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Download PDF  Pure Womanhood Author Crystalina Evert – ❴Reading❵ ➸ Pure Womanhood Author Crystalina Evert – If you've ever tried to talk to a young girl about purity and chastity especially one who's just entering high school you know how difficult it can be Finding the right words to let her know about all If you've ever tried to talk to a young girl about purity and chastity especially one who's just entering high school you know how difficult it can be Finding the right words to let her know about all of the temptations and pressures she'll be facing as she grows up can prove uite a task What if you could give her something to read that she'd enjoy and believeNow you can Pure Womanhood focuses on the concerns and difficulties faced specifically by girls From uestions such as What guy wants a pure girl to It's my body; isn't it my choice Crystalina Evert addresses these challenges in a most engaging way through sharing her own experiences and how she eventually turned her life aroundCrystalina's story raises many uestions about the challenges our young people face every day and the answers she provides will give girls plenty to think aboutWhether the young women you know have yet to discover the ways of the world or if they've already made mistakes and are heading down a destructive path Pure Womanhood gives them the reasons—and the assurance—that chastity is the right choice and that it's never too late to start overWith her powerful testimony and blunt words of wisdom Crystalina restores a young woman's hope for love She shows that real love is possible regardless of the past Get your copies of this marvellous booklet today.

10 thoughts on “Pure Womanhood

  1. Peter Peter says:

    No this is not a mistake Yes I read this I have two teenage daughters I sent them to a talk through our Church Romance without Regret At first they opposed going but after my youngest said she understood why I sent her and she appreciated it More kids especially girls should read this The author is no goodie goodie not striving for the convent She lays out her failures and successes in dating and places faith in a position were it should be part of the discussion over dating and romance This is not a cure all certainly not a pill to end the problems with dating even the real pill does that but it is a point of discussion It was nice to see that the teenagers coming out of the talk were both male and female What they took away from it I do not know My hope is that it gave them some monetary reflection on how they want to live their lives and how they impact those around them and the role of their faith in their lives The culture is not helping One last point on this topic nothing annoys me than when I over hear mothers talking to each other saying I'm so glad I have boys and not girls At which point I want to say If you did a better job raising your boys to be men I wouldn't have to worry about my daughters One can only guide discuss but also hope and pray our daughter come out of dating safe and happy

  2. Maria Maria says:

    I wish I read this book a good 10 years ago But it is good I'm reading it now as this year I've really grown closer to God and He's shown me much about myself and my relations with men It is too personal to talk about on GR but I have received a lot of healing from God this year in the area of my heart which dealt with self worth and emotional scars I'm thankful for reading this book as well and I know that I'm moving forward in the right direction Praise be to God

  3. Mikia Kriener Mikia Kriener says:

    This was an inspiring book the main point being you don't have to throw yourself at a man for him to love you Crystalina told her story and the excuses she told herself for the actions she was doing She ended up losing the lust of her life and turned to God God helped her realize that there are man out there that respect woman The story ended in a neat way a prayer to Mary I think the book ended this way because all woman should strive to be like Mary

  4. jessica jessica says:

    i adored this while touring my top choice university yesterday we got the chance to talk to staff leaders of different campus organizations the woman at the catholic table gave me this and another book even after i told her i was not catholic and she was very kind about the whole exchange i really appreciated this work because it was not self righteous at all the author herself was once having casual sex partying etc; so it read like a very long chat with a friend than as a repressed catholic lady talking down to me non christians may label this as sexist and antiuated without first reading it but i found it to be empowering and respectful above all else i loved it

  5. Florence Bernice Florence Bernice says:

    A good primer for purity especially for teens The author herself Crystalina Evert was not a goody two shoes in the past Her party girl days and history of abusive relationships were her springboard to striving to purity There is always hope and change is very much possibleBehold I make all things new Rev 215

  6. María María says:

    Perfect little booklet every teenager and young woman should read Filled of inconvenient truth and loads of mercy

  7. Nora Martinez Nora Martinez says:

    This is a good little book for young women It is catholic based but doesn't make to many references only several at the end

  8. Charlie Charlie says:

    Fantastic absolutely love Jason and Crystalina Evert They're such inspirations This particular book wasn't super relevant for me as it's trying to convince girls in bad relationships to move onto a better life of chastity This is great but since I'm already 'convinced' this book wasn't super necessary For those girls out there who are looking at living lives of chastity wanting to know the better options for their love life I definitely recommend this book

  9. Natasha Yong Natasha Yong says:

    What I love about the Evert Dou series is how easy and concise to the point their messages on purity and chastity are in these books The uestions posed are challenging and definitely relevant in the lives of a teenager Also a great resource for people working with teens or need a simple explanation to the subject Most effective to be read together with Pure Manhood

  10. Melissa Erin Melissa Erin says:

    This book may be little but it holds endless amounts of truth It is amazing but it is only amazing if the readers go into it with an open mind and don't try to write off what the author is saying as trying to shut their lifestyle down Read it with an open mind and a pure heart and you will walk away with some advice that could change the way you look at this topic forever

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