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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Neverland by Night Author T.E. Tondreault – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Epub] ➛ Neverland by Night ➠ T.E. Tondreault – Serv3.3pub.co.uk So Dodge may I call you Dodge‘Course yeahSo then what is this story called and what is it aboutIt’s called Neverland by Night and it’s my life mate As a vampire And that’s ‘Neverland’ like So Dodge may I call you Dodge‘Course yeahSo then what is this story called and what is it aboutIt’s called Neverland by Night and it’s my life mate As a vampire And that’s ‘Neverland’ like in Peter Pan right Not Never Land like in never land at that place at night Can’t see where that came fromI’ll keep that in mind You were sayingSee there’s been a war between the Neverland by PDF/EPUB or humans and us the vampires we’re called Sids in the book and we’ve won the thing but there’re lot of problems issues to be honest You could say that we have some issues to resolve YeahWhy SidsGotta read the book mateAnd you’re the main characterYeah you could say that I mean there’s some other pretty significant blokes who I interact with but this time out it’s about me I guess pretty much How do you feel about the storyWhat you meanYou’re a gay vampireWell that goes without saying doesn’t it I mean that Anne Rice bird just ruined the market for straight vampires didn’t she And the bloke who wrote this well ueer as fish if you get my meaning so no surprises there ehLet’s talk about that This T E Tondreault no one’s ever hear ofDon’t be harsh Timmy’s alright I mean a bit thick but that’s what we wanted really To get the story out there without the writer trying to get all literary and the like I mean it’s my story our story isn’t it So I planted the idea in Timmy’s head and he gets the idea that it’s something he come up with you know like they all do Writers can’t live with ‘em can’t live without ‘emYes but why him specificallyOh cuz I’d knew he’d fall for me like a brick Do my biding without any argument Gotta be worshipped mate or there’s no pointYou mean fall in love with youCourse If you’d read the book did you read it I’m hot as fuck you know Witty Sharp as a tack The whole package Totally irresistible Poor Tim o never stood a chanceSo you’re a young vampire in a post warPost apocalypse actually pretty bleak but that’s the storyAnd the humans have lost the warYeah We’ve got ‘em locked up in these kinda big ghettos for food you know and our amusement of course But if that was all there was to it it’d be pretty boringSo something happensYeah yeah there’s this event like And that changes everything and that’s the story This event You’re pretty attractive Anyone ever tell you thatThat’s that’s not really appropriateNice neckI think we’ll end it thereGood choice of words mate Let’s loosen that tie.

2 thoughts on “Neverland by Night

  1. Furio Furio says:

    I was almost ready to give up on this oneThe first third of it is incredibly gloomy and depressing It is not exactly slow paced but it takes all the time it needs to set the story into a contest and the introduction is such a long one as would befit a series while this at least for now is a standalone And what kind of world does this long introduction introduce us to? To a post apocalyptic world where humans are utterly defeated and a particularly vicious breed of vampires rulesThis is a far cry from the usual MM vampire romance I usually read to escape There is no tall dark brooding loner who falls for the human beauty here There are sex scenes and they are explicit but not indulged upon just there because they have meaning for the plotThe author chooses not to spare us neither the factual details of survival an economics or better still a cruel housekeeping of sorts is devised to guarantee the fictional vampires their food nor the appalling ruthlessness of said vampires Mr Tondreault seems to enjoy indulging in the gory details so much so that I would recommend this book only to adult and not overly sensitive readersAll this gloom and violence takes its toll making for the difficult first third I guess this might also depend on the fact that while I might enjoy dark fantasies I was not exactly thrilled by being confronted with leads not the villains the leads who consider people no better than cattleOnce the setting is in place action decidedly picks up The author introduces complots double agents sects and political frictions He also introduces halfway through the book supernaturalfantasyreligious characters to the plot I did not care too much for the explicit catholic elements but they probably make sense in view of the denouement he has in mind Their introduction though one uickly after the other was not a little hurried and they end by being plot twists than actual charactersThe novel is told in third person by the omniscient narrator who sometimes makes time for a little explanation; halfway through the book he does uite a bit of an explanation as if remainding us of the fictitious nature of his workCharacterization is probably the weakest asset of this work Dodge is well rounded and so is Grieve the main villain but the rest are far less in focus Hunt is nominally the other lead but except for his being a devastatingly attrative man and not a little thick headed we know little about him We know he lets his domineering side rule his better judgement but that is about all Why he and Dodge have fallen so desperately for each other is uite unclear Side characters vampires humans supernaturals have their meaning for the plot but we hardly get to know them This book which is not exactly short would have needed some hundred pages to give them and the suspence space and scopeAs mentioned before this is a standalone but there might be some loose ends for a second book I only hope Grieve will not be part of it that would be too easy while I should like to see the supernatural again who alone is defeated and apparently killed far too earlySeuel or not this volume still needs a revision while writing is good enough there are several typos and even a couple of grammar mistakes one so freuent I could not help but notice is the use of to be use to instead of to be useD to

  2. Pia Veleno Pia Veleno says:

    Blurbs do serve a purpose The rambling posted in the blurb section discourages me from reading this story even though I downloaded it for free

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