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[Ebook] Rectoverso By Dee Lestari – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Rectoverso ❁ Author Dee Lestari – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Dewi Lestari yang bernama pena Dee kali ini hadir dengan mahakarya unik dan pertama di Indonesia Rectoverso merupakan hibrida dari fiksi dan musik terdiri dari sebelas cerita pendek dan sebelas lagu y Dewi Lestari yang bernama pena Dee kali ini hadir dengan mahakarya unik dan pertama di Indonesia Rectoverso merupakan hibrida dari fiksi dan musik terdiri dari sebelas cerita pendek dan sebelas lagu yang bisa dinikmati secara terpisah maupun bersama sama Keduanya saling melengkapi bagaikan dua imaji yang seolah berdiri sendiri tapi sesungguhnya merupakan satu kesatuan Inilah cermin dari dua dunia Dewi Lestari yang ia ekspresikan dalam napas kreatifitas tunggal bertajuk Rectoverso Dengar fiksinya Baca musiknya Lengkapi penghayatan anda dan temukanlah sebuah pengalaman baru.

10 thoughts on “Rectoverso

  1. Tinton Tinton says:

    when I see black then I just realize the existence of white when I'm down suddenly I feel strong for knowing that I was on the top on the old daysWhen I'm sad I just think about something happy in the pastWhen I'm so burdened with the work load I'm just thankful for not being an unemployment oneWhen I'm fear about the uncertainty of the world condition nowadays then I'm brave to make a stand strong point to determine my own future to be the master of my future I command my self not to get weaker but stronger discipline and diligent Recto verso will bring u a new understanding in dealing with life hope it will

  2. Windy Rachmawati Windy Rachmawati says:

    and I have it with Dee's signature hohohohoh

  3. Jeremy Randolph Jeremy Randolph says:

    a really mellow book some of the stories haunts me like this uniue metaphore about a guy who grows up only eating a chicken's back and didn'nt know there are other parts of a chicken and a guy who only sees his crush's back his entire life and it was enough for him it also recommends a song that will be good to listen to while reading the book to give it a little bit of context or maybe just Dee's personal touch that made this book a uniue experience to read

  4. Syifa Syifa says:

    I like how each of the story is pictured beautifully Every chapter is so deep that you have to open up layer of curtains to really see the meanings My favorite one is Peluk Yet it's real and Dee represents what many of us ever felt but never dared to write tell and share Each sort of feeling is appreciated and when it comes to a human being that is sometimes the least that we need Being understood of what we feel

  5. alfapuspita alfapuspita says:

    A combo of beauty and heartbreak

  6. Fadhila Astari Fadhila Astari says:

    Not really satisfying but i like it anyway

  7. Renaldi Renaldi says:


  8. Ika Natassa Ika Natassa says:

    i was lucky to get this book in a complete package with the cd directly from the rectoverso marketing team dewi signed them thanks dee will explain later why i'm only giving three stars to a book written by my favorite author ;okay so here it is i first fell in love with her writing through supernova 1 which i've read probably than 10 times cover to cover i thought and still think that it's the most brilliantly written fiction book in indonesia so far it's sad but not sappy smart without trying too hard deep without saying it bluntly that it's deep even covertly mischievous at some parts then i found supernova 2 which i've read only once and then supernova 3 which is very different from supernova 1 but i still can't enjoy it thoroughly to read twicei have never however read any of her short stories including filosofi kopi when rectoverso arrived at my desk the 1st thing that i did was sync the whole cd to my ipod and spent the rest of the working day listening to it and i love it andy rianto's arrangement is impressive it took me another two weeks though to finally find the time to read the book you see i love dee's words they're everything that any writer should do tell a story like it is but tell it like you're telling the most important story to the readers and i guess i'm just not that big a fan of short stories just when i started to enjoy her paragraphs it jerks me away from the storyline with an abrupt ending maybe it's the fault of my mindset of entering the reading experience like i was gonna read a whole novelnevertheless the book was a great reading invaluable at some parts and definitely push me into an even extreme hunger of her next work any idea when perahu kertas is available on printed edition?my favorite chapters and if i were her i would write a whole book to continue these Peluk Grow A Day Older my number 1 favorite and Tidur

  9. Ludya Simanjuntak Ludya Simanjuntak says:

    hauntingly beautifulThe one with the title Malaikat Juga Tahu proceeds to make me sob like a baby There is just nothing like mother's love

  10. Nisa Nisa says:

    Interesting I haven't listened to the album yet but I have this feeling that it's gonna be as awesome if not as the book11 little stories accentuated with cute little graphics that somehow reminds me of Tim Burton which are mysterious and touching and beautiful all at the same time Some of the stories kind of show me that sometimes human beings are incapable of expressing all their feelings in words Sometimes a smile or a hug or even silence is enoughMy personal favorite is the one with the psychiatrist and the girl who wants to dump him but changes her mind at the last moment This has been nothing but a cosmic joke ha ha very funny and will you please excuse me now? Great Cheesy but greatAnd the ones with the kid eating the back of a chicken and how Dee compares it to love Ah I would try to translate it to English but it would lose half its meaning So read it yourselfNow Supernova Filosofi Kopi where are you

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