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[Epub] Night in Eden By Candice Proctor – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Read❯ ➮ Night in Eden Author Candice Proctor – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Bryony Wentworth once a wealthy privileged English landowner is convicted of murdering her husband After being transported to a penal colony in New South Wales while pregnant Bryony gives birth to her Bryony Wentworth once a wealthy privileged English landowner is convicted Night in eBook Ë of murdering her husband After being transported to a penal colony in New South Wales while pregnant Bryony gives birth to her child then loses it to fever Captain Hayden St John collects her from the prison so that she can become a wet nurse for his son Grief stricken over the loss of his wife Hayden is bitter and untrusting Bryony fearful and angry at her fate finds much to resent in Hayden but his child offers her a new will to live Although Hayden and Bryony fight their attraction their union is so deeply passionate that it seems nothing can threaten their happiness until Bryony's past comes to haunt her.

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  1. Melanie A. Melanie A. says:

    5 STARS How could she be so greedy as to want his love too? WOW I could not put this one down; heart wrenching and utterly engrossingThank you BIRJIS for bringing this incredible book to my attention 🥰In so many Regency era historicals transportation to Botany Bay is only mentioned here the author takes you there And let me tell you you did NOT want to end up in the British penal colony system in the early 1800's Plot in a nutshell Bryony is convicted of manslaughter in the accidental death of her husband Because she's pregnant her death sentence is commuted to 7 years in Botany Bay Days after arriving in Sydney Harbor her child is dead and Bryony is contracted to serve as slave to landowner Hayden St James and wetnurse to his infant son If a woman wasn't a virgin or a wife then she was a whore Freaking harrowing you guys HARROWINGTriggers view spoilergrief death including a dead ex repeated mentions of rape on page violence severe corporal punishment and casual disregard for human life hide spoiler

  2. Mo Mo says:

    Bryony Wentworth once a wealthy privileged English landowner is convicted of murdering her husband After being transported to a penal colony in New South Wales while pregnant Bryony gives birth to her child then loses it to fever Captain Hayden St John collects her from the prison so that she can become a wet nurse for his son Grief stricken over the loss of his wife Hayden is bitter and untrusting Bryony fearful and angry at her fate finds much to resent in Hayden but his child offers her a new will to live Although Hayden and Bryony fight their attraction their union is so deeply passionate that it seems nothing can threaten their happiness until Bryony's past comes to haunt her This was my first time reading this author and I must say I really enjoyed it A Historical set in Australia this was a new theme for me When I tell you to do something you do it Hayden was a bit of a pig You know me Yes I love a bit of an OTT Alpha male But Byrony was no shrinking violet Yes she knew as a convict she had to know her place but she held her head high and stood up to him tooYou could be transported to Van Diemen's Land for stealing a loaf of bread Women were treated dreadfully Their children were taken from them at the port and they would never see them again She wasn't going to be an easy woman to masterbut master her he was determined to do The baby might fill her arms but he could never fill her heart The land seemed so lonely so emptyIt frightened and excited her at the same time Sexual tension is uite good between them She saw that the dark hair that matted his chest was wet with sweat It curled around his nipples plunged like an arrow toward his groin Overall an enjoyable read and I will be checking out books by this author

  3. Birjis Birjis says:

    This is one of the few historical books for which I keep coming back and still not get bored I think this book is one rare find for me for it's something different from the Vicrorian era romance In the early 80's New South Wales Australia somewhere in the harsh dry climate brings a captivating romance Byrony Wentworth is a convict of manslaughter who recently buried her infant son Captain Hayden St John is a ranch owner In need of a wet nurse he buys Byrony for his infant son and to take care of his house Despite the unjust circumstances and grief for her dead son Byrony has no option but to serve Hayden Still grieving for his dead wife Hayden finds himself attracted to Byrony He could make her his mistress but he would never force her Byrony's pride and Hayden's compassion was conflicting Each page leaves a craving for the next A hero who is a womans dream and the heroine is of appreciation The setting of the book was ceremonious I liked every detail There is a twist at the end which came out of blue It's a wonderful story and I admire the author for this creation I recommend this to those who like western historical romance this is a must read

