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[Epub] Peter West By D.E. Stevenson – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF] ✍ Peter West Author D.E. Stevenson – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Beth Kerr is the daughter of the boatman in the small village of Kintoul Her mother died at an early age after an unhappy marriage that caused her family to cast her aside As the years pass Beth grows Beth Kerr is the daughter of the boatman in the small village of Kintoul Her mother died at an early age after an unhappy marriage that caused her family to cast her aside As the years pass Beth grows into a beautiful young woman watched over by the uiet Peter West The owner of Kintoul House Peter is a lonely man with a weak heart and few friends and family members They both struggle with their feelings for one another before being forced to embark on marriages decided upon by their families But will their lives follow the paths set for them or will they find their own way.

10 thoughts on “Peter West

  1. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    DE Stevenson's first published book and one can tell There was a little too much sappy bordering on melodramatic romance and poorly developed characters Without giving spoilers I will just say that events in the novel happened a little to conveniently at times for me to stomach without a roll of the eyesPeter West lacks the sparkle charm and most importantly the wit of Stevenson's later and popular books I am glad her writing improved in the ten years between her first and second published books Her second book Mrs Tim of the Regiment is my very favorite DE Stevenson novel

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    More like 2 12 Really skimmed uickly to get through I think the two books I’ve rated lowest have both had a male centered story

  3. Bookworman Bookworman says:

    Just couldn't get into this one Tried to start it a few times but got bored during the second chapter No harm no foul it was a Kindle freebie

  4. Hope Hope says:

    Of the 20 Stevenson novels I have read this is my least favorite It starts out with some gorgeous writing but the story uickly devolves into a flimsy tale of unhappy marriages Will the two protagonists who are unhappily married to other people find true love with each other? Don't hold your breath to find out There's a lot of suffering to be got through before there's a thread of hopeStevenson deals with some tough uestions about fate and free will It suddenly struck him tha life was very unfair You had to decide your whole life before you had any experience to guide you Youth makes the bed and middle age has perforce to lie upon it And Great matters rest on small chances; in fact all life is one big game of chance with Fate as croupier and the coin we stake is our blood and tears The reader is left with the feeling that the two lovers have little control over what happens to them When they do decide to assert themselves and throw off the shackles of convention to find happiness it the reader is perplexed rather than satisfied because their motivation for these actions is rather vagueThe two overtly Christian characters are either too gentle to be effective McLaren or too harsh to be borne John Kerr If you've read any Elizabeth Goudge you will feel the lack of moral fortitude in these characters Happily after this first attempt Stevenson went on to write many wonderful novels

  5. Trina Trina says:

    If there were half stars on goodreads this would only rate two and a half stars for me I did not enjoy the main relationship in the book which left little to interest me

  6. Teresa Teresa says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the audio version of this novel It is the first published novel by DE Stevenson a Scottish writer Very old fashioned but very charming with richly developed characters It is available on Audiblecom

  7. Duckpondwithoutducks Duckpondwithoutducks says:

    Yes this is definitely not one of D E Stevenson’s best books but then it is one of her very earliestSure the beginning was a bit confusing and I wondered when we were going to get to the main story but we did get thereTrue some of the denouement was a bit pat but what story doesn’t have unlikely bits and far fetched coincidences?Certainly there were shades of Jane Eyre in the story it wasn’t entirely original but if you’re going to borrow story ideas Jane Eyre is a good novel to get them fromAbsolutely I enjoyed it All of D E Stevenson’s novels feel like an escape from a troubled world into a gentler time

  8. Diane Shearer Diane Shearer says:

    What a beautiful storyI love it so much It’s like an old movie in black and white I found myself casting it in my head Carey Grant as Peter West Angela Lansbury as Prudence I know the ages are all wrong Elizabeth Taylor when she was young as Beth Olivia de Haviland as Mary Rose and Charleton Heston as Brownlow Carole Lombard as Natalie Joan Crawford as Adelaide It’s beautifully tragic From reading other reviews I gather this is not a favorite among the fans All I can say is if the rest of her books are better than this I’ve got some great reading ahead

  9. Hollyberye Hollyberye says:

    I love most of DE Stevenson's books read many times over This one is not as perfect as others but after a span of ten years I have read it again this time listening to the Audible recording and it was much better than I recalled Even though this is not as strong as most of her other books you can still see the author's undeniable skill as a writer sketcher of characters in depth and settings superb

  10. Marian L. Siedzik Marian L. Siedzik says:

    Good bookThe author is an excellent writer and I really enjoyed the book I like that there is no profanity or sex scenes in it One thing that is a little annoying is how the words are spelled when the character is illiterate or has a heavy accent The reader can stare at the sentence and sometimes never figure out what the character said Maybe have the translation under those sentences?

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