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[Epub] Outland By Alan Dean Foster – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Outland By Alan Dean Foster ⚣ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk In orbit out from Jupiter in view of its malignant red eye is OUTLANDHere on Io moon of Jupiter hell in space men mine ore to satisfy the needs of Earth They are hard men loners for whom the Company p In orbit out from Jupiter in view of its malignant red eye is OutlandHere on Io moon of Jupiter hell in space men mine ore to satisfy the needs of Earth They are hard men loners for whom the Company provides the necessities beds food drink and women for hire Now in apparent suicide or in frenzied madness the men are dyingTo Outland comes the new US Marshall O'Neil a man with a sense of duty so strong it drives him to ferret out evil greed and murder regardless of the cost If he must he will forfeit love livelihood even life itself.

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  1. John John says:

    I still remember my initial excitement upon first popping my copy of OUTLAND into the VCR The movie seemed tailor made according to my tastes It was the plot of HIGH NOON combined with the setting of Ridley Scott's ALIEN It starred the original James Bond and was directed by the guy who made TIMECOP and RUNNING SCARED and also SUDDEN DEATH and END OF DAYS but those are lesser classicsAnd I remember turning it off after about 30 minutes because it was just so freakin' dull A couple years later I tried re watching it with similar results Fast forward to 2016 when I spot a copy of the novelized version by Alan Dean Foster sitting forlornly on a Salvation Army bookshelf A year or so previous I had read Foster's novelizations for KRULL and the original CLASH OF THE TITANS two godawful movies he somehow managed to make bearable in book form So I plopped down my hard earned uarter and decided to give the world of OUTLAND another shot Turns out whatever the reasons OUTLAND didn't work for me as a film Alan Dean Foster somehow overcame it As a novel OUTLAND rocks Foster doesn't just take a terrible movie and make it bearable he takes a bad movie and makes it great This is the experience I had originally hoped to get when I bought my used VHS copy all those years agoThe plot of OUTLAND is very simple but Foster really sells it thanks to the sort of uality writing that made his ALIEN novelizations so memorable While reading this book I never got the feeling it had been churned out to make a uick buck Most movie novelizations are little than pale reflections of their source material but OUTLAND is a satisfying and fully formed novel in its own right one that has a lot going for it than just its status as a collectible movie itemAnd although it mostly manages to transcend its cinematic origins the book's Third Act does suffer from too close an adherence to the original script Movies can get away with uickly jumping around from scene to scene and character to character but books reuire streamlining Readers don't want to switch locationsperspectives every few sentences and this is a problem made even worse in OUTLAND thanks to the author's disregard for section breaks to help keep readers orientedMy only complaint about the story itself is that the so called expert assassins were pretty darn inept considering their fearsome reputations Made things a little too easy for our hero This book also promotes the myth of explosive decompression in outer space though I for one wouldn't have it any other way in a story like this Exploding bodies are an essential part of 1980's American culture science be damned

  2. Nick Holmes Nick Holmes says:

    Review Of OutlandSummary This Summer I read Outland by Alan Dean Foster Outland is a novel featuring a US Marshall deployed on the mining base on Jupiter’s moon Io Expecting a uneventful tour due to the bases reputation Contrary to his initial expectations something is deeply awry in Io Having completed multiple arduous tours on other bases O’Neil is no man to be trifled with lightly After all he wasn’t put on such a horrible base for being a super cop Many of the other Marshalls would have leave be what was tearing the station apart for the gain of a few O’Neil is no ordinary marshall though He sets out to discry and bring to light the dark giant afield on Io Although O’Neil is not an ordinary Marshall the thing he is hunting is no humdrum run of the mill criminal either Rising to challenge this nefarious beast and expose it he must endure life threatening situations treacherous back stabbers and an emotional obstacle of his ownMy Thoughts If I had to choose 10 books to represent my favorite genre science fiction this would definitely be one of them Although short Outland is a great novel I enjoyed this book for many reasons By combining a few of my favorite genres Alan Dean Foster made a book almost tailored to me I felt myself relating to the characters in a way I don’t often do It made them seem as if they were real people with tangible issues and ualms with each other Although I was left confused by some of the decisions they played the whole plot off gorgeously In short I enjoyed Outland tremendously and I will definitely re read it

  3. Roy Szweda Roy Szweda says:

    Another wander down memory lane in my ancient paperback library comes this novelization of a one of the better SF films I don't think I saw it at the cinema but recall Sean Connery reprising his cop role this time in space not a mining ship but a mining town on Io a moon of JupiterWhat springs to mind is cowboys in space the facility serves a corporation and is not welcome to families like O'Niel why is it misspelled? and his wife and son so you can imagine how this back story turns out So many cops live such troubled lives as they try and usually fail to give sufficiently appropriate attention to family and work Have no idea if this is true but I do know at least three cops albeit not homicide detectives yet but their marriages look solid A convenient trope amongst many in this jolly romp well done ADF for another novelization What next? One of his Alien ones or The Thing? Hmm find out in a week or two

  4. Steve Aldous Steve Aldous says:

    OUTLAND was effectively a Space Western movie written and directed by Peter Hyams that riffed on the plot of the classic Western HIGH NOON The movie starred Sean Connery as the Marshal left to fight alone against a corrupt mine manager and the hitmen sent to kill him on a remote moon of Jupiter Alan Dean Foster is an old hand at novelisations and he adapts Hyams’ screenplay very professionally bringing additional depth to the main characters and pacing the narrative well O’Neil’s inner torment and outer determination to be seen to do the right thing in tackling the drug smuggling operation despite the personal sacrifices he makes are the heart of the story and Foster balances this well with the unfolding plot The interplay between O’Neil and his only real ally – a cynical female doctor – is enjoyable A decent if less than original film gets a decent novelisation

  5. Arwen Arwen says:

    For some reason I am really drawn to Sci fi that features man vs man conflict perhaps why I like Firefly so much I thought Outland was uniue and exciting I really like the setting of Io a moon of Jupiter My husband is read it too and I don't think he's as impressed as I was

  6. D. E. D. E. says:

    An excellent novel with a twist in the script The Marshall was played by the prime James Bond actor Sean Connery A very good movie but I do not think movie goers were ready for A James Bond Space Marshal type character

  7. Aaron the Pink Donut Aaron the Pink Donut says:

    Actually a pretty lovely read for such a workmen like adaptation Much like the films western roots often compared to high noon the novel flows like a fast paced Louis L'Amour novel set in space with just a dash of noir

  8. Chris Haynes Chris Haynes says:

    High NoonIN SPAAAACEAlan Dean Foster writes the best movie novelizations and this book is no exception This book is well written with characters you care aboutI highly recommend this book

  9. Trevor McGuire Trevor McGuire says:

    This was a cute little action book that was based on Io It had a very believable premise and the background of Io was actually sensical and played an integral part of the story and the action scenes While it was perfectly predictable it was a fun read

  10. LuisJ LuisJ says:

    Really doesn't add anything to the film upon which it's based which is a shame since it's a film just waiting for a good bookAlso the center pages are a series of black and white photos from the movie which include some spoilers from the second half of the book

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