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[Ebook] My Tethered Soul Reapers Rite #2 By Dorothy Dreyer – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➿ My Tethered Soul Reapers Rite #2 Author Dorothy Dreyer – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Months have passed since Zadie faced her sister’s Reaper during which time she's been under her mentor's magical protection But now that she's turning 17 that protection is about to run out When dar Months have passed since Soul Reapers eBook ✓ Zadie faced her sister’s Reaper during which time she's been under her mentor's magical protection But now that she's turning that protection is about to run out When dark forces lure Zadie to wander at night she's manipulated into committing unspeakable acts With her friends and family at risk Zadie must try to use her powers to break free from the My Tethered PDF or Reaper's grasp or surrender to the Reaper's Rite which can only lead to death.

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  1. Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) says:

    Copy provided in exchange for an honest review45 sad and bittersweet starsI missed the characters so much after book one and I was jumping of joy knowing I was able to continue their stories with this one Hunter is hilarious I think he was my favorite He had me crying with laughter at the most random times and I love him so much for it I don't know if I mentioned this before but Zadie and Gavin are such an adorable couple They are perfect for each other and I love how they respect their relationship I also loved the characters Dorothy introduced to us in this book They all had their part to play and I understand their importance to the plot perfectlyThis is my second book by Dorothy and I loved it even than the last The plot thickened and the ride was insane Insane and intense This book broke my heart in so many ways It was gruesome and action packed Is there a third book?? I understand why there wouldn't be but my selfish side doesn't I need of them This book is definitely my favorite out of the two I loved how it ended but hated that it didThis woman is definitely one of my favorites

  2. Katie O& Katie O& says:

    Dorothy Dreyer continues the fast paced heart pounding journey she started in My Sister's Reaper delivering a YA paranormal romance filled with believable characters battling unbelievable odds I love the rich new mythology of Villas the offspring of witches and fairies that Dreyer creates while grounding it all with the real teen angst self doubt and high school situations of her main charactersZadie and her older sister Mara defeated a Reaper the year before but now that Zadie is turning 17 there are other Reapers to worry about With their mother still in a mental institution from her own run ins with her Reaper Zadie and crew decide to try and put an end to the centuries long agreement that puts every Villa at riskMy only complaint is the love triangle that Dreyer gives us leaves Zadie with heartbreaking choices Gavin and Chase are both swoon worthy heroes who each deserve happiness but Zadie only gets to choose one Each guy risks his life for her and at one point I found myself thinking it would be easier if one of them died because then she wouldn't have to choose but even I couldn't decide who to root forThis is not a stand alone book Read the first book My Sister's Reaper which I read loved and reviewed back in April 2014 and then pick up this seuel to reach the satisfying conclusion to this inventive paranormal story

  3. Holly (Holly Hearts Books) Holly (Holly Hearts Books) says:

    Dorothy Dreyer does it again This is what a second book in a series is supposed to be like Dorothy has created beautiful character development we didn't get to see in the first book We finally get to see Mara's true character after being released from her Reaper in the first book I loved reading the relationships intertwined in this gang of friends It was like the glue that kept this book together and the characters dialogue made me laugh out loud and it's rare for a book to do thatIt was funny because at times I was like oh something bad is going to happen right now Then it didn't only to happen when I least expected it It made me on edge and nervous when I needed to be Even though I gave this book 5 stars there is one thing that constantly bothered me throughout the book That is why do they keep leaving Zadie alone when they know the reaper is after her GAHH I know the author does this to create action and suspense but geez keep an eye on that girlI also found it funny that Chase trained Zadie and Mara with throwing daggers and shooting crossbows but it looked to me that Chase needed the training After trying my best to nit pick these small things this was a fantastic read I am happy to own this series so I can go back and relive these best friends fight to overcome death itself