  4. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    Night In Eden by Candice Proctor★★★★★ Five full stars An exceptional book; one of the best I’ve read so far this year A realistic look at life in 1808 New South Wales and the struggle to carve out a life in a strange forbidding land Within just a few pages I was enthralled with the story The harsh brutality of the beautiful Australian setting is not just a “wallpaper” backdrop but actually a vital ingredient to the flavor of this book The Government House Parramatta Australia One of the things I loved about it is that our heroine Bryony is at first truly afraid of our hero Hayden She’s not swooning with lust and sighing over his masculinity like so many romance novel heroines do when they are in close proximity of the hero As a woman convict grief stricken from the loss of her children in a land where rape is the expected norm she is in a truly precarious situation and she is smart enough to realize it; so much realistic I know I’d be scared s#itless Still Bryony is a woman of strong character; her resistance to Hayden a to die for hero is credible not a plot device to increase the sexual tension of the book Their tumultuous love story is filled with unrelenting passion For despite the cultural horrors of this new frontier there is an underlying theme of hope strength endurance and love; all the things one needs to surviveThank you Jill for the rec Not wasting time asking myself “Why have I never read anything by her before?” I jumped on the computer and ordered four books by the talented Ms Proctor Definitely a good read

  5. Quinn Quinn says:

    If you’re a lover of historical romance or even romantic historical fiction and are looking for something different to the typical London RegencyVictorian era romance then this book should probably go straight to your TBR pileHow wonderful to read a bona fide Romance novel set in early 1800’s New South Wales Australia instead of England And what a setting This is no wallpaper historical Here you will get the harsh bleak majestic and brutal landscape and life of colonial Australia with all its splendour and hardshipConvicted of the manslaughter of her husband Bryony Wentworth is a convict transported from Cornwall to the colonies in New South Wales A year ago she was the loving mother of a sweet 2 year old with another on the way Now a prisoner in the Female Factory she is forced to become a slave to the cold Captain Hayden St JohnBryony’s only value to Hayden is as a wet nurse for his infant son whose mother died in childbirth As a prisoner with no rights and having recently lost her own infant son to sickness in the appalling conditions Bryony is left with no option but to serve Hayden as her masterHayden takes Bryony to his remote property in Jindabyne where she is expected to meet all the needs of baby Simon along with cooking cleaning and serving Hayden Bryony knows that Hayden with his cold and heartless demeanor can force himself on her at any time and there is nothing she could do about it Although grieving his beloved wife Hayden finds himself immediately attracted to this proud strong intriguing woman He has never felt such strong feeling of lust toward a woman and must have her But Hayden would never force Bryony and so he must convince her to become his mistress With her pride the only thing Bryony has left she vows never to succumb to the growing feelings she has for her master She wants only to serve her sentence and survive in this fascinating foreign land so she can eventually return to England and the daughter who was ripped from her armsThe sexual tension between Hayden and Bryony is palpable as is the struggle each faces to come to terms with their respective grief the conflicting attraction they feel and the disparity in their positions However Candice Proctor has not romanticised the fact that life was hard Convicts especially women were treated in an appalling manner Vicious floggings with the cat o nine tails which stripped and flayed the skin and muscles were a freuent fact of life What pitiful few rights convicts had were seldom upheldI am unaware of any other romance novel in this setting and while the writing was not necessarily lyrical the author paints a powerful and evocative picture of both the landscape and the individuals struggling to make their place in it

  6. Sam (AMNReader) Sam (AMNReader) says:

    Candice ProctorCS Harris is spectacular This book is cracking The initial scene is incredibly vivid as are many others and it's about a female convict I wish I had the energy to write a better review but I'm reading a lot on a beautiful weekend for a reason which is I don't feel well so reviews will have to wait a bitBest I can say is can you get your hands on this? If yesread it some sensitive content though

  7. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    So good I think this is the first novel by Candace Proctor aka CS Harris aka CS Graham Her sister is Penelope WilliamsonTop Marks An outstanding historical western set in Australia in 1808 The BritishWelsh heroine Byrony Wentworth is falsely convicted of murder and sent to a penal colony in New South Wales where she gives birth but her baby dies Because she has milk she is farmed out as an indentured servant at a huge cattle ranch hired by widower Captain Hayden St John to serve as housekeeper and wet nurse to his infant son What a bastard he is a cold unrelenting jerk for a long time Until Gripping Captivating Poignant It's grim for a long time The intense despair sucked me right in; the injustices caught me by the throat and I FELT the unrelenting sun and the dry red earth under my feet It's gritty grim and sexy Then it becomes tender and sweet promising but you just KNOW the threat still exists waiting but that's okay you hope cuz your money's on the sexy kick ass hero and his ferociously tenacious woman I loved these charactersThere is a twist that I didn't expect and it made me angry with the Captain but all's well at last Never so delighted to see a couple get a happy ever after Well deservedThe calibre of the writing is superior Tightly paced descriptive but not flowery or repetitive emotional but not purple Wow It stuck with me for years I re read it occasionallySo I'm saying it's good I don't want to write a lengthy review and give anything away

