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[Ebook] Paris Encore Zion Covenant #8 By Bodie Thoene – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮PDF❯ ✈ Paris Encore Zion Covenant #8 Author Bodie Thoene – Serv3.3pub.co.uk This description covers #7 London Refrain #8 Paris Encore and #9 Dunkirk Crescendo These three additions to the Zion Covenant series are “director's cuts” They include portions of the Thoene class This description covers London Refrain Paris Zion Covenant ePUB ¹ Encore and Dunkirk Crescendo These three additions to the Zion Covenant series are “director's cuts” They include portions of the Thoene classic The Twilight of Paris Encore Kindle - Courage and thrilling never before published scenes with the characters you've come to know and love Readers will finally know the fates of Jacob and Lori Kalner from Warsaw Reuiem and meet for the first Encore Zion Covenant MOBI ï time David Meyer from The Zion Chronicles plus Madame Rose Smith and Jerome Jardin from The Zion Legacy and most importantly Rachel and Yacov Lubetkin the heroes of The Zion Chronicles series Study uestions included.

10 thoughts on “Paris Encore Zion Covenant #8

  1. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    I originally read this series in 2012 and enjoyed it However the final three books including this one are referred to as Director's cuts They are in a different style and read like a journalistic account of events rather than a novel The character's personalities have been lost; I didn't even bother to read the final two books of the series when I re read them in 2017

  2. Kristi Kristi says:

    Loved 1 6 7 9 boring

  3. Audrey Audrey says:

    This is part of a director's cut whatever that means and also much is a repeat of Twilight of Courage I really enjoyed the first six books of this series but reading this one so much later is like jumping into the middle of the action and feeling somewhat disconnected It was nice meeting old friends but it just wasn't the same as the earlier books It somewhat lacked the heart and soul of the others Maybe it was just me who was tired of reading about war

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Loved the first 6 of the series The last 3 were written after the the orginal 6 Felt they were really slowDidn't like that they were still adding new characters and not contiuing the story of some of my favorite characters

  5. Jolene Jolene says:

    Yet another fantastically written book from the Zion Covenant series I love the new characters introduced in this book they are all so varied and with different stories and experiences I greatly admire the research that went into the writing and look forward to reading the next book

  6. Hanna Hanna says:

    This was uite a bit like London Refrain with a bit resolution But there were so many POVs to keep track of and it was pretty difficultI really liked Horst's storyline I liked that there was a resolution to it but I was it was complete I wasn't even really sure what he decided by the end besides the fact that he loves KatrinaConsidering that Eva didn't appear in the entire book save for the epilogue I didn't care with whom Mac ended up Josie definitely wasn't my favorite person but I don't care if she ends up with the French fellowwho by the way was a little creepy to me or not Mac McGrath is my favorite person by far in the little love suare or whatever it's calledI liked reading about David and the RAF but he didn't even appear near the end of the book I guess he disappeared into oblivion The British sailors were eually interesting even though I felt they weren't as developed as they could be I wish I could've read about the Galway reunion That was glossed over too much The whole book seemed kind of filler and frustrating which is kind of the point Nations who are so indecisive about war deserve to have frustration directed at them But still I'm waiting for some good things to happen and there's only one book left in this particular series

  7. Brandi Brandi says:

    She's got so many characters going at this point that not only can the reader not keep up with them but there's no room to give any of them a real personality And then she wastes valuable space rehashing conversations and information that any reader who has been playing even the slightest attention is very well aware of How many times do we need to be told that the allies were stupid for letting Hitler go so long unchallenged or that the Germans could easily march around rather than though the Maginot Line? When you have the characters discuss this over and over it makes them seem like dolts and leaves your readers to assume that you think they are as well

  8. Irene Irene says:

    American Journalist Josephine Marlow knows firsthand the horrors of war the bombs the senseless slaughtered when Warsaw fell to the Nazis Now assigned to the Pars AP office Josie sees the impending danger Spies have already infiltrated the countries of Belguim and Holland and stand ready to assist with the invasionAs French civilians are evacuated from the countryside to Paris and the cadets at the Encole de Cavalerie prepare for war French colonel Andre Chardon heads a top secret project It could turn the tide of the war but will the discovery be too late?A German ship with prisoners must be found And then the war begins

  9. Leash Leash says:

    I struggled reading through this book For me it was about the Navy battles and a lot of political conversations I missed the plot lines that included the original major characters John Murphy and Elisa Murphy However some of the characters were nice to read about the new characters I was looking for do you read about what happened to the characters from book 5 and six Hopefully Dunkirk Crescendo will bring back it’s original characters as well as could see the plot lines with the new characters from Paris Encore

  10. Jennifer LCF Jennifer LCF says:

    I have loved this series Until this book Way too many new characters The flow of the book was confusing and disjointed There was an introduction of mildly descriptive love scenes that were a little too much for a Christian novel The romance was forced among characters Disappointed in summary

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