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Psychocat Reads Review of MY TETHERED SOUL by Dorothy DreyerI was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI was lucky enough to line reviews for MY SISTER'S REAPER and MY TETHERED SOUL up so I could read them back to back Since I loved the first book I had high expectations for book two Let's see how it stacked upThe Characters Picking up with the familiar names from the first book Dorothy was able to continue their development Zadie is just as awesome or maybe so as she was in book one One of the real highlights of this book is the growth we see in Mara's character and personality It was great to see what she was like when not in the reaper induced zombiesue stateMY TETHERED SOUL also gives us a chance to see of Gavin Naomi Lilura and Chase Each continues to grow in their roles of friends supporters mentor and Dorothy also introduces a few eclectic characters into the mix with this book Each of these add a distinct element to the story so it's easy enough to keep up with the additional names On a whole while the boys may play their roles the Reaper's Rite books certainly put the girls in the position to kick some serious ass I love this piece Dorothy doesn't make the guys weak by any stretch but she is unapologetic about what her female characters can doThe Relationships While we continue to get of the budding romance from MY SISTER'S REAPER the complex and interconnected ties of family friendship and magic are really the driving force behind the story The characters continue to learn that the bonds they have with each other may be what gives them the strength to do what needs to be done World Building MY TETHERED SOUL keeps building on the world of Vilas witches and reapers that was introduced in MY SISTER'S REAPER As before we are uncovering information along with Zadie rather than getting it before her This continues to help build the excitement and need to keep readingThis Book As Part of a Series MY TETHERED SOUL is a wonderful continuation of the Reaper's Rite series You'll definitely watn to read MY SISTER'S REAPER first to get the foundation both of the paranormal aspects and the characters Just like book one book two feels like it gives you a full story but I can see potential for from these characters in how Dorothy ended the bookJen's Final Rating 5 STARS Another win from Dorothy Dreyer With a great mix of creepy funny and sweet the second Reaper's Rite story will have you tethered to the book to the very endPsychocat's Final Rating She may not be a black cat but she seems to think she'd fit in well with this paranormal group She'd like to know if there are any feline reapers and if so how she can claim a spot in their ranks

  5. Erika Messer Erika Messer says:

    This book is definitely darker and much sinister than the first book I really liked it because I LOVE dark and sinister though Now that Zadie knows she is not the normal teenager she has her mentor but there are dark forces at work making her do terrible things Can Zadie overcome these forces and do the right thing? And now on top of everything else she also must decide whether to fight the reaper again for her own life or surrender Again loved the character of Zadie it is very easy for her to be made to do bad things but she has to fight it and redeem herself figuring out who she REALLY is in the process The characters are always so real and you can relate to them and their situations even if they are living in a magical world of sorts Chase and Lilura are great teachers but can they save Zadie from herself? Once again Dreyer has led the reader on a great chase through a fast paced whirlwind of action and leaving the reader to wonder what will happen at the end? Of course I rooted wholeheartedly for Zadie to win but you will have to read the book to find out All I can say is that there is room for books in this series Absolutely enjoyed both of these books and really cannot wait to see if there is a third coming out soonI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review

  6. Stuart West Stuart West says:

    As a fan of Ms Dreyer's first book in the Reaper's Rite series I looked forward to the second entry yet also dreaded the sopho slump So many follow up books in series prove to be disappointing in that it's a lot of the same thing; wash rinse and repeat I'm happy to report that not only is My Tethered Soul a terrific read I believe I enjoyed it than the first book Ms Dreyer has upped the ante in terms of characterization suspense some down right spooky scenes and a playful sense of humor particularly in the dialogue between her teen protagonists This time our heroine Zadie becomes possessed by a reaper ending with a road tripintroducing several new intriguing characters The stakes have been upped the outcome less than certain There are several shocking deaths raising the series above so many other YA series where you know everyone will make it out alive And there's true raw emotion regarding the aftermath as well One thing I learned from the book? Never invite Zadie and her Scooby Gang to a get together; it's a recipe for destruction violence and chaos Actually I felt sorry for the hosting Poulter family Worst house guests ever Read it and find out why Highly recommended

  7. Christine Juckett Christine Juckett says:

    I am so glad to have read it but so sad that I am finished This was an excellent read So many wonderful characters and a story line that kept me going until the very end I can't wait for the next book

  8. Liliana Liliana says:

    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookZadie may have saved her sister Mara from a reaper but now a reaper is after Zadie controlling her and making her sleepwalk and do things Horrid things And it was just totally freaky Will Zadie surrender to the Reaper's Rite or will she somehow manage to beat this curse? Dun dun DUNThis book was pretty darn awesome As I mentioned in my review of the last book I LOVED the mythology behind the Vila It's just something I've never read about before and you all know how much I love me some mythology ; But I read the last book My Sister's Reaper a while ago so I had a difficult time remembering what happened in that last book Like what exactly a Reaper's Rite is or what the heck happened to Mara to make her act so creepy in the last book I don't remember And I felt a little bit lostI did love that we had a bit of a scenery change in the last half of the book with the Poulters You know Mrs Poulter Erina Diana and Preston They're an interesting bunch I really liked them Erina was very friendly and sweet Diana was a jerk face but she wasn't completely horrible And Preston well he was very charming ; I really liked the addition of these new characters It was very refreshingSpeaking of characters I love Zadie and Gavin are just so adorable together I admit though they got extremely cheesy at times ; I also loved Mara In the last book when she was being controlled by the reaper she freaked the Hades out of me But I was glad to really get to know her in this book And then there's Chase I like him but there was a hint of a love triangle going on unfortunately I don't like Something I found kinda funny and completely ironic though was that Chase picked up one of Zadie's books looked at it then said Interesting read Though I'm not a really big fan of love triangles My reaction ME EITHER This book had a little bit of that going on but luckily it was nothing too horribleOverall I really really liked this seuel It was very suspenseful with lots of action right from the start I could not stop reading until I found out what happened with Zadie and the Reaper's Rite Some pretty crazyamazing things went down but all I can say is that I loved the ending It was just great and very satisfactory

  9. Nay Denise Nay Denise says:

    This was such an awesome seuel This follows up excellently to My Sister's ReaperZadie is now seventeen years old which means that her protection spell from Lilura is no longer capable of working She is now open to the Reaper's Rite Her sister Mara lost her magic in book 1 but it mysteriously returns Zadie must now fight two Reapers her mom's and her sister's In the mist of this battle people get hurt lives are lost but in the end the battle is wonI totally enjoyed Zadie once again She fought all the way through Even when the Reaper materialized and controlled her She never backed down No matter how hard the Reaper tried he simply couldn't keep control That's strengthMara thankfully learned her lesson and only used her powers to stay alive She trained her researched and helped Zadie the same way she helped her read My Sister's Reaper Mara is a true sisterChase is great I learned so much about him in this book The things he endured in how he must wear a trench coat and then his battle with the Reapers was so brave He is a true brave young manHunter is a new character that proved to be useful He's Chase's older brother and he helps protect Vilas For me he was pure comic reliefLiluraI can only say I respect her so much morw for what she sacrificed and how she was their for the girls from the time they were younger She is such a cranky old woman with a very humorous tone to the things she says Lilura was of a mother figure for the girls while their mom was away and she did an awesome jobGavin is brave From learning about his real parents to getting hurt he definitely stayed close to Zadie at all times He never gave up on her or left her sideNaomi is still a true friend After learning she could die and then almost dying she never wanted to leave Zadie's side She was a true friend that loved her to the end Even though she had no magical bloodline she did all she could to help support and protect ZadieThe witches and the medium were a great addition to the novel and kept me laughing but what happened to Helene Erina and Lilura just tore me up I couldn't believe how fast it all happenedIn the end this was a great seuel Especially when their mom came home Priceless

  10. Christy Christy says:

    I received a copy of this book free for an honest review which I've given This review originally appeared on my blog Christy's Cozy CornersIn this fast paced seuel to My Sister's Reaper Zadie and Mara are back and so is the reaper In the past few months Zadie has been protected She's been training with Chase and Lilura Training for the day she turns seventeen Because that is when a reaper will come for her as he does for all seventeen year old VilasDorothy Dreyer has created a really great series with these books I'm not sure if this will be the final one or not as the ending of the book gives the reader closure yet it leaves room for to be told in the storyThe characters in My Tethered Soul are the same as in My Sister's Reaper with the addition of a few key players They are well developed and all play important roles in the story My favorite is still Lilura She is Chase's grandmother and Zadie and Mara's Vila tutor She is such a great strong woman though she is pretty cranky Her love for the girls and her grandson is very evident in this story Hunter Chase's older brother shows up for this book and plays an important role in Mara's lifeI don't want to give away any of the plot because you need to read these books They are fast paced and action packed There's not too much wasted dialog which is a great thing I don't like books that are too talky What Zadie has to go through is so frustrating for her and for the reader You really want her to triumph over her troubleI highly recommend these books for those of you who enjoy young adult paranormal books They are exciting and definitely worth adding to your TBR lists

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