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[PDF] Mystery of the Eagles Nest Cooper and Packrat #2 By Tamra Wight – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➼ Mystery of the Eagles Nest Cooper and Packrat #2 By Tamra Wight – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Did you know that people buy and sell eagle feathers claws and parts Cooper and Packrat didn't either But they're learning fast When the boys find a box of valuable eagle parts they soon realize that Did you the Eagles Kindle Ö know that people buy and sell eagle feathers claws and parts Cooper and Packrat didn't either But they're learning fast When the boys find a box of valuable eagle parts they soon realize that the owner will stop at nothing to get them back in this fast paced middle grade mystery from Tamra WightTrouble has returned to Wilder Family Campground When Cooper and Packrat find their geo cache box full of illegal eagle parts their lazy summer is over Someone wants those valuable parts back And if they Mystery of PDF \ can't get of the Eagles Nest Cooper Kindle - the parts back they'll settle for holding one of the rare Pine Lake eaglets hostage instead Cooper Packrat and Roy must elude two goons tolerate an annoying teenager keep tabs on a shady new camper and stake out the eagle's nest all without getting grounded Tamra Wight has written an exciting follow up to Mystery on Pine Lake ripe with adventure and natural history but above all a tale of compassion and friendship.

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  1. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Cooper whose family owns a campground has a number of geocaching boxes on the property and campers can go looking for them When he finds that one of the boxes has a taxidermied eagle head in it and when two goons in ties take off after him he knows that something is up He enlists the help of friend and camper Packrat so called because of the number of things he keeps in his trench coat pockets to fend off the goons who end up staying in a trailer at the campground and watch out for the four eaglets who are in a nest at the campground The mystery deepens when a Native American man Hawke seems to be involved and when one of the eaglets goes missing Cooper knows that he must do something How many people are involved in selling eagles illegally?Strengths The camp is a fun setting and it's clear that the author has used her own experiences as a campground owner to bring great details of camp ground life to the book The environmental issue of the eagles will entice many readers and the bad guys chasing the protagonists are always interestingWeaknesses If Cooper had just taken the taxidermied eagle directly to his mother and alerted the police not only would he and his friends not have been in danger but the eagles wouldn't have been either There wouldn't have been a story but it would have been a much better choice for Cooper to make

  2. Paula Boyce Paula Boyce says:

    Once again Tamra Wight has captured the the hearts and minds of some of my most reluctant readers and has taken them on an exciting adventure at her campground In this second book in the Cooper and Packrat series the campground is full of some uirky characters Some valuable eagle parts have been found at a geocash box hiding place and the boys know that something is amiss Their detective work helps them follow some shady characters who may be responsible for the illegal eagle parts and a missing baby eaglet Tamra's meticulous research into the eating and flying habits of the eagle are shared with the reader as the story progresses We'll continue with this series when the new school year begins

  3. Brenda Brenda says:

    Fun mystery adventure that is full of NE life and interesting facts about nature along the way I learned so much about eagles in this book as the information wove in and around the story There are lots of interesting uestions the story introduces it could inspire some independent inuiry Looking forward to the next book

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Cooper lives year round at the campground his family owns joined each summer by his best friends Packrat and Roy All the boys love nature and this year they’re into two things geocaching and watching the eaglets in the nest across the lake What they didn’t expect was to be chased by two large angry men while they are checking their geocache trail Hiding in a secret canyon Cooper and Packrat discover that the cache they picked up isn’t one of theirs—it contains contraband eagle parts that could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars Now they have another mystery on their hands as well as two dangerous men determined to get them back—and maybe steal an eaglet along the wayI really enjoyed this one much better than the first one though this one didn’t have the character development the first one did But as mysteries go I thought this one was pretty good although yeah two dumb goons is pretty stereotypical The structure worked well; the story started right in the action which was an issue with the last book and moved along at a good clip I also really liked all the description of the campground life and activities which really bring that world to life and the eagle information in the body of the story not the chapter headings didn’t feel like lessons I would gladly booktalk this one

  5. Celestia Celestia says:

    This is about a boy named Cooper He and his family live on a camping site all year round because they own it He and his friend Packrat made a geocaching site for the people who are camping at the site The conflict is that one day Cooper was checking on the geocaching trail to make sure that all the boxes were there He picked one up and two men started chasing him They were in suits and ties So after he had gotten into a secret place that only his friends knew about he opened it up and found parts of bald eagles in it So they wanted to get this box back to the owner The high point of the story is when Cooper is about to fall off the cliff because the two men were working for a person who was selling the eagle parts on a black market So they were at the place and the two men had fallen down The person selling the parts was a woman Then the woman fell down Cooper was there While she was falling she grabbed onto Cooper's pant leg Then she let go and fell But Cooper was already falling off it too One of his friends grabbed his arm and pulled him back up The resolution is that they found out that the eagle parts belonged to an Indian that belonged at their campsite

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Cooper Packrat are back in another ecology mystery adventure This time they are protecting nesting eagles from becoming victims to the black market A solid fast paced middle grade mystery that has incorporated lots of information about eagles into the plot while introducing young readers to the importance of wildlife protection

  7. Karen Arendt Karen Arendt says:

    I just love this serese and was so excited that there was a second book This book has everything mystery cliff hanger chapters great animals facts on bald eagles and a surprising section on how raccoons can try to steal an eaglet Highly recommended

  8. Joanne Roach-Evans Joanne Roach-Evans says:

    This is a FANTASTIC book I seriously could not put it down So well written great dialogue wonderful story line and I love all the facts about eagles at the beginning of each chapter This story takes me right back to my childhood and would be a book I would of loved then as much as I do now

  9. Elaine Elaine says:

    Might appeal to mystery lovers and nature enthusiasts Setting a campground for families in Maine lends itself to a good summer read

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