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Download ☆ Reasonable to Assume Assumptions #1 By Saucery – ✅ Reasonable to Assume Assumptions #1 PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Saucery – Sterek fan fiction You're a werewolf He's a werebaby How can you not know what to do with himArt credit mrslokiWords32476 chapters 78 WIP as at 2012 06 Sterek fan fiction You're a werewolf He's Assume Assumptions PDF Ë a werebaby How can you not know what to do with himArt credit mrslokiWords chapters WIP as at .

10 thoughts on “Reasonable to Assume Assumptions #1

  1. Meags Meags says:

    2 StarsThis one didn’t work for me I get that it was meant to be cute and funny and there will definitely be readers who experience it that way but this story simply wasn’t for me In brief a werebaby is left outside the Hale house and Stiles and Derek work together to care for the kid The following weeks see the two growing closer That’s about it Oh and there’s this bad werewolf dude who wants to encroach on Derek’s territory aka Stiles I didn’t enjoy any of the characterizations Stiles was like a hyped up super rambling version of himself which is saying something because he’s meant to be ADD but here it was just too much I’m aware the intent was to be funny there was even a line or two that made me chuckle – but generally the humour was banal causing eye rolls than the intended laughter I never thought I’d see the day come when Stiles’ POV was “too rambly” not a word for me And Derek He was the definition of monosyllabic in this fic In this portrayal he comes across as shall we say slow He was all brawn and no brain I hated that I love openly or secretly intelligent Derek In this fic I couldn’t find the appeal for either character in wanting to be together How bad is that? I read this stuff for the Sterek feels and I got nothing here If anything I wanted them not be togetherOh well we can’t love them all

  2. Eli Easton Eli Easton says:

    This is a cute mannie type story set in the Teen Wolf universe Stiles is called up help Derek care for a werebaby that was left at his doorstep Derek is clueless and Stiles is a natural with the fuzzy baby boy Of course this leads to sniffing and 'werewolf boners' and bondingIf you like mm romances with babies pack dynamics andor mannie stories you'll enjoy this Very well done

  3. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    I'm going to say what I say about every sterek I've read so far It's VERY SWEETDerek and Stiles find a werebaby Derek is all brawn and little brain in this one not my preferenceThough the main plot is wrapped up by the end there's a few plot threads left dangling Seuel please35

  4. Jilrene Jilrene says:

    I finally got to listen to the last two chapters I loved the podfic I highly recommend listening to auroreanrave This story ends rather abruptly though I hope Saucery adds to it

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    Derek gets mysteriously saddled with a “were baby” Derek enlists Stiles plays mommy Not my favorite but okay read For me Derek was a bit too caveman ish in this And they were a little too insta couple I need feels and of a coming together not just over a werebaby

  6. Day-thief Day-thief says:

    Not as much baby induced fluff as I expected Decide for yourself whether that's a good thing or not I still enjoyed it

  7. Arpi !!!getting high on books!!! Arpi !!!getting high on books!!! says:

    This is the Best Sterek fic everI was giggling so much the entire time I was reading this that my dear darling hubby kept on asking me why the hell was I cracking up every few minutesIt's just so full of fluffYou'll just love it if you decide to read it PThe dynamics shown here is something that I really liked and for once Derek was not pining from a distance DStiles is like the Momma of the pack and I really loved the writing styleIt was really funnyBut the parts of Stiles with Jar was just so AAAwwwwwwA full 5 stars for Stiles and Derek and Jar

  8. Paws Paws says:

    Seriously cute But it finished before resolving anything

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    This story was pretty awesome right up until the endwhen it just kind of uit I'd love to read by this author

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was cute Stiles did start to get overly rambly near the end but it wasn’t too bad I didn’t think detek was as dumb as some people thought the Sterek happened relatively uickly without too much angsting or miscommunication which was very nice Despite this being marked 78 I do think it’s done since there is a seuel with scenes from Jar’s childhood which I’m excited to read next Though and chapter 8 with the Sheriff reveal would have been very nice On a side note I liked that while Stiles was a super horny 16 year old he was also clearly nervous and didn’t wanna just jump right into sex That was great Derek’s persistence with and sorta not listening to that not so cool

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