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[PDF] Reading Dante By Giuseppe Mazzotta – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➶ [Reading] ➸ Reading Dante By Giuseppe Mazzotta ➫ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A towering figure in world literature Dante wrote his great epic poem Commedia in the early fourteenth century The work gained universal acclaim and came to be known as La Divina Commedia or The Divin A towering figure in world literature Dante wrote his great epic poem Commedia in the early fourteenth century The work gained universal acclaim and came to be known as La Divina Commedia or The Divine Comedy Giuseppe Mazzotta brings Dante and his masterpiece to life in this exploration of the man his cultural milieu and his endlessly fascinating works   Based on Mazzotta’s highly popular Yale course this book offers a critical reading of The Divine Comedy and selected other works by Dante Through an analysis of Dante’s autobiographical Vita nuova Mazzotta establishes the poetic and political circumstances of The Divine Comedy He situates the three sections of the poem—Inferno Purgatory Paradise—within the intellectual and social context of the late Middle Ages and he explores the political philosophical and theological topics with which Dante was particularly concerned.

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  1. Julie Davis Julie Davis says:

    Rereading even better the second time around My initial reading notes and final comments are belowHeavens to Betsy Three chapters in and I have never read a fascinating book No wonder this professor has been teaching Dante's Comedy for decades and was selected for Open Yale Courses video Whoever translated those videos into these chapters also deserves praise I can feel the force of personality as well as the depth of knowledge — all communicated in a very understandable way I've already been marking up the bookFinal I am in no way ualified to comment knowledgeably upon Guiseppe Mazzotta's scholarship except to say I wish I had taken his classes This was simply wonderful in deepening my appreciation of the magnificent work Dante did upon The Divine Comedy

  2. David David says:

    A Must Read for Dante FansWhen approaching Dante’s Divine Comedy or the Commedia there is no shortage of secondary literature to appeal to From CliffsNotes to the academically impenetrable Giuseppe Mazzotta’s Reading Dante exists somewhere well within the academic it was published by Yale UP after all but manages to remain accessible and pleasurable at the same time Based on a semester of lectures on Dante’s classic that were videotaped and later transcribed as a serious of lectures on the entire Commedia there is an immediacy and erudition to these that is very engaging What the reader gets besides a very well written book is a thorough grounding in the poetry history intellectual environment and genius of Dante Alighieri There is some biographical material here as well but if you are looking for a biography this ain’t it Highly Recommended for those interested in a better understanding of the Commedia and those interested in the period in which Dante wrote Rating 5 out of 5 stars

  3. Tim Tim says:

    Essentially a transcript of Mazzotto's Yale lectures on Dante offering introduction and deep insight into the poet's worldview and language If I could only be a tenth as lucid when talking without notes


    The book and video lectures offers a very good introduction to the Divine Comedy and its literary and historical backgrounds Professor Mazzotta's approach is lucid and direct with a particular emphasis on how Dante played with etymologies

  5. Elisa Elisa says:


  6. Jackson Cyril Jackson Cyril says:

    An exceptional book which loses steam as it enters Purgatorio I was hoping for a thorough analysis of the last two books of the Comedy as those are often ignored

  7. C.N. C.N. says:

    Excellent commentary on The Divine Comedy

  8. Marks54 Marks54 says:

    This book is a series of short commentary chapters on the Divine Comedy tthat is published as part of the Open Course program at Yale at represents the updated expanded and edited of the professor's lecture notes for a semester course on Dante The book is good at explaining what is going on as one works through the poem putting events into some context explaining the various individuals alluded to in the poem and explaining the intellectual context in which Dante's ideas developed Ir helps in making sense of a long poem that reuires much guidance along the way if nonspecialists are to comprehend what Dante is doing The book is well written and effective I would have rated it even highly until I realized that my satisfaction in reading this came as much from understanding what I can about the Divine Comedy I am moving on to the lectures and after listening to them I will understood what to do

  9. Patricia Patricia says:

    Well not read all the way I may forever be one the people in the light pleasure boats that Dante warns off from embarking on Paradiso But I'm game to try again with Mazzotta's clear passionate guidance There were points I only understood once I read them in his scholarly stuff but overall this book does a great job of illuminating complex ideas with graceful simplicity

  10. Jeff Waters Jeff Waters says:

    A bit dry but very informative if you want to understand Dante's masterpiece

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