  8. Crista Crista says:

    Night in Eden is one of those books that will stay with you forever Most books I read are decent enough and entertain me but over time they fade in my memory and I can't really remember the details A select few books are so incredible that they are vivid in my mind long after I finish reading them This is one of those Hayden and Bryony are what make this book so fantastic The chemistry that these two share is so hot laced with tension and palpable that I found myself breathless at times These are two people that want each other desperately and take their own sweet time giving in to their desire but once they dowatch out I liked each character extremely wellwhich was refreshing I usually like one than the other They were extremely suited to one another and are for sure on my Top 10 Favorite Couples list When Bryony is brought in to nurse and care for Hayden and his deceased wife's babyyou see the gradual making of a family Just beautiful to watch This is a painful book to read at times The conditions in which the women prisoners are kept in and the painful separation that these women and their children had to endure is described in some detail It is sobering There is uite a bit of death in this bookdefinitely not all sunshine and rainbows but the realism was so poignant and beautiful that it only helped to attach me and to this story I will not be letting my copy of this book out of my hands

  9. T. Rosado T. Rosado says:

    5 StarsI don't think that there's a lot I can say to give this book justice Just know that the scope characters and story development were some of the best I have read in historical romance It was a moving and intense love story set during the brutal early colonization of Australia The story takes place over a few short years but it felt like I read a saga And I would read it again in a heartbeat It was that special

  10. Renae Renae says:

    There are generally speaking two types of historical romance 19th century British romance subdivided into Regency and Victorian romance which is all about lords and ladies and balls; and there is also 19th century Western romance which is about cowboys and settlers and Indians There is not however a particularly dedicated outflow of historical romance about 19th century Australian penal colonies and after reading Night in Eden I really must wonder why the hell not? In this book Candice Proctor delivers a sensual tale of two broken people brought together by death and loss and a cruel society who somehow forge a life together This book is well written and sexy and maybe even importantly uniueConvicted with manslaughter on account of her husband’s death Bryony is transported to New South Wales to serve a 7 year sentence during which time she’s basically the property of anyone who wants her Like literally a man can show up and decide he wants her and then legally rape her because being a convict in Australia is not like being a convict back in England Luckily the dominating and powerful man who claims Bryony to serve as his infant son’s wetnurse isn’t much of a rapist otherwise I would have been done with Night in Eden before it even began Hayden St John as I said is a controlling man with a forceful personality and he wants Bryony from the very moment he sets eyes on her but he wants her to choose him So he hauls her back to his homestead in the bush and does his very best to stay away from her because he knows that a she wants him but b is terribly afraid of him and the power he has over her So he waits For months And probably drives himself crazy with horniness but whatevs Not being a reading particularly drawn to the Alpha Male character type I think I was wary of the power dynamics between Bryony and Hayden from the start Proctor has already established a scenario in which the woman is powerless she is his servant and his prisoner And while in 1808 even being a wife rendered you little better than your husband’s slave in Night in Eden it’s so very pronounced and palpable Not only is Hayden a dominant assertive man he’s also in a position of extreme power over Bryony And he pushes it—they both do honestly Like I said the sexual attraction between these two characters is nearly instantaneous even though they don’t particularly like each other in the beginning There’s a lot of sexual tension and a lot of scenes that end abruptly because at the last minute Bryony says “No”—but here’s what’s important Hayden respects Bryony’s nonconsent Every time He never blames her for “teasing” him or “leading him on” EverThat is so importantUncomfortable as the relationship dynamic might have initially made me I loved that Proctor used it in this way and didn’t fall into the easy Alpha Male trap of “dubious consent” that is not even a thing okay? or pressuring the female protagonist into sex Night in Eden does it right and so this book is thick with tension and lust and it makes you wait for that consummation but it’s sweeter for knowing it wasn’t coerced or rushed intoAnd I very very much loved both Bryony and Hayden At the outset they’re both grieving Him for his wife and her for her freedom and her children Bryony resists Hayden’s authority over her and her conflicted fear and desire for him Hayden wrestles with guilt for wanting a woman so soon after his wife died But on the homestead in New South Wales manned by thieves and murderers and cheats Bryony and Hayden learn about each other and come to respect and admire each other and they make it work And I’m not going to lie I really did wonder how the author was going to pull it all off because if there were ever a couple stuck in impossible circumstances it seemed to be this one I was not sure how the reuisite Happily Ever After was going to work But it worked; it really didWhile I think the uniue setting and premise pulled me in Candice Proctor was able to hold me because of these characters and their story Night in Eden is I think one of the best historical romances I’ve ever read for many reasons I loved the Australian setting and the slow burn romance and the way the characters came together in partnership Even the things that seemed tricky came out all right in the end I am very very impressed by this book📌 Blog | Review Database | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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