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Download ☆ Red Yellow Blue By Silke Vry – ❰Read❯ ➯ Red Yellow Blue Author Silke Vry – This fun filled book teaches young readers all about color by leading them on a fascinating journey through the history of western artWhat better way to learn about art's greatest masterpieces than th This fun filled book teaches young readers all about color by leading them on a fascinating journey through the history of western artWhat better way to learn about art's greatest masterpieces than through the lens of color From the richest red through the most royal purple to the cheeriest yellow this book explores how artists through the ages have used color in concept symbolism composition and theme As they read the book children are invited to wander through a virtual art gallery where each room features a Red Yellow eBook ☆ different color Beginning with black and white going through the primary colors the mixed colors and finishing with brown and gold the book presents the evolution of pigment in art works from cave drawings to contemporary paintings In addition entertaining puzzles uizzes and activities will spark children's creativity Beautifully designed for reading alone or with an adult Red Yellow Blue gives children access to the complex world of color in a language and style they will respond to and enjoy.

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  1. Robin Robin says:

    A look at colors in art what colors mean in terms of mood and symbols warm and cool colors associations with different colors the color wheel complementary colors color origins and the science of color Bright and vivid reproductions of famous artworks Features exercises designed to get the reader to look closer to participate Did you know that blue used to be the color little girls wore like the Virgin Mary and pink was for boys little red the color of royalty? Did you know that orange can make you feel warmer stimulating your circulation? Or that Yellow is the easiest color to see with your peripheral vision think taxis? Lots of great information here

  2. Anna Richland Anna Richland says:

    The beauty of this book is one of many reminders why I'm glad I decided to teach art to my children They attend regular school the rest of the time but I decided to pull them out for art class period after I discovered last year that their art teacher was so fill in word for yourself that neither my then 1st grader nor my then 3rd grader recalled the three primary colors or what resulted from mixing them Thus last year we immediately studied color and we're revisiting it again in this year's Mom Art class This book has lush full color illustrations on every page is arranged by color in an interesting style for primary grade children to read and discuss with a parent and has simple and fun color themed activities throughout It never dumbs down the discussion about art or color I especially liked the light experiment using milk in water on p 33So why a 4 instead of a 5? Two odd reasons that might cause other reviewers to snark me First if the title had been Colors in WESTERN Art or Colors in EUROPEAN Art I think I would have given it a 5 because it would have been exactly what it was claiming to be However there was not one non European work or artist that I could find in the book It appears that it was originally written in German the translation is uite good which explains the complete Euro centrism And hey I'm a HUGE fan of the European canon don't assume I'm not but there's a heck of a lot of gorgeous color in Hiroshige and Calder and aboriginal art and Panamanian molas and I could go onSecond despite the beautiful uality of the paper and color printing in the hardback version I checked out of the library the binding is giving up uickly The pages and cover of my borrowed copy are in superb condition so I don't think the book has been abused but several of the little sections have loosened out of the binding and are only stuck by hand inside the book ShameSo great book on color in European art but 'ware the binding uality And don't expect anything but Europe

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