother and neighbor Luke can care for and be a companion to the dogs Through the story Fiona and her brother Finn discover that dogs may help us just as much as we help themMFW was an emotional story introducing a healthy approach to grief and loss I was deeply moved not only by the story but also by the author's foreword and intent The personal nature of the story is reflected in the emotion and uality of the writing The book not only approaches the difficult topics of grief and the emotional importance of our animals but introduces many important topics without losing the readibility for younger readers Anger blame selflessness the power of kindness and even the stigma around mental health feature in Fiona's experiences and memories of her father I highly recommend this story to anyone with a younger reader in their house or someone dealing with loss and needing a calm comforting read I personally fully intend on making this story a permanent addition to my collection and plan to make it available for my future children to readNote this book was provided from a Goodreads giveaway with hope of a review but all opinions are my own

  3. Shawn Shawn says:

    This is about as close to perfection as your likely to get in a book Not sure how it is classified or what the target market is but I would consider it a “middle reader” with appeal for every year beyond It is brilliant It is what the abominable waste of paper “Grief Is a Thing With Feathers” had hoped it could be It is the story of love loss grief hope kindness and healing It isn’t possible to love it than I do

  4. Joelle Joelle says:

    A touching story of life and love This story is a powerful tribute to the power of a parent’s love This story is full of tough and important elements; it will push adults and children alike to confront their own understanding of loss healing and what it means to really live Highly recommend I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  5. Susan Dunn Susan Dunn says:

    Fiona O'Brien's father is one of those people whom everyone loves He is kind and good and funny and has been the best father anyone could ever have So when he is killed in a car accident one day his family is devastated Fiona is especially worried about her little brother Finn He doesn't talk or laugh much any and has nightmares almost every night and usually ends up coming in to her room for comfort Then a neighbor suggest that Finn might like to volunteer at the local animal rescue shelter where Finn meets a dog named Emma who is also grieving a loved one's death No one has been able to reach her and she spends her days huddled in a cage facing the wall As Fiona and Finn begin to visit the shelter regularly they both find comfort in the dogs and slowly begin to heal This simple story is a uick read but it will resonate with readers long after the last pages Recommend to kids who like sad stories and also as possible bibliotherapy for those dealing with their own losses

  6. Maura Maura says:

    MacLachlan writes with beautiful spare prose and the character of Declan O'Brien is someone I would have loved to know But I just don't know who this book would work foras an adult I see the loveliness of it But I can't see a grieving child or any child in particular connecting with these children; in fact I didn't feel much grieving in this book at all Everything feels so full of the father through his words that his absence is not a strong presence and everyone goes about their business of recovering from his death with I think completely unrealistic euanimity and peace It feels like the reminiscence of an adult with 4 or 5 decades' distance from the death of a parent where the memory of the parent's wisdom is louder than the screaming agony of immediate loss rather than a book centered around grieving children As much as I wanted to love it it just fell flat for me

  7. Bekka Bekka says:

    Thanks to Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books for early access to this titleI love this book Such a difficult subject especially for kids but MacLachlan handles it in her usual wonderful way Her writing is excellent as always The characters in this are outstanding especially Finn This would be an excellent book for any child or parent who is dealing with grief Its also good for those who enjoy a good realistic story And of course the dogs MacLachlan has had wonderful dogs in several of her books and this book is no exception I had a difficult time reading this one without crying but it is ultimately a hopeful uplifting book Highly Recommended

  8. Mark Mark says:

    My Father's Words begins with a tragedy but ends with a heart full of hope In this little novella Fiona and Finn O'Brien must learn to cope with their grief but luckily their friend Luke has a great idea Why not volunteer at the local dog shelter? They learn that by helping others they in turn are able to help themselves I have read many books about death and grieving but My Father's Words by Patricia MacLachlan The Poet's Dog may just be the best of the bunch A beautiful book suitable for any age

  9. Karen Karen says:

    Years ago I read Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan and loved it I am not sure if I have read any others but this one caught my eye A uick beautiful read

  10. Amy Amy says:

    For such an outstanding author this book really fell flat for me It tackles a huge subject in a very short book allowing for virtually no character development and a very predictable story I found it rather unremarkable